Will an MP3 cd work in my van?

Major H

Nov 8, 2015
I am trying to figure out if a particular vehicle I'm buying can play MP3 cd's on the factory unit. My dog & I are moving from Minnesota to LA in 6 days & I will be making a bunch of "road trip" cd's for the 2178 miles we'll be traveling. I want as much of my music for the trip as possible & knowing if the vehicles audio system plays MP3 cd's or not is something I definitely need to know.

Here is some information that might help anyone that reads this and/or replies to it:

- It's a 2001 Chrysler T&C Limited.
- I'm 150 miles from the van.
- Seller is 86 years old & don't know.
- It is a multi disc unit. (Holds 4)
- It also has a cassette player.
- KBB lists it w/ "Premium Sound".
- Doesn't have an AUX or USB spot.
- I have no devices to use as a source.
- Using my cell phone is not an option.
- I will not replace w/ another unit.

I am buying the van because in many ways it will make this move/trip easier & more convenient. I have absolutely no interest in buying a different unit to put in it & the same goes with wiring in any thing or doing anything to the factory setup in general. Just gonna make some cd's & if I can fit more songs on one cd by being able to play MP3 cd's in the van then sweet. If it don't play them then I will just make more regular cd's. Also, I want my cell phone to be used just as that, as a cell phone. So using it in on the trip to play music thru is not an option.

I apologize for the ridiculous length of this very simple question but I posted this same question, minus the novel of details, on a different site & nobody answered the question of whether or not that particular van plays MP3 cd's. Instead, every single response was that I should replace, upgrade, hook up, connect and/or wire in all sorts of different things to be able to play my music those ways.

Moving is expensive. Driving 2000 + miles is expensive. I have no interest in spending money on anything other than regular cd's or MP3 cd's, just to be able to play some tunes.

Besides all of that, I'm a 31 year old single male w/ an English Bulldog named Major & I'm moving to LA. I'll be damned if I'm gonna be cruising down Sunset Boulevard in a frickin minivan. That thing will be for sale on "Craigslist LA" before I even leave here in Minnesota.

So... does this 2001 Chrysler Town & Country Limited play MP3 cd's?

Thank you for time & help in finding this out. Matt H.
2001 is very unlikely. The earliest references I can find for playing MP3s burnt to CDs are around 2000, and I'm pretty sure it took years to get to vehicles.

$2.99 will let you connect it to any device, though it sounds like you don't really want that: http://www.amazon.com/Showtime-Audio-Tape-Cassette-Adapter/dp/B015KCP6Q0

A cheap MP3 player is probably going to be just as cheap as a pack of CDs, though, and you won't have to change it every few hours.