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    Solved! how to retrieve messages from my lost phone

    I lost my phone Samsung galaxy J1 ACE NEO. I blacklisted the phone. how can I restore or retrieve the messages and photos from the lost phone?
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    Solved! SAMSUNG J1 ace not supported content

    Here is some problem. I try to insert the 8gb SD card to samsung j1 ace bcs its running out of space already. So i move all the photos& videos to sd card. After removed it, i try to open the photos&videos but its all black and show that its not supported content. Why is this happen? How can i...
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    Solved! my samsung j2 ace

    screen making problem to me ....suddenly screen full of blur vertical lines .....already i showed to mechanic its worked only one day plez give a solution to fix my phone
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    Solved! I can't turn on my laptop without click enter

    What is the problem of my laptop .. I cant turn on may ace laptop without click enter ..
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    My phone was stolen, can you help me find it?

    Samsung Galaxy ACE 4Neo
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    how can i put back my Imei number of my Samsung galaxy j1 ace

    My Samsung galaxy j1 ace lost an imei number so i want know how to put back an imei number so that my phone can work properly again..
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    Help me lost my Samsung Galaxy j1 ace

    Help me lost my Samsung Galaxy j1 ace
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    How do I set the SD card to storage on a galaxy ace

    How do I get the SD card to work on old galaxy ace as I don't have much internal phone storage
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    which app suports exo files on samsung galaxy j2 ace android set??

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    samsung j1 ace is in odin mode

    I turned on my phone and the screen was stuck in odin mode. Even when I pressed the whole power and volume up button(which is what many people are suggesting on the internet so I just tried it), it still stuck on the same page. Do I have to send it to repair shop or something? And if i do need...
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    i have forgotten the google account samsung j2 ace

    I can't open my mobile because I have forgotten the google account. How to change my google account?
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    ACE 49" ACE TV and Samsung HT-E350K 5.1 hook up

    I can't find my own answer to this here before. How do I get the TV broadcast signal through the speakers with the components noted above?
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    How do i set my sd card as the default storage location on a samsung j1 ace? please help

    How do i set my sd card as the default storage location on a samsung j1 ace? please help
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    J1 Ace and S5 predictive text killing me.

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone can help me with my predictive text problem that is on my S5 and newly bought J1 Ace Neo. The problem is when I type something the predictive text works fine but when I make a mistake and erase part of the word my predictive text starts at the first letter I then...
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    Problem with sdhc card

    I have a Samsung galaxy ace and it's not detecting my sdhc card? It just say
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    how to save pictures & music on the memory card Samsung j1 ace

    how do i make my sdcard the default to save pictures & music on my Samsung j1 - 6?
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    ace aspirer e1-510 bios password reset

    i have a acer aspire e1-510 laptop, but it has bios password and i cant access it
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    My acer Aspire E1-531 will not run off the battery.

    My Acer Aspire E1-531 will not run off battery power. As soon as I unplug the power cord the computer goes off. I have replaced the battery and the power cord. No luck. Any suggestions of something more I can try?
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    Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 boot into 'root'-How to?

    Hi all! I've tried to install 'root' from a 16 GB SC Card with Vol+-Home-Power, and there was nothing shown on the SD Card, only : ./... Can somebody help me, how to resolve that?
  20. L

    ACE D735 tablet

    I have Ace D735 and its software is totally damage and can't connect with my PC. What i can do???? please help me
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    I can't install whatsapp and some app on,my galaxy ace GT-S5830 .the phone ll' vibrate for a while and then installation stops

    I can't download whatsapp and some apps on my galaxy ace.GT-S5830.the phone vibrates anf then the installation stops.
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    That didn't work for me, What else could I do? Samsung Galaxy ace 3

    I done that reset and back up thing to see if it would work but it didnt ! Is there another solution that I could do to get safe mode out my phone please?
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    how do i read my texts on;line

    I have broken my screen on my galaxy ace 4 and need to read my texts immediately cant get to repair or another phone. please help. many thanks Danbo
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    how to unlock sim samsunsg ace 3 ?

    Need help in sim unlock of my samsung ace 3 phone . its locked to the vodafone network.
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    whatsapp doesn't install on "GALAXY ACE"

    Hi guys. I'd like to install "whatsapp" on my cellphone (GALAXY ACE). I tried it in several times, but in each tried I had a constant answer, that was "Application not installed". What can i do by now. Is it possible that my cellphone needed to installed some based softwares on it or something...
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    Sd card not detected

    Sd card of my samsung galaxy ace S5830 not detected...plzz help...
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    samsung galaxy ace 2 locked out HELP

    My friend locked me out of my phone (too many pattern attemps) and now it wants me to put my google account details. I put them in (VERY carefully) and it says 'invalid username or password' when I am sure I put it in right. I did this again and again, untill I thought have changed my password...
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    move apps from internal memory to sd card on galaxy ace

    I have a galaxy ace. I don't seem to be able to move some applications from internal memory to the SD card. Some it will allow to be moved, some it won't and the "move to SD card" button is grayed out. Is there any way to over-ride this?
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    how to unlock sim in galaxy ace 2 i8160?

    hi all, how can i find the unlock sim (to make it sim free) code for samsung galaxy ace 2 i8160? THX
  30. Derr1

    Android problems (Galaxy Ace)

    Hey all, I have a Samsung galaxy ace, today I was using whatsapp when i clicked the new camera button for whatsapp to take a picture, it took it, then the screen just froze. after this whatsapp keeps force closing on me, as well as every single app, including messages and internet. What should I...
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    Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Wifi Problems

    I have a problem with a samsung galaxy Ace 3. When I try to connect to my home network the phone doesn't connect and is displaying: "searching IP-adress" but he doesn't manage to connect. Help please :??::(
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    Broken micro-USB port (GT-S7560M a.k.a. "Samsung Galaxy Ace ii X")

    Hey everyone! Recently, my charging port for my Ace ii X has broke. No matter which charger I use (I've tried over 6 different adapters/USB cables), my phone doesn't charge. I've tried other methods as well (Plugging phone in without battery, then re-inserting the battery back...
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    The Samsung Galaxy Ace Gt "S5830" not "S5830"

    How do I increase the internal of my Galaxy GT "S5830"?
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    Missed Call Gt-S5830i

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace Phone GT-S5830i phone. The problem is that when I receive an incoming call the phone does not allways ring but shows it as a missed call. I have seen this happen in a quiet room. I have been unable to reproduce this by ringing from my other phone. the network is Lyca.
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    Andorid 4.2 in samsung galaxy ace duos

    i having samsung galaxy ace duos with gingerbread how i can format and put Android 4.2 Jelly bean
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    Can I upgrade android 2.3.6 to 4.0

    Hey guys I have bought a phone in 2013 'Samgsung Galaxy ACE Duos GT-S6802' it has the android version 2.3.6 i.e gingerbread, I wanna upgrade it to ICS or the latest Jelly Bean, Can anyone please help me out about how to upgrade my phone at home without lossing data, is their any software...
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    Is the Nexus 4 worth buying now?

    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Ace since two years now and I'm finally going to upgrade to a better phone. I am confused between the Moto G, Nexus 4, and the Moto X. All of them are about the same price in my country (N4 and Moto X are about $100 more but that isn't a big issue). I know that the...
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    samsung galaxy ace

    i can't find videos on my galaxy ace, they aren't in the gallery nor in the camera on files
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    why did my key change itès symbol

    how to get a specific symbol on keyboard using keys. my qustion mark symbol ont work but my È has now taken its pl ace. what happened
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    only show logo not start

    my phone galaxy ace is not turn on only show the wel come note.
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    galaxy ace digitizer

    Where can i get an official samsung galaxy ace digitizer from in uk or where is best to pick a new one up?
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    galaxy ace screen

    is there anywhere that will replace a galaxy ace digtizer legit under £25 in uk or where can i buy i legit digtizer from?
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    New cellphone needed!

    Hello all, I'm in need of a new cellphone. I currently have a galaxy ace and a nokia x7-00, but I'm selling those two to buy a new one. I live in Belgium, so prices are quite high here. Budget: +-500 euro maximum Needs: - Good and really big screen (because the ace's screen sucks), doesn't...
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    my compunter wont detect my sd card

    So, i have the cyanogenmod s5830i on my samsung galaxy ace and my compunter keps saying " the device you have enterd has not been recognised" ive tried updating the drivers but nothing works. :( p.s: it still works in my phone please help me :D
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    samsung galaxy ACE GT S5830i

    how to resolve an issue of receiver end get a low voice while calling from Samsung galax moble GT S 5830i
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    Galaxy ace memory problems

    Here is the deal I have a galaxy ace and a 7.5gb memory card but when I download an app it says I do not have enough storage space help please :)
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    Unlock password for Samsung Ace Advance S6800

    How do i unlock my screen using Letters?
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    Samsung Galaxy ACE

    This phone has been LOST in my home i don't know how to get it back... HELP!!!!!!