How to Get the Perfect Fit on your HTC Vive

It's very important to feel comfortable while you are in VR. At first it will be hard for you to find the best position for your headset, but once you manage to do this successfully you can enjoy your experience in VR without any problem. If you are struggling to find the perfect fit for your HTC Vive headset than follow this steps:

    ■ First check your cable and make sure that doesn't interrupt the top strap in some way to tighten properly. Before you decide to put your headset on first pull the cable from your headset up, then put it through the loops and do this in a way that will not be to tight.
    ■ When you put your headset on, catch the back of the strap assembly with your one hand and with the other hand hold the headset. When you do this rotate the strap 90 degrees up, bring the headset close to your head, adjust the lenses on your eyes and put the strap on the back of your head. If you have some problems while doing this you have adjusted the side straps much more tightly than you should.
    ■If you want to make your center strap more tight than just hold the T intersection and pull it down. Check your strap using your fingers to make sure that the strap is smooth and there is no slack.
    ■In this whole process maybe putting your efforts in adjusting properly the top strap length will be the most important step you will take. At the back the finish of the strap should be straight in line with your headset.
    ■If you have adjusted all well than you should feel no pressure on you cheeks.