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  1. ballerslife

    Sony Vegas Pro vs Adobe Premiere

    I am completely new to video editing, have no experience whatsoever. I want to edit game videos and such, maybe some family vids. I can choose between one, or both. (uncle has adobe, cousin sony). Which one is better for game videos? And direct me to some tutorials?
  2. M

    Adobe premiere pro Capture not working, capturing as MP3

    So I'm using Premiere pro CS6 to capture video from my Sony-Z1 to my Macbook pro using a firewire cable. I've captured hundreds of clips recently in 1080i (HDV), but recently the settings changed and whenever I capture for a start: When I capture, no logging pop-up comes up which is unusual...
  3. michaellanfield

    1080 HD Video will not play in full screen

    I have an HP Pavilion DV7 Laptop and use Adobe Premiere CS6. I shoot my videos on my camera in HD 1080i (fujifilm SL1000), I transfer it over to Adobe Premiere and when I am done, I render entire work. When that is done, I export it to H264, preset custom and 1920x1080, however the source and...
  4. lastskysamurai

    Understanding the Click to Analyze message in Adobe Premiere Pro 6

    Hi everyone, I'll try & describe this the best I can, please bare with me on this. Iv'e spent maybe a total of 2 hours using PPro6 up to this point. Ok, Iv'e imported some footage into my Timelime or (sequence1?) ,one particular clip I highlighted I applied the Warp Stabilizer Effect to...
  5. M

    am gonna use pr and ae cs6, is this enough

    here some sketch AMD Zambezi FX-6100 (i want this because budget) Asus M5A78L-M LX (because budget too) Transcend 4GB PC 1600 ddr3 2x (any advice for faster ram or more affordable) Hitachi SATA III 1 TB 7200 RPM 3.5inch ASUS HD 7750 1 GB DDR5 128bit (any advice for budget vcard for CS6)...
  6. C

    Enabling GPU-assisted rendering in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6?

    I have been browsing google and I came across a few links talking about enabling CUDA for Nvidia cards in Adobe Premiere Pro. The problem is that I can't find a good tutorial for Windows 7 where the person is using a GTX 670. I would like my videos to render faster, although it might be slow...
  7. Captain Surf

    Dell P 670 slow with Avid & Premiere applications

    Hello, I have a Dell P670 on W7 (recently upgraded to 2x 3.8 Ghz CPU, 10 gb mem, Nvidia Quadro FX 1800 with 768mb) and when using Avid 5.5.2 I find it's particularly slow on importing and exporting media, as well as conversing media in Adobe Premiere. It may be the fact that a recent...
  8. A

    I am not able to insert video into timeline of Adobe premiere CS5

    i am using win7 os. am not able to insert any video formats to its timeline. while right clicking the insert option is inactive. pls help
  9. D

    Adobe Premiere Pro disk setup

    Hi everyone, I'm asking about a suggestion for HDD setup for using Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5. I did look at some general guidelines on the adobe forums, but my question is not 100% answered in there. So what I have available right now is: x1 Crucial M4 SSD 128 GB, where I only put the OS and...
  10. C

    Capture problems with adobe premiere

    Hello, I am trying to capture video from my Sony. Model HVR HD1000E. Into adobe Premiere cs5.5. Sometimes it works ok, other times when I click on capture the capture screen is white and then the pc crashes. Other times it starts to capture and it then stops.I can't use scene detect as it keeps...
  11. A

    Adobe premiere 6 0 wont playback anything

    Hello, Adobe premiere 6 0 wont playback anything; I have been editing together masses of stills to accompany an audio soundtrack. I had trouble importing one particular still image but after I re-saved the image as a slightly smaller file it imported ok. Ever since I tried to apply an effect to...
  12. S

    Where i can buy old version of Adobe Premiere Pro ?

    Hello, I work for a small tv station and i want to buy/download a version of Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 but i can't find it. The CS5 version need 64 bits system and the CS3 system requirement is perfect for me for best result. If i can find a place to download a trial version, that will be good too...
  13. M

    Adobe Premiere CS3 Memory Problems --- Please Help !

    Hey every1 --- desperate need of some guidance here. I've been all over the internet and these boards --- have seen this come up with a lot of people but no real solid answers that I'd seen or that have helped. First off, my comp is an imac 3.06 Ghz Core 2 Duo, 4GB memory. (just bought the...
  14. R

    Adobe Premiere CS5 laptop What's out there?

    HI Ive assebled what I think are the basics for a Adobe Premiere CS5 video editing laptop and am finding it hard to see many with these specs. The Mercury engine in Premiere pro CS5 needs an Nvidia 1gb graphics chip to work with hardware support. If it is not an nVidia 280m then it needs a...
  15. dennis2

    Adobe premiere pro cs5 or Premiere Elements 8

    Which one is better Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements? I'm not really an expert when it comes to video editing. Is Elements a simple but power software that can help me with my video editing?
  16. H

    An Adobe Premiere sort of query

    Hello to all, I have a problem understanding how Premiere works, so naturally thought like publishing a little something here for all you experts having a crack at it. I've installed an old portable version 6 to capture video from VHS tapes and it all works like a charm, till the moment I...
  17. L

    MPG in adobe premiere

    Okay, so I have an MPG file that premiere says it doesnt support. So, I convert the MPG file to AVI but now adobe premiere says the audio rate is not supported. Next, I try and strip out the audio. So I try to import the AVI file, which has no audio, and I still get "the audio rate is not...
  18. G

    Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0

    Wondering if anyone has any links to getting started with video editing? I'm trying to get my feet wet with video editing by first starting off making easy stuff like gaming videos. Just some transitions, music, text, effects, etc. Later on I want to move to real life and what not. But was it...
  19. fishquail

    Is there a way to assign more memory to an application?

    Im running adobe premiere pro 2 on an dual Opteron 270 based system with 2GBs of memory and I am getting an message from Adobe premiere that says : "Permiere is low on system memory -proceed with caution." The project im working on is very complex - over 2 hours long. up to 10 layers. But i am...
  20. M

    Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 16:9 Problem

    I filmed a movie for school on a Sony handy cam widescreen 16:9 camera but when I try to capture it in Adobe Premeire Pro 1.5 it isn't in widescreen. Then once i have finished capturing and drag the video onto the timeline it still isn't in 16:9, it's the opposite to widescreen with the black...
  21. D

    Pictures on DVD !

    I have been asked to create a DVD video of pictures that are put to music. I want to be able to slide the pictures in, and do some cool effects with it. What program is the easiest to do this with. Adobe Premiere? My System: <A HREF=""...
  22. T

    Adobe Premiere Pro problem

    Hello, Here is my problem, I always get errors if the DV file I import are more than 5 minutes long? I was wondering if there is a limitation or regirstation issue with my copy of Adobe Premiere Pro??? Anyone had the same problem? -- Would you buy a GPS enabled soap bar?
  23. T

    Premiere 6.5 DV capture

    When I capture DV with Adobe Premiere 6.5 and my Sony TRV-22, I must keep the capture window up in order to keep the capture going. Actually I have to keep the window up to maintain any control over the camera such as fast forward or play, etc. As soon as a switch applications, the camera...
  24. S

    Mpeg encoder for premiere 6.0

    Any suggestions on what mpeg encoder plug-ins for Adobe Premiere are any good. Any free ones out there? -Brett
  25. C

    Premiere 6

    Is this worth the cost? Does anyone know where I can buy it cheap? I do a lot of video edting and I use Video Wave 4. I wish to upgrade to Adobe Premiere bad but I need to find it cheap. can anyone please help me? Thanks a lot. Thanks so much, Tedro
  26. G

    Pinnacle Studio DV plug-in for Premiere

    I currently own a Pinnacle studio DV card, and I'd like to use it with Adobe Premiere. Unfortunatly, this doesn't work without some kind of plug-in. On the Pinnacle Web site, they say it can't work because Premiere doesn't support Direct show, while on the Adobe Web site they say it can work...