USB Microphone (headset) not picking up sound

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Crazy sam10

Apr 28, 2015

I'm currently using a Gioteck EX-05 USB (wired) headset. The drivers installed perfectly (to my knowledge), and in my recording devices my PC acknowledges that a microphone is there. However, as of right now it can only play sound though the headset itself. The microphone simply will not pick up my voice, and I know it actually works since I've used it before, and when I listen to it though "Listen to this device" I can hear some kind of static, but nothing else.

My PC is running on Windows 7, and to my knowledge the on-board sound system is "VIA HD Audio Deck", so a majority of the solutions I've seen regarding Realtek don't seem to apply.

The attempts at trying to fix it I've tried thus far are putting it in different USB slots, and uninstalling the drivers and letting them reinstall.

I'm thinking of simply getting a new headset tomorrow as I think it may be possible the drivers simply don't work on W7. However, if I can get this working then I won't need to buy a new headset. However on the other hand, I may need a thread up if this new headset doesn't work, as then it might be something on my PCs end and not the headsets.
Not open for further replies.