TV is 8 years old and has USB ports. How can I connect Roku streaming stick to the tv?


Sep 1, 2017
Connecting Roku streaming stick to 8 year old tv with USB port. Does not have a HDMI port
What do I do?
You need HDMI port if you want to use Roku stick. Older Roku (and other player) versions might have composite and/or component output.

USB ports have nothing to do here (you might use them to power your stick, but that's it).
Do you mean the HDTV has NO HDMI Ports at all, or none left available?

If it has at least one HDMI port you can buy an HDMI Switch to share that port between devices.

*USB on TV's is usually a very limited video/picture functionality using the TV's media processing capabilities. It works with USB sticks and the interface is simple and the codec support limited.

What TV?
What INPUTS does it have?

There are other ROKU devices. THIS one supports COMPOSITE video (YELLOW video input + Red/White audio):
Jan 6, 2019
I have a tv over 20 years old. It has only cable and component (yellow, red, white) connections. I was told by a Best Buy sale person to go on the Internet and get a HDMI to component converter. Plug the Roku into the HDMI port and the components into the TV. Make sure the converter is the type with power. It works great!