Wireless Cutting in and out


May 23, 2009
My brother has a Toshiba Satellite m305 s4848 and the wireless keeps cutting in and out. not only that I cannot use my laptop in his house while his is on. when his is off the wireless is 100% perfect. I have uninstalled his wireless driver and reinstalled. I used the driver at this web page bellow


he is running windows vista 64 bit

I cant find a solution for this so any help would be awesome.



Jun 24, 2010
With wireless networking there are two issues at work here. The first is signal strength and compatability with your wireless router, the second is your wireless receiver in the laptop. You should be able to check the signal strength of the wireless router from the network display in the bottom corner. If you are getting good signal strength that is intermittent you might try updating the firmware for the wireless router or your system firmware for your wireless receiver card. The second thing you should check is if the router is using an N, N+, G, or some other signal type. The newer model routers are reverse compatible, but you are going to get the best signal strength most of the time if you are using a good name brand router with compatible receiver types (some of the generic G routers broadcast in N, N+, or G bandwidth, but the older types do not have the same signal strength or range).
If none of this works post back. Your brother may need to add another wireless access point to get better coverage throughout his house. Some signal types will pass through and have better range as well.


Hello I had this very problem with my hp laptop. Do you have a wireless telephone? Try unplugging it. I know it sounds so simple but honestly it worked for me !!! just try it :)