Upgrading Gaming Peripherals


Dec 11, 2013
Hello all,

I am looking at buying some new peripherals. I currently have a Logitech G710+ keyboard, a G502 mouse, and a G430 headset. I am looking to buy new ones because I want a keyboard that has MX Blue switches, I want a wider mouse, and I want a wireless headset. The G502 isn't super comfortable in my hand. I have been looking at the Corsair K70 Keyboard and the Corsair M65 Mouse. What are your opinions on these? What are some headsets you suggest? I don't necessarily have a budget but I don't want to spend crazy amounts of money. Also, they peripherals don't all have to be the same brand, but would be cool if they could be :) OCD ya know.... Let me know what you all think and maybe give me some other ideas of things to look at. Thank everybody.


Oct 22, 2015
i think your choices are good. I ve used the corsair k70 rgb and the corsair m65 rgb, they feels absolutelty amazing. The mouse is really quite wide therefore it will suit you good.

If you want a wireless headset, get the corsair h2100 7.1 wireless gaming headset or the corsair void wireless dolby 7.1 headset, they both look great and have good sound quality.

However personally i prefer wired headset because it gives you better sound quality.


Feb 10, 2010
i also like m65 mouse (i also own g502 same as you), it has a wide and more comfortable i think.
although i am happy with my g502, but yes a wider mouse would be more comfortable.

i have a ducky keyboard, maybe you can check them out. they are not fancy looking though, nothing "gaming" keyboardish. but the build quality is good. check filco also.
i like blue, but too noisy. i think brown is a good middle ground in terms of feel and noise (i have red and its too soft, but i already have it, so)

for headsets, well, i have had a 5.1, then a wireless 7.1. but now, i'm enjoying more the headphones, i think they sound better than headsets in general. i own m50x and hd598 (open back is a whole different experience, love these). for mic, i got a condenser mic plugged into an audio interface

for headsets, astro has some good ones (based on what ive read)


Oct 23, 2015
Why not just get a G710+ with mx blues? And if not that, then I would recommend a Das Keyboard Model 4 Professional, if you want to spend that much. If neither one of these suits you, a K70 with MX Blues would also be a good option. For a headset, the Corsair Void Wireless would be a good option, or the G933. For a mouse, the Mionix Castor, or the obvious razer deathadder chroma. Logitech doesn't really have very many options for gaming mice past the g502.
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