Yet another Firewire and Windows 10 question

May 21, 2018
I know this has been asked a few times in the past but curious to know if anyone has more recent tips on how to solve or get around this issue.

I have almost 100 Mini DV tapes which I would like to get transferred to a digital format where I can store them on my computer/cloud. I would have originally recorded them on my Sony Handycam DCR-H30. That has DV and AV ports.

I have a Windows 10 Asus desktop. Recently purchased a Firewire card from Amazon (
Syba SY-PEX30016) where a lot of the reviews had success with capturing Firewire with it on Windows 10. That installed just fine with no errors in Device Manager. I connected my DV to Firewire cable from the camcorder to the desktop but none of the capture software I tried on my computer can recognize the camcorder.

Then updated the Firewire driver to be the Legacy one from 2013 but still no joy. Of course rebooting each time.

What could be so different about the Sony Camcorder that the computer doesn't recognise it?

If I need to get a different capture device for the DV tapes, do you have any recommendations? I presume I could purchase another old camcorder but I may end up with the same issues that I am having right now. And I can connect the AV output from the Camcorder to a DVD Recorder but I know the recorded quality wouldn't be as good as the DV.


It can be done. You may find the links below useful:

I am able to connect a couple of older Sony FireWire camcorders to my Windows 10 computer and capture footage from those camcorders. However, it is an older machine I built and it had the firewire ports built into the motherboard.

The details of the driver are as follows:
Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Date: 6/21/2006
Driver Version: 10.0.17134.1
Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows
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