When record, headset picks up sound inside the laptop (keyboard, fan etc)


Oct 21, 2014
Hi, this happen after I install voicemeter which is a program that mess with my laptop's audio. When I record, as if I can hear clearly things happening inside the laptop.

It happen when I use my discord and my friends can hear me clicking the keyboard. They also can hear my laptop's fan as it gets louder (really loud, not because of the distance of the mic as this never happen before)

I tried to uninstall voicemeter but the problem still persist. Please help....


Oct 21, 2014
Question from Durian9 : "Microphone pick up sounds from internal laptop ( Fan,keyboard noise, etc)"

Hi, the problem occur after I install voicemeter, which is a virtual audio mixer

When im playing games with my friends on discord, they can hear my fan getting loud and also my keyboard and everything else as if it records internally from my laptop. Same thing happen when I try to record myself, the keyboard sound and everything else is soooo loud. This is not the microphone volume, boost, and the distance from my headphone as it never occur before once I install and make changes in the voicemeter. I did try to change it but to no avail.

what I suspect is that my internal speaker act as a microphone and record from there.

I tried to uninstall voicemeter and everything. Please help.....
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