Question why windows 10 hotspot denied access by mobile phone

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Mar 10, 2020
I have very big unsolved issue which I have searched a lot for it,

I work in a company the provide Internet through Ethernet cable,

I will share it again through Hotspot via Netsh wlan hosted network,It works fine ,

the problem is when my phone or any other android phone(we haven't tested IOS ) connect to other Wifi networks when I come back to my office ( after long time about few hours) It gives this error Denied access to the network ! . but immediately does n't have any problem!

I have to switch PC wifi off and restart hotspot to be solved.

resetting phone setting hadn't solve the problem!

even I have tested two other phones different company the same problem happened.

FYI/ other wifi networks the same ISP but the needs password so these Wifi same company but in Wifi.
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