Xbox 360 and Sony SS360


Mar 23, 2009
So this issue will either sound all to common or quite different. Basically I am trying to hook my Xbox360 to my Sony SS360 audio receiver which then runs to my vizio tv itself. All of this is over HDMI. The issue I am running into is that unless I leave my TV in the off state while my console boots up the audio receiver will many times read 2 channel sound instead of 5.1. This would not be a major issue except that during many games it seems as if the tv and the audio receiver are "arguing" for control of the 360 sound causing madsive performance issues. Is there a way to remedy this situation either by Disabling audio passthrough on the receiver or by disabling sound over the hdmi cable from the xbox and using an optical cable? (don't know if you can dictate sound like that from the xbox). It is strange how this issue does not come up with my PS3