Solved! Worth to replace the battery?


Aug 19, 2015
I have an Asus laptop (X555LJ) that lasts 3 minutes unplugged.

It started with one time that I was plugging it and I saw some sparkles and the charger died right there. After this, the battery never lasted more than 30-60 min; I had 2 off-brand chargers to replace it and both died after a few months, so I ended up buying an official charger again and it's holding strong since.

Then the battery life started to be shorter and shorter and I'm wondering if the problem is the actual battery or some component that can be fried or something.
All I can say is that it charges normally, there's no power interruption or problem at all and windows doesn't give me any warning.

So my question is: Can I replace it with confidence that it will solve the problem or is it more like a 50/50 situation? Also, is there any kind of (reasonable) test that I can perform in order to answer my question?

Thank you!
If something was fried, that is connected to the battery, then the battery likely would not charge at all.

It sounds like you need a new battery. Also, go with an OEM one and not aftermarket. They are just bad news.