Solved! Whats the Best and Cheapest Way to Cut My Cable?


Sep 8, 2012
I want to cut my cable for my mom. She's got an old TV and wants to lower her bill big time. I've looked at Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast. But I want your opinions. She currently has Spectrum Cable TV (formerly Time Warner Cable) Here are my questions:

1) Whats the best and cheapest high speed internet service provider in my area? I live in Manhattan, New York City. Though I want the cheapest service, the speed must be fast and consistent for 1080p quality. Keep this in mind please.

2) My mom watches TV most of the time. Shes in her 70s so shes not a tech head. That said, whats the best video streaming device most convenient for her given a simple to use interface and remote?

3) Which video streaming devices boot up quickly so when I power on my TV I'm able to watch channels fast without long bootup times?

Checkout Verizon Fios. It might be the only alternative for internet access to Spectrum if her building is wired for it.
How to to replace cable TV will depend on what channels your Mon watches.
If her building has an antenna then over the air TV might be the only way to get all the local channels. An indoor antenna might work but it would depend on her location in the city.
You might consider Playstation Vue that got a good review on this site recently.
They have an app for the Roku and other devices.
She may have issues with using any streaming device. Even the simplest isn't as dead reliable as a cable box.


Sep 8, 2012

Hi there,

Verizon is not available in my area in NYC unfortunately. As to your other point, my mom watches hispanic channels.

You mention that my mom may have issues using any streaming device and may not be as relaible as a cable box. Do expand on this. I need to know. Thanks.

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