Solved! Windows 10 Severely Acting Up

Chandler B

Sep 13, 2013
I am experiencing quite a few issues with Windows 10 right now. First is with the search box and Cortana. Sometimes when I open the search box and type, it just goes to the loading graphic with the dots at the top and a white background. No matter how long I wait, there are not search results. Sometimes, I start typing and only one letter appears then the search box freezes and I cannot type more or delete that letter. The menu next to the search box is usually broken as well. It seems as though this breaks most of the windows explorer functions. Another case that I have found is that I click the search box and nothing happens whatsoever. I have tried restarting windows explorer and restarting my PC but that is about it. I have more recently noticed that many of the other windows functions are acting weird. I tried to see if I needed to update Windows but Windows Updater gets stuck on the checking for updates screen when I open it. Sometimes the taskbar acts up as well. At times it acts very slow and at times it does not respond, for example, when I click the sound button on the bottom right. The animations work but nothing happens. The issues extend to only Windows programs and functions. I can play games on Steam just fine and Chrome runs fine along with other programs. I have an Acer Predator 17 with an i7 7700-HQ and a GTX 1060.
I would suggest you try checking the device for bad programs, viruses, malware, etc. These can cause no end of problems. Also, check to see what other programs are starting up automatically with the computer starting windows.

A good way to know if it is that is to start the computer in "Safe Mode" and see if the search, update, etc. gives you problems in there. If not, then there is definitely something on the system that is interfering.

How to enter "Safe Mode" when booting the computer.

In Windows 8 and 10...

As your computer restarts, press F8 (possibly a few times) to enter "Safe Mode"

a. Press the "F4" key to Enable "Safe Mode".
(The computer will then start in "Safe Mode" with a minimal set of drivers and services.)

b. Press the "F5" key to Enable "Safe Mode" with Networking.
( Once "Safe Mode" with Networking starts, Windows is in Safe Mode, with additional network and services for accessing the Internet and other computers on your network.)

c. Press the "F6" key to Enable "Safe Mode" with Command Prompt.
(In "Safe Mode" with "Command Prompt" starts Windows in Safe Mode, with a Command Prompt window instead of the Windows interface. This option is mostly only used by IT professionals.)

Now sign in to the computer with your account name and password. (If you have one set.) When you are finished troubleshooting, you can exit "Safe Mode" restarting your computer.

In Windows 7/Vista/XP...

1. Immediately after turning on the computer, or restarting it (usually after you hear your computer beep), tap the F8 key, repeatedly, in 1 second intervals.

2. The computer will then display hardware information and run a memory test.

3. Next the "Advanced Boot Options" menu will appear.

4. In the "Advanced Boot Options" menu use the arrow keys to select "Safe Mode" or "Safe Mode with Networking" and press ENTER.

Chandler B

Sep 13, 2013
I ended up resetting my PC the other day and that obviously fixed it but now my school laptop is having the same issue. I will try your suggestions later today. Thank you.
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