Wrong Laptop Keyboard Output After I Cleaned It - Not water damage


Aug 27, 2017

I have seen several threads about laptop keyboard trouble and the 'FN' lock and region settings etc. Neither of these help my problem.

I have a Toshiba Satellite L50 with Windows 10.

The problem started when I cleaned my keyboard (as i often do) - with a cloth and a small amount of detergent. I thought my laptop had shut down before I started cleaning- but as I later found out it was still on. Cleaning a keyboard obviously resulted in a large number of keys and key combinations being pressed.

My laptop keyboard now has absurd outputs (after cleaning) eg:
Pushing 'q' does the following:
-Opens 'https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/apps_windows_10?aut' in
internet explorer
-Outputs characters 'zQ 1'
-Turns Caps Lock on

Pushing 'r' does the following:
-Outputs characters 'gt5'

Pushing 'r' does the following:
-outputs the date and time 'cd2:25 PM 8/27/2017e3'
-Opens OneDrive.

Pushing 'i' does the following:
-Outputs ',ki8'

AND the list goes on, none of the keys function as they should, but they all work in a strange way.

A USB keyboard works fine.

- I have updated the Toshiba Drivers.
- Run a virus scan (twice) using windows defender and AVG.

Please Help!!!



Sounds like you fried your keyboard. That you time "i" and it types "ki8" seems to hint that the keyboard can't read the row signal. Keyboards typically are set up by rows and columns, the signal from both identifies the character. Look "gt5", it's also a column, so a press gives all characters in the column.

You likely shorted something in the keyboard, perhaps the membrane, perhaps the microcontroller.

You can replace the keyboard, or keep using an external one.