Wine spilled on Notebook, it works perfectly, should I be concerned?

Apr 17, 2018
My mother has spilled some red wine on an ASUS K-555 notebook. It works. What next?

I wasn't present when it happened, but I was informed later in the morning that my mother and father, both not so much tech savvy, did some saving measures.
They turned it upside down and shook some of the wine out of it. They put a dry towel on it and soaked up the wine on the surface. They turned it upside down and blew out the remaining wine with a hairdryer and then let it sit upside down for the night.

It wouldn't start up at first in the morning when I pushed the power off button, but after half a minute it gave in and it finally booted. I removed the M, D and Windows buttons from its, to see if there is any residue wine left under the keys. I saw no signs of wine or damage, but the keys are made of some kind of weak plastic and the D and Windows keys gave in and just wouldn't pop back, so I will have those changed. Also, the Windows key was acting funny for some minutes the morning I took it out, it could be seen on the on-screen keyboard that it was signaling, but it works fine now.

Since then (it happened 4 days ago) the Notebook had worked just fine. There are no issues with it, but I called a repair store to have the two faulty buttons replaced.
I told them my story and they advised for an overall cleanup of the parts of the Notebook, which I believe is needed in order to avoid any corrosion.

But they also told me that the whole keyboard would have to be replaced because it will definitely die in some time. A week or two, or a month at best. Due to the sugar content and acidity of wine. I can understand where they are coming from but I have had keyboards we accidentally spilled wine on, and they continued to work for a long time after that. I don't see why a minimal amount of wine spilt on the area near the 'space' button would surely kill an entire keyboard in a week or two, even if it is working perfectly at the moment. They advise to have the whole keyboard replaced, but I don't see why the cleaning would not be sufficient.. Can you tell me if it's a legit concern or are tgey just over exaggerating the situation to make some more money?

Are there any more concerns I should be aware of?

Every important document was the monring after.
The cleaning would cost 42 USD and the keyboard replacement would be 116 USD.


Dec 13, 2016
The old saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I would wait till the keyboard dies to fix it. But I caveat that with the fact that I have never spilled wine on a laptop, so I cant say what it will do. Others here may have better experience.

These laptops are not too complex to take apart and you could clean it yourself. Using isopropyl alcohol and a coffee filter to clean up any residual wine.
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