Windows explorer stops responding



my laptop was working fine but then all of the sudden it start to sta windows explorer stopped working and then it says it was restarting it so it did but the thing is it keeps doing it over and over again and wont stop the only way i can open a program up if i use task manager on put new task i can open up anything there but my start thing dont work that whole bar wont let me do anything because it keeps saying windows explorer stopped working and again windows explorer restarting same thing over and over again what can i do
That's one heck of a run on sentence. It sounds like there could potentially be a piece of malware involved. Boot into safe mode and run AVG, Malwarebytes, Ad-Aware, etc... and see if that solves your issue.
Some points:
1) A lot of Google information on this issue which isn't always easy to fix

2) You can usually restore Windows from a hidden partition on your computer (see your manual) You will lose all changes since your computer was purchased. You should also be able to request backup CD's from your laptop company (you'd think a $1000 laptop would get a backup DVD included, wouldn't you?) I got backup DVD's from HP for my dad's laptop because if his hard drive failed the hidden Windows Image would be useless.

3) When you get everything fixed, make a backup of C-Drive (Windows drive) using a program like Acronis True Image. Place the backup on a second drive or span to DVD. If you span to DVD, you must use your DVD drive as the backup location, you can't copy files to a hard drive and simply use a program to place them on DVD's.