What smartphone to buy?


Oct 12, 2015
First of all I didn't knew where to put this thread, so if i misslead someone sorry, admins please put thread where it should be.

Okay now, this is my real question. What smartphone should I buy, Xiaomi Mi4, Redmi Note 2 or Redmi Note 3 ? I was looking a lot reviews on a lot forums and I want to check here for your help.

A lot people says Redmi Note 2 battery is a bit weak, it last for about 5hours barrely but Redmi Note 3 improved that with 4000mAh, so that's one plus for RM3, but it's 30$ more for metal cover and better battery. On the other side Mi4 seems like a really good deal, I'm currently looking at 2GB/16GB model for 230$ which is 50$ more than RM3, but it's a bit stronger and battery I think is a bit better.

So that's all from me, hopefully you can help me decide which smartphone should i buy.

All help is more than appreciated.