Jul 12, 2017
I have a YST MS50 powered multimedia speakers that are now discontinued. In my attempt to have them working again, I purchased a 8pin din cable that i had lost. SO the setup is like this. Main power goes to the subwoofer. The 8pin din cable goes to a satellite speaker (R) where there's a power button, volume control, and headphone out in the front panel and 2 separate inputs in the back (as well as the 8 pin connector). The Left satellite speaker is connected directly from the Sub to the speaker using a single RCA cable. There's also a power button on the sub. MY ISSUE IS, when I plug in all the cables and hook up music thru my phone to any of the 2 inputs, IT DOES NOT WORK! There's another little weird thing... When I plug the music in thru the headphone output about half way in, I get sound! Can anyone explain what I might be having issues with? Thx.
I also think there might be issues with the actual 8pin din female connections inside the sub and inside the R speaker.