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  1. clutchc

    Oculus Rift + Touch now or wait for next gen

    I was playing around with someone else's Oculus Rift + Touch recently and decide I had to have one. But I'm really put off by all the cabling. The loss of up 4 x USB ports. 5 if you get the rear sensor. And I was also wondering if the resolution would be better with the next gen; not so much...
  2. M

    ASUS GM501 GTX 1070 i7-8750H or wait for Next Gen GPUs?

    Hello, I'm in need of a laptop since I cannot always work and game on my main PC cos of various reasons (children sleeping, stressy environment etc).. I've been looking at the ASUS ROG GM501 with a GTX 1070 and a i7-8750H with 16GB of RAM and a 256SSD+1TB HDD which is about 2.300€ in my...
  3. T

    Looking to upgrade and get into the VR WORLD (SHOULD I WAIT)

    Hello people. i'v got an old AMD FX (R9 270x x2) system and its done me well over the years, but now i really want to get into the VR game! I'm looking to upgrade my old system maybe with a 7700k and a 1080ti and get a rift of vive. My question is, is it too late? Should i do it now or wait for...
  4. A

    Prebuilt Gaming Desktop?

    Hey, I'm just wondering what would be a good desktop that could handle next-gen titles of the highest settings, around 60 fps or more. Budget of around 2,000 USD
  5. S

    Laptop that can run high-end gaming flawlessly? (Budget can go up to $3500)

    My budget is 2500-3500 (with taxes + shpping incuded!) I need a Laptop as I'm moving to a College Campus and I want to use it for everything. Gaming, Work, you name it. I'm aiming for something that can handle next-gen gaming. (from 2016 releases and onward for a few years.) +1 if it has a 17...
  6. mastrom101

    Is it worth waiting for the next-gen mobile GPUs?

    Hello, I'm looking for a mid-high end laptop ($1200-1700 CAD) which i will need for September; it will serve no purpose until then. I want to know if it is worth waiting to purchase the laptop, particularly with the timing of the next-gen Nvidia GPUs and Intel CPUs. Are these expected to be...
  7. F

    Will these laptops be able to run next gen games/Which is the best one?

    I am looking to buy a new laptop but am not very knowledgeable with all the specs and stuff, these three laptops are the same price but im not sure which is the best one?
  8. tanman23

    Alienware thermal compound

    Hey forum, I'm really looking at buying an alienware laptop soon. I might wait for the next gen gpu's but I will see what the future brings. I hear from tons of people having overheating issues with their brand new laptops from AW but would the staff there be willing to use different thermal...
  9. M

    Is a Nvidia 860M capable of run most of next gen games

    I'm curious. Is this considered still to be a decent GPU for a laptop? And what desktop GPU does it compare too? Thanks in advance
  10. B

    Workaround for the ASTRO TR Mixamp

    Ok, So I made a Semi-Flawless flow chart for a workaround for the TR Mixamp with and the Next gen consoles( If you have a One and a PS4 and don't want to buy a second mixamp ). But there is only one problem, The problem is that there are overlapping signals of the headset in the chart. But...
  11. Lone Quests

    picking a better cpu OR gpu

    hello, so i am picking a laptop for gaming (e.g. gta v, watch dogs...), and i am picking between two laptops, one which have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 850M and Intel Core i7-4710HQ while the other has an Intel Core i5-4210H and Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M, so which one should i pick for gaming (they are...
  12. I

    Laptop for computer science and gaming.

    hello. i am starting classes at my university soon. i would like to play NEXT gen games smoothly on high/medium setting on my laptop i would prefer a desk one but i would not be at home most of the time. so that is why i am going for a laptop. will it be too bulky? i have about 1500 dollars...
  13. H

    GTX 860m 4gb how long will it last?

    will i be able to run next gen games on low res and low settings for the next 5-6 years on the lenovo y50 with an i7 and 16 gigs of ram how does this laptop compare to the next gen consoles
  14. S

    Is gtx 760 good graphic card?

    Can it play games all next generation games like GTA V,Far cry 4,Battlefeild 4,Lord of the rings shadow of mordor,Assassin creed unity?
  15. P

    Best TV for PS4(Next gen console in general) gaming?

    Im getting a PS4 next month for the release of Bloodborne and I want to have a good experience with it. Ive been a PC gamer for the longest time and my history of console gaming has included some of the crappiest TVs since it's all I had growing up. But now that im independent Im looking to get...
  16. C

    Default Help buying a gaming laptop, please advise! :)

    Greetings smarties, I am in the market for a next-gen gaming laptop. I have a maximum price range of 1200 and I want to get the best available item for that amount. I can go a little over the mark if need be. A 15.6 inch standard screen is fine, but a larger screen is preferable. I want to be...
  17. J

    Gaming laptop to handle next gen games?

    I would like to buy a laptop mainly for games that are coming out this year and the next, at mostly high settings. Will these specs be enough for me? Intel Core i7-4710MQ processor (3.5GHz) 16GB DDR3L RAM NVIDIA GTX860M with 2G DDR5 Dedicated Video Card & Intel HD 4600 1TB SATA HDD + 120GB SSD...
  18. M

    Great gaming laptops for up to £1000

    I'm looking for a gaming laptop which will allow me to play so called 'next gen' games at high settings. By 'next gen' I am mainly referring to games being released in 2015 such as battlefront (2015) and currently released games that demand high requirements such as Watch Dogs. Any...
  19. L

    Gaming laptop for next gen gaming

    Hi guys. I'm looking for a gaming laptop that will be able to run games such as AC Unity and the Witcher 3 at 1080p. my budget is no over than $1000 canadian dollars
  20. L

    Lenovo y50 gaming?

    How well will a lenovo y50 with a gtx 860m run next gen games at medium to high settings? The games I will be playing are AC Unity, Witcher 3, Far Cry4, and more next gen games.
  21. L

    lenovo y510p sli next gen gaming?

    hi I am about to buy the Lenovo y510p and I was wondering if I would be able to play next gen games like dying light the division the crew and other games like that or if I should consider something different
  22. F

    The witcher 3 GPU

    Should I wait for next gen gpus to play the witcher 3 in the best quality or should I buy a second gtx 780?
  23. G

    Portable gaming laptop, 17", 1080p+

    I need a gaming laptop that can run all next gen games on ultra, maxed out settings, has plenty of RAM (16GB atleast, 32 is better, 64 is even better, 128gb is kinda unrealistic ATM but its best), a good processor like the i7-4900MQ, a GTX 880M, possibly SLI, an SSD for games and a HDD for...
  24. rarmitage124

    Gaming laptop £100-£300

    I am looking for a gaming laptop that can run next gen games in medium-high for the budget of £100-£300. It must have a graphics card and windows 8. I am not bothered by the brand it is. Thanks
  25. aakarshan

    What is the future of gaming in Laptops in 2015?

    What is the future of gaming in Laptops in 2015?Because the next gen cpus will be ran out. Both Intel and Amd what will they bring for laptop budget gamer under 800 USD $ bill.
  26. I

    Looking for a gaming laptop $1000 to $1300.

    Im looking to purchase a laptop capable of playing current and next gen games, i7 4th gen, Minimum 8gb Ram, minimum 2 gb graphics, minimum 1TB Hard and HD display Preferably a laptop with specs close to these. Im thinking of the ASUS N550jv - cn256h (Model in the UAE), or the Lenovo Y510P. (The...
  27. K

    Which CPU should I get? Intel or AMD?

    I am looking for a mid-level gaming PC with my main needs being gaming, video and photo editing etc. I am inclined towards Intel and I'm confused between the core i5 and i7. Also, which generation would be the sensible choice for me? Also, I may get into overclocking so please suggests the ones...
  28. P

    Can my laptop run BF4 smoothly

    Hi guys, was contemplating buying BF4 for my laptop rather than waiting for the purchase of a next gen console (heard it plays terrible on the 360 and ps3). My specs: Intel i7 3610QM - 2.3Ghz 8GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GT630 2GB I highly doubt it'll be able to but wouldn't mind confirmation from...
  29. T

    what is x86

    what does x86 mean iver heard of a intel processer called a i x386 or 286 or something like that and the next gen consoles are based on a x86 arcitecture what does that mean
  30. K

    Gaming laptop for Next gen?

    So, i'm about to buy a laptop wich i'll be using in my career, but i would like it to play games too, so that is the question, will it run next gen games (BF4, Titan Fall, Witcher 3, etc) not in max settings, but in like normal - high? This are the specs: Intel Core i7-4700mQ 16 GB DDR3...
  31. G

    I'm looking for a gaming laptop

    My budget is 900-999$ and I'm looking for a gaming laptop for next gen gaming
  32. N

    Help finding a decent gaming laptop for $1,000

    So I am looking to buy a new laptop, and I would really like to find one that can handle gaming. I don't need one that can max out everything, though I would like to get something that is comparable to next gen consoles. I need it to be mobile for school, (hence a laptop as opposed to a...
  33. D

    Best Stylus on Market ?

    Can anyone let me know if there is a preferred Stylus for writing notes on android device tablets ? I was going to purchase the Nexus 7 Next Gen version to use at work to write my notes into an excel document. I would like to know what would be the best Stylus for the job. Any Suggestions...
  34. E

    $1200-$1400 gaming laptop

    I'm looking to spend between $1200-$1400 on a gaming laptop for college. I don't really care about portability as much as I do performance. I've been looking at laptops within the 15' to 17' range. I want it to be able to play next-gen games so I can get all the multi-platform releases on it...
  35. G

    Should I wait for a tablet?

    I'd like to get myself an Android tablet but I'm wondering if I should wait for the next generation tablets to come out. They seems kind of old right now, feel like something new is about to come out. Any opinion?
  36. M

    Should I get this or wait til the next gen gpus and cpu or wait a little longer. No rush in buying a new laptop
  37. D

    Upgrading my laptop

    hi i own an asus g75v , my laptop has an gtx670m , i would like to know if i can upgrade it to the next gen gpus , and also the network adapter , if possible pls send me some links where as to i can learn how , thanx :)
  38. J

    I7-2670QM Processor VS 1 9GHz Next Gen AMD Quad-Core A8-4500M

    In choosing an HP G7 Laptop Which Processor is preferred?
  39. M

    Msi gt60 enough? IMPORTANT

    Hello, I am planning on getting a msi gt60 0nc model with gtx 670m card. I would like to know whether this will be future proof and can run next gen games or should i wait for the update?
  40. Z

    webOS Makes Comeback on Google Nexus S

    Port of HP's "Next Generation Web Centric Platform" now in pre-Alpha stage. webOS Makes Comeback on Google Nexus S : Read more
  41. S


    What better a Dual Core processor AMD 6 Next generation AMD A4 accelerated processor ? Educate me I am considering a new laptop
  42. S

    Choosing a Laptop (Re-vised)

    Well I've been looking at laptops for future use as this 200$ emachines laptop that has lasted me 3-4 years needs to retire soon, there have been a couple of things I can do... 1. Wait 6 months or so for the next generation processor with those lovely intel hd graphics on Haswell being as great...
  43. exfileme

    OnLive Now Supports Armada 1500 HD Media SoC

    OnLive's Android client now supports the Armada 1500 SoC mounted in next-gen Google TV 2.0 HDTVs and set-top boxes OnLive Now Supports Armada 1500 HD Media SoC : Read more
  44. exfileme

    Sony, Panasonic Team Up For Next-Gen OLED Panels

    Sony and Panasonic are teaming up to produce large-screen OLED panels and modules. Sony, Panasonic Team Up For Next-Gen OLED Panels : Read more
  45. exfileme

    Carmack Not Impressed With Next-Gen Console Hardware

    Virtual reality is the future of gaming, not prettier graphics says John Carmack. Carmack Not Impressed With Next-Gen Console Hardware : Read more
  46. exfileme

    Carmack Demos HMD, Talks Long Next-Gen Console Future

    While id Software's John Carmack was demonstrating his new Head-Mounted Display for Doom 3 BFG Edition on PC, he said it would have been easier to just develop it on consoles. Carmack Demos HMD, Talks Long Next-Gen Console Future : Read more
  47. G

    Graphene Can Enhance Efficiency of Solar Cells

    Graphene is praised as a critical material for next generation electronics. Graphene Can Enhance Efficiency of Solar Cells : Read more
  48. exfileme

    Crytek Calls Used Games Block ''Absolutely Awesome''

    Crytek is all giddy over the possibility of anti-used games tech in the next-generation consoles. Crytek Calls Used Games Block ''Absolutely Awesome'' : Read more
  49. G

    Wait for windows 8 and next gen Intel CPU?

    Hi Guys, I've had an acer Laptop running at home for nearly 4 years now. 80% useage is general day to day stuff, 20 % is playing with multimedia stuff with photoshop / Captivate /camtasia. Don;t really do that much gaming, but a goood battery life is important. I'm thinking of buying a...
  50. G

    New GameSkunk to Introduce Smells to Your Gameplay

    Sensory Acumen said that it will be releasing the next generation of its GameSkunk, a device that is designed to emit smells during gameplay. New GameSkunk to Introduce Smells to Your Gameplay : Read more
  51. mickfley

    Thinking about buying an oled tv

    I was gonna buy a new TV earlier but I decided to wait a little bit more after seeing all the magnificent TVs introduced at electronics show. Among them, the one that blew me away was OLED TV. I had never imagined a TV could be that thin. It wows me and makes me wonder at the same time if it has...
  52. exfileme

    Rumor: Next Xbox Controller Will Have Touchscreen

    Microsoft is reportedly experimenting with a tablet-like controller for its next-generation console. Rumor: Next Xbox Controller Will Have Touchscreen : Read more
  53. exfileme

    Microsoft Confirms No New Xbox in 2012

    Microsoft has officially nuked all rumors that point to a 2012 release of its next-generation Xbox console. Microsoft Confirms No New Xbox in 2012 : Read more
  54. exfileme

    Rumor: Next-gen Xbox SoC "Oban," Already in Production

    Development kits for the next Xbox console is expected to arrive by April packing an SoC based on IBM's PowerPC and an ATI "Southern Islands" GPU. Rumor: Next-gen Xbox SoC "Oban," Already in Production : Read more
  55. exfileme

    Gaikai: Microsoft or Sony Leaving Next-Gen Console Race

    The PlayStation 3 may be the last dedicated gaming console from Sony. Gaikai: Microsoft or Sony Leaving Next-Gen Console Race : Read more
  56. exfileme

    Next-Gen Wi-Fi Lands @ CES with 802.11ac Products

    Networking devices based on the new 802.11ac standard will make an appearance this week at CES 2012. Next-Gen Wi-Fi Lands @ CES with 802.11ac Products : Read more
  57. exfileme

    Rumor: Xbox 720 and PS4 Appearing at E3 2012

    There probably won't be an actual appearance, but rather an outline of things to come for the next generation consoles in order to put a little fear into Nintendo. Rumor: Xbox 720 and PS4 Appearing at E3 2012 : Read more
  58. G

    From the Labs: What’s Coming In 2012?

    At the beginning of a new year it’s good to take a look back on the technological advances that will propel the next generation of consumer technology. Read on to check out the best of 2011. From the Labs: What’s Coming In 2012? : Read more
  59. exfileme

    Memory Companies Creating Next-Gen Security for Flash

    Five companies have banded together to develop content protection technology for downloading and streaming HD media. Memory Companies Creating Next-Gen Security for Flash : Read more
  60. exfileme

    Next-Gen Kinect Will Read Lips, Says Sources

    Kinect 2 will be so accurate, it will read your lips and determine if you're angry. Next-Gen Kinect Will Read Lips, Says Sources : Read more