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    Premiere Pro possibilities

    Hi! This video was made in Sony Vegas (Pro 13 i think). I am not using it but i use Premiere Pro CC 2015. Can you do ALL the effects in that video in Premiere (even if it is 10 times harder)? I can use After Effect too, but I prefer not to.
  2. E

    My bad ass machine is not able to play 4k / 1080p in the Premiere Pro CC timeline

    Hi, I thought my machine was a bad ass computer that should be able to play and edit 4k in PP CC. I have been searching the Web for answers and tweaks to make my machine work with my video files from Panasonic GH4. Recently registered my problem on Adobe forums but not much help was provided...
  3. J

    Surface Pro 4 spec configuration help

    I plan on buying a Surface Pro 4, but I don't know if I should put the money towards the i7 CPU (with 8gb ram) or 16gb of RAM (with i5). I plan on regularly using Photoshop and Premiere with applications like Skype and Chrome running in the background.
  4. P

    Premiere CC | Lowering Exposure and Increasing Blur on a Specific Section of a Shot

    Hi, how does one isolate a specific section of a shot and change its exposure and blur settings without affecting the rest of the frame in Premiere/After Effects CC? Thanks.
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    Drives setup for Adobe Premiere and Photoshop

    Hello all I'd be grateful for comments/suggestions on my proposed assignments of 4 drives for Premiere/PS CS5: (1) ssd 250 - OS, win page file, programs (2) ssd 250 - scratch (media cache, render preview etc) (3) sata3 2tb - media / project files (4) sata3 2tb - export / render outputs No raid...
  6. G

    Adobe premiere pro 6 export time

    Hey all quick question here, recently I have been getting into some video editing and whatnot and have been using premiere pro 6. I'm working with some gameplay footage at 1080p, 60fps, 50Mbps for bit rate. The clip I have is 22minutes long and I'm exporting at 1080p 60fps with h.264 encoding to...
  7. J

    Adobe premiere cc hard drive and scratch disk set up

    I have an hdd with the os and programs on it and 2 more Seagate 7200 and 1 ssd. How would you set these up with premiere pro scratch disk for best performance? Raid or no raid?
  8. C

    How to optimise Adobe Premiere Pro cc?

    My pc has some problems with the rendering of a video that it gets stuck at the start or takes ages to render. I have a gforce gtx 970 and a intel I-5 4670K overclocked to 3.70ghz 8gb of ram. So i dont know what the best thing is to upgread plz help me!!!
  9. O

    Adobe premiere audio issues

    Hi! I'm doing some gameplay- editing with premiere pro but have run into a problem with the audio cutting in the middle of a clip and then starting from te beginning. I've been recording 60fps gameplay with OBS and have edited a lot of clips but one of them just doesn't function properly in...
  10. N

    Laptop for Interior Designer.

    I am an Interior designer, in India. Thinking of purchasing a laptop(within this month itself) for max. 50,000 Indian Rupees I.e; $800, although going 50-80$ here-n-there is fine. I use software's like AutoCad (latest version2d n 3d), 3ds Max , Photoshop , Maya, adobe premiere, sketchup...
  11. mrtoast72

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 Blackscreen with playback

    Hey guys toast here and i need your help. I have a custom build computer and im trying to run adobe premiere pro cc to edit some videos i made but i cant see my play back (picture for reference) its just black when i press play but the sound works just fine. when I change the setting to render...
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    Best Laptop for Adobe Creative Cloud

    Hello everyone, While searching for a new video editing laptop I came across countless lists and posts, but none of these responded to my needs. My impression is that the laptops listed are good for running Premiere while no other computer-intensive program is running. but I don't plan to just...
  13. A

    Can my laptop run this?

    My laptop specs are : CPU : Intel core i7-4710HQ 2.5 GHz GPU : HD 4600, Nvidia 840M 2GB RAM : 8 GB HDD : 5400RPM and the applications: 1. Premiere Pro CC with 1 hour 1080p video 2. After Effects 3. Blender 4. DaVinci Resolve? 5. Maya
  14. C

    Best Laptop for Video & Photo Editing, Digital Painting & Gaming Preferably under $1800 USD

    I'm looking for a laptop preferably $1800 or under that I will get at least 5 years of solid use from. As stated in the topic I will be using it to edit photos and videos and for gaming. So far I've had two 15" macbook pro's. The first developed heating issues and needed a new logic board after...
  15. S

    A though question: GPU and graphic design!

    Hi friends! I've been reading here for a while, and you guys already helped me a lot without even knowing! SO THANKS! Okay, so I'm a graphic designer and a Video Editor, and I'm going to buy a new laptop this week. YES. I know that the best thing for me is a desktop. But my life is too mobile...
  16. J

    Best Video Editing Laptop under £1000 ($1500)

    Hi there! I'm looking for a laptop that is capable enough to handle avchd files for video editing (mostly documentary work on Adobe Premiere Pro). My budget is under £1000 but I really want the best bang for my buck - what would you guys recommend? Thanks in advance!
  17. D

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC Audio editing help!

    Hey, I'm new to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and I need some help editing audio. I have audio with my friend and myself in a Skype chat, and my friend is really quiet and I am really loud, is there any way that I can edit the audio so I am quieter and he is louder? cheers, Jake
  18. D

    Audio Transition in Premier pro CC

    Hey guys, I'm having a strange problem when trying to add a Crossfade transition between two clips in Adobe Premier Pro CC. The transition is added either in the beginning of one clip or at the end of another, but I want it to be in the middle. I've tried to make it right in the effects panel...
  19. S

    After Effects Slo Mo won't Sync With Audio

    I have this one video that starts off at normal time with the audio in sync and when I get to the section of the video that enters slow motion time warp, the audio continues to play at the same pace as the beginning of the video. Is there anyway to sync up the audio with the slow motion? Thanks
  20. T

    Major stuttering in premier - dont know why

    ok, i3770 3.5 24 gig ram 1333 ( 23.2 usable) win 7 64x ultimate Wacom touch pen interface 2x Ati Radeon 6870 1gb gddr5 ( usually un-crossfired) now, I more than meet the minimum needs for adobe premier, but sometimes, when I am using it, it grinds to a near halt and "becomes unresponsive"...
  21. M

    Best Format for Video Podcast

    I'm trying to decide on the best settings and format to put our podcast in. I tried exporting it as FLV on the best video settings but it still doesn't come out that great. If I put it on AVI with video on best then it looks good but the file size is a whopping 4GB. And that's will take forever...
  22. U

    Why can't I use my CUDA in the "renderer" menu in while creating a project in Adobe premiere pro cs6?

    i have a GTX 770 4GB graphics card, it's a new card so nothing should be wrong with it, and i have the latest driver downloaded through nVidia experience, so i must be able to choose the " Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA)" option, but the menu is greyed out, i can't even click it...
  23. HplusGaming

    In major need of help with choosing a laptop!

    I am in a pickle here... I have a Youtube channel (Simple video cutting with Adobe Premiere 11, nothing fancy), school is about to start for me, and I like to play some games that don't require an expensive piece of hardware to run (Minecraft, emulators, etc) My budget? $300 dollars (Maybe...
  24. K

    AVI Problems with Premiere Elements 10

    Today, I sat down with Fraps and tried to record gameplay. When I was done recording, I compressed the video file with VirtualDub using the XVid Codec. This is when the problem starts. When I open up Premiere Elements 10 and try to import the file it won't work. The error is: "This type of...
  25. T

    Uploading video to youtube is choppy.

    Hey I just uploaded a video to youtube and its really choppy. I edited it in Adobe Premiere Elements 12. I exported it to my computer in AVCHD Youtube widescreen HD and at a frame rate of 24. I recorded with a canon vixia HF R300 at MXP PF24 in AVCHD
  26. Tcinator

    Premiere Pro Recording issues

    Hey, I am having issues recording 10bit or even 8bit 1080p on my PERC h0310 controller. Its set as a RAID 5, 4 10k disks, and my sequential read/write are in the 400's MB/s... My question is, I have my OS on the same drive and it seems as though, when we begin recording, the drives don't want to...
  27. C

    What Folder Is Adobe Premiere Pro CC For Imported Clips And Is It A Hidden Folder

    I'm searching for the directory or folder in Adobe Premiere Pro CC so that I can export an edited sequence from Magix Pro X6 into into Adobe Premiere. I know this may sound funny, but I'm curious if it can be done. The idea that I'm thinking about was implemented by Apple's cross platform ios...
  28. hunterj

    Adobe Premiere CS6 YouTube HD Setting

    Could you guys help me with what are the correct setting to use in Adobe CS6 for exporting vids to YouTube in 1080p at 60 fps? Or should it be 30 fps. It is mostly for gameplay and other videos. Also how would I create a YouTube preset to make it quicker and easier? Any help is appreciated
  29. W

    i need 720p to look like 1080p

    having some problems making a video in adobe premiere pro cs6. i have some 720p clips and some 1080p clips. I am making the video in 1080p, and when I press the upscale option, it just looks like sh*t in comparison. any way I can fix this(upscale maybe using another program) that will help the...
  30. Vadamo

    Adobe Premiere Pro Memory Error

    I recently got premiere pro for my laptop, and my laptop only has a gig of ram,when i try to install it gives me a error saying i need 2gigs of ram. Is there any files I can edit in the install to allow me to install it anyway? I dont care how long videos take to render or if its a little laggy...
  31. R

    Best laptop for Premiere (Heavy use) Lightroom (Heavy use) After Effects (Med-heavy Use ) Cinema 4D (Light use/To learn)?

    With a budget of 1000GBP what would be the best laptop to get for: Premiere (Heavy use) Lightroom (Heavy use) After Effects (Med-heavy Use ) Cinema 4D (Light use/To learn)? I've been using these applications for a couple of years now on an old MBP and want to switch back to Windows since there...
  32. C

    Laggy Adobe Premiere, Settings or CPU?

    I'm trying to edit some HD footage that I had filmed with my Canon t4i, and messing with some greenscreen effects. However, upon placing my footage (about a minute and a half long clip) onto my timeline, the preview footage (set to 1/4, and it does not allow me to go lower) is just super...
  33. TanFrash1

    Adobe Premiere Pro vs. Adobe Premiere Elements

    Hi, I'm willing to get a good video editing software and someone recommended me the Adobe Premiere Pro. Later, I came across Premiere Elements, and, since money is not a problem to me, I wanted to know which of both softawers is best. Being easy to use is also not a priority. Thank you.
  34. joselo025

    Easy tutorial for adobe premiere?

    i came from sony vegas and adobe premiere is to hard for me is there any easy tutorial for me to learn?
  35. joselo025

    Is there any tutorial on how to use the adobe premiere as the sony vegas?

    I came from sony vegas and i have a r9 290 and it render videos awfully and slow as hell and i want to use adobe premiere but i dont know how to use it does anybody know a tutorial for me?
  36. C

    Need help with video editing software - Sony Movie Studio and Adobe Premier Elements won't open!

    I am having the strangest problem with my computer. Out of the blue, I am suddenly unable to open my Sony Movie Studio Platinum 11. It worked fine before but now it doesn't. So I did an uninstall using the Windows Control Panel (I know, not the best) and installed the updated version 13 of...
  37. VooDooVince

    I Need A Laptop For Editing

    I need a laptop that I can do some editing with. I use Adobe Premiere almost entirely. List of Preferences: -SDD (128GB) -HDD (Less necessary because I have a external hard drive, but for more convenient storage it would be nice) -Space for 16GB of RAM, from what I've heard this is standard...
  38. L

    Problems with video files and editing softwares

    I have a bunch of recorded files that are either in a .mp4 or a .ts file that I've been recording to use for the past few months. All of them were recorded with Avermedia's Live Gamer HD. For the .mp4 files, I can view them back perfectly in sync in Media Player Classic, Quicktime, and Windows...
  39. michaellanfield

    How-to: Adobe Premiere Pro cs6 - Convert 3:4 to 1080 16:9 and visa-versa?

    I have 2 questions. First it has to do with the trailer that I've created in Adobe Premiere Pro cs6. What I wanted was the video to be in full screen, but as you can see it is in ultra widescreen with black bars on top and bottom and I don't know why...
  40. S

    $3,000 Workstation: CS6, Autodesk, Augmented Reality, and Big Data Processing

    I'm revising a previous request for advice based on a some research. I appreciate any thought on my build. I know that some components may be overkill (like power supply), but I want to leave room for upgrading in the near future. This is for work where I will be creating videos using Efter...
  41. R

    Adobe Premiere - Sound out of sync after Exporting

    I've been making some GREAT gameplay videos but haven't uploaded any because after I export.. the sound seems to trail off sync. The video starts fine but then gradually the sound loses it's sync with the footage, the sound comes FIRST before the actions. The video is PERFECT when I view from...
  42. J

    Permantly change temp folder in adobe premier cs6 and after effects cs6

    I´m trying to permanently change the temp folder for adobe premiere CS6 and after effects CS6... I know you can change it in premiere going into project, then preferences, general and if you chose the second tab (I have it in spanish, don´t know what its called) you get the options too change...
  43. G

    Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, which one is best?

    Hello Which video editing program is better to use for video editing, Final Cut Pro X, Sony Vegas, or Adobe Premiere?
  44. clozecall

    Converting Canon T5i .MOV bitrate to .MP4

    Hey everyone I have the Canon T5i and at its highest video recording setting it records .MOV file format and plays back at an average rate of 47,000kbps. Now after editing video footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 I want to export at as h.264 as an .MP4 file format, but I'm wondering what bit...
  45. F

    Help Adobe Premiere & After Effects

    I need HELP, I am working on a motion graphic clip, so I make the major part on After Effects ( CS6 ) when I Finnish to compose every layer i precompose the layers i want by "track" so the final project is a set of precomposed layers, the problem come when i load the precomposed layers on...
  46. napninjanx

    How come YouTube makes my HD videos lousy and lagging when playing?

    I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to edit and make the video I made but the original video is recorded in 720 P. It's like YouTube is compressing and converting the video to lower Pixel Rate. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 works really well and saved the video very well played the video it well and bright...
  47. D

    High Performance Laptop for 1600 USD

    Hello everybody, I was looking for a laptop/notebook for photo and video editing, and sporadically also for a bit of 3D rendering (it would be used in the video editing process). The budget goes up to a maximum of 1600$ / 1200€. It would be like a mobile workstation so here are some specs: -...
  48. D

    Photoshop - Multi-GPU support ?

    I did some research and know for a fact that Adobe Premiere CC has multi-gpu support. But I wasn't able to find out anything on Photoshop. Photoshop allows OpenGL or GPU support even in its earlier versions..
  49. J

    Adobe Premiere getting low frame rates

    Lately I´ve been getting low frame rates while using Adode Premiere. It´s usully fine but it tends to dip when there is a cross-disolve. I´m using CS6 with Quicktime as the video format and H.264 as the codec (usally there´re exports from DaVinci or AE). I´ve Checked the Cpu, the memory and the...
  50. S

    Need a headset or headphone

    I like to game but I also like to edit in Final Cut X, Adobe Premiere, and Pro Tools. My main purpose is for good sound and if I can get a headset with a mic then PERFECT, but I don't want to spend too much. I'm looking for something to buy in the $50-100 area. My professor recommends SONY MDR...
  51. R

    Enabling GPU-assisted rendering in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for ATI FirePro (OpenGL v)

    hi, I have ATI FirePro V4800 (FireGL V) I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for video editing and Video Rendering and Playback option is not open for my GPU Dose i Enabling Premiere Pro cs6 GPU FirePro v4800 graphics cards for GPU acceleration ? if some know so please help me?
  52. J

    computer restarts when exporting video

    computer restarts when exporting video in adobe premiere
  53. G

    Which is better for video editing Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas?

    Hello Which is better for editing and making 2D and 3D animation movies, Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas?
  54. S

    Adobe Premiere Elements 10 AVI Files No Video

    So I use Premiere Elements 10. I import the avi files. The screen shows nothing, but the audio is playing. Fun fact: I recorded a long gaming session to upload to youtube in parts. So I split the same file in half in Premiere and uploaded it. Forgot to save. Now I come to split it again in the...
  55. G

    Review: Adobe Premiere Elements

    Video-editing beginners will appreciate Adobe's Premiere Elements 12, which now comes with a built-in tutorial section to help create moving memories. Review: Adobe Premiere Elements : Read more
  56. LevelXAbstract

    Video looks horrible after uploading to youtube

    Hello, Recently I was looking into recording videos and posting on youtube. I record with Dxtory at 720p, 30fps and edit and render with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. I decide I want a really nice outro so I find some good ol' Minecraft footage on my second HDD and I finish my outro. All looks good. I...
  57. gamingguru76

    Cyberlink PowerDirector Vs Adobe Premiere Elements 11?

    I want some Video Editing Software for Lets plays but i don't want anything fancy or to break the bank so would i be better off getting Power Director or does Adobe have some Awesome Feature that i need for editing lets plays. And would i be able to run it Here are my specs. System Model: HP...
  58. M

    Error for installing Adobe products

    I keep on getting error messages whenever I try to installing any of the Adobe software. Here is a few: -Adobe Application manager is required to start your trial, is missing or damaged After going to and downloading them directly there I get another message: -The file...
  59. M

    Error for installing Adobe products

    I keep on getting error messages whenever I try to installing any of the Adobe software. Here is a few: -Adobe Application manager is required to start your trial, is missing or damaged After going to and downloading them directly there I get another message: -The file...
  60. DarkDubzs

    How can i convert AVI video files?

    SO i want to start uploading some gameplay from my pc to youtube, recording with Fraps, but Fraps records in AVI format and the file sizes are huge. My 4 minute clip of Saints Row 4 is 6 gigabytes! which takes 10 hours for youtube to upload!! After a little research i found out that AVI files...