Workaround for the ASTRO TR Mixamp


Feb 7, 2014
Ok, So I made a Semi-Flawless flow chart for a workaround for the TR Mixamp with and the Next gen consoles( If you have a One and a PS4 and don't want to buy a second mixamp ). But there is only one problem, The problem is that there are overlapping signals of the headset in the chart. But option 2 does not have that problem, The problem with option 2 is that the controllers will not communicate with the TR Mixamp and I would not be able to hear my party chat. Option 3 (And I think the Best), has no issues. The splitter has a mic side and a headphone side. Mic side goes into the GEN 2 Mixamp and the headphone side goes into Elgato. Please help me and thanks again.
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