What part about my system is not configured right to be able to play Dolby Digital when streaming like YouTube


Feb 12, 2010
My HTPC set up is as follows:

  • HTPC running Windows 7 with S/PDIF out for sound and HDMI for video directly to my TV. I had HDMI handling audio and video but had some flickering issues. That's a whole other issue.
    Pioneer Elite AV receiver to process my sound.
    Kodi (XBMC) to handle my local media
So here is my concern, YouTube has test videos like THIS one for testing your surround. When I play my media I have it all set to code it to Dolby Digital this includes upmixing 2 channel stereo. But unless I am running it via Kodi I get all Stereo. Even when running Netflix. It is my understanding that Netflix cannot run 5.1 audio it claims to have when using your browser because Silverlight does not support it. So I assume it will be the same when streaming any video through a browser like YouTube, the videos cannot play it in true Dolby Digital, only Stereo.

Is there something I am missing, is it possible to have play the YouTube video I linked in Dolby Digital?


Jun 6, 2015
Netflix on my browser is definitely 5.1

I personally don't have a receiver anymore because they are near useless. I have a 5.1 soundbar system tat handles processing whether RAW or PCM and it's great. That video played exactly as it's supposed to on my system.

What I would suggest in setting you receiver to process PCM, try it
Set it to process RAW try it

Do things like this until you get the sound you're looking for and if you don't, try removing your local media and only using your surround system.

Do you have an audio card or what?


Feb 12, 2010

I just have the onboard audio card of my Gigabyte motherboard.



Jun 23, 2015

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