Solved! What are some good 'non-gaming' phones?

Jun 11, 2019

I'd like to buy a phone that meets the following criteria, as this is all that matters to me about phones:

Big priority:
  • really fast at switching apps (like whatsapp, gmail, facebook, browser. No games.)

Medium priority:
  • good battery life OR switchable battery
  • decent robustness
Low priority:
  • decent camera
  • elegant looks if possible but that's really subjective
No priority:
  • screen resolution: I would be fine even with 720p max resolution
  • screen size: I don't like big phones as my fingers are not too long. I have an S5 and it's borderline too big, I'd prefer a smaller phone.
  • gaming capabilities: I don't play games

Is there such a niche, for fast phones without fancy screens, decent battery and decent camera?
I'm not sure if phones are similar to PCs in the way that there are special graphics chips in the phones that would make the high end phones really expensive even if the average adult doesn't play demanding games?
Jun 11, 2019
After snooping around on the internet, I've realized there are great functions such as 'phone finder' on gsmarena.
I've literally entered the criteria that matter to me, and then pulled the price slider down, down , down, until I was left with a handful of phones.
Now I think I will get the Redmi 7 (4GB) or Xiaomi Mi Play, because its smaller in size.