Unable to install bitdefender

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Apr 11, 2013
I tried Kaspersky total security trial. I uninstalled it and bought bitdefender. Unfortunately, it says I need to uninstall Kaspersky first. I used ccleaner and the Kaspersky removal tool. No luck. I searched Kaspersky in my files, and found Kaspersky event log. I tried deleting it in event viewer and it didn't work. To delete the file manually, it required me to disable Windows audio and dhcp client (I have no idea why they use that file). Well it says it deletes it, but I go back to the file and it is still there. I'm assuming this file is the reason I can't install bitdefender. I may be missing another file or registry. I'm not sure. Please help! Thank you!
Usually it's the Registry entries that are left behind after uninstalling a product, that's where the new product looks for installation information. Sometimes you have to delete such entries manually using the Registry Editor & it's "find" tool when nothing else gets the job done.

Be careful messing with the Registry though - - double-check entries before deleting as there's no "undelete" in there.
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