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  1. minnie_mouse

    Solved! Looking for an alien game with good graphics

    I am not searching for the game I've already played. I would like to try games YOU have played. Are there applications which tell stories about aliens and have nice art? I appreciate art in games most of all. Let it be a visual novel, shooter, survival game, the only feature I ask for is picture...
  2. E

    my galaxy tablet won't turn on

    It load up to the art and won't go any far so what can I do
  3. X

    Solved! Does the Sigma 85mm ART fit Lumix G7? (or other 85mm)

    Does the Sigma 85mm ART fit Lumix G7? (or other 85mm) I was looking at the Sigma 85mm 1.4 or similar - do these fit mirrorless cameras? Thanks!
  4. K

    Laptop for Art and 3DS Max (especially Fluid Simulations)

    So, I'm getting a minor in 3D at my university and this past quarter was hard on me without a nice laptop to actually handle the program well. I also want to be able to do a lot more complicated stuff as my career goes on. The thing is though that the laptop I currently own that's been my...
  5. Yoshis95

    Best 2-in-1 laptop for mild gaming

    Hello, im looking for a good 2-in-1 laptop for more of an office / art use, but at the same time capable of running games on low settings, like starcraft 2, SWTOR, or xcom 2. I already have a dedicated gaming desktop, so i dont necessarily need a beastly gaming laptop, but im looking for the...
  6. S

    Looking for 17" gaming/art laptop

    1. What is your budget? Max of about $2000 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 17 inch 3. What screen resolution do you want? At least 1080p but higher resolution preferred for working on digital art 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? It...
  7. P

    My sister handed me a nikon D5200 entry level dslr, and im planning to buy the the Sigma 18-135 mm F1,8 art lens, will it be c

    my sister handed me a nikon D5200 entry level dslr, and im planning to buy the the Sigma 18-135 mm F1,8 art lens, will it be compatible on the Nikon D5200 body?
  8. K

    Can I record on a fire stick on a art tv

    I need answers prior to buying one
  9. I

    Looking for an art laptop

    I need a laptop that can run Paint Tool SAI, Blender, and preferably Adobe Animate. I have a budget of $500, but can go up to $600 if it's really necessary. Battery life isn't a big concern and neither is size. I can't find anything that suits me, any suggestions?
  10. steven37

    Best slim laptop on market in price range

    Friend asked for help finding a laptop but I don't really know much about laptops.. so I ask what is the best laptop with a slim design for under $1200 Doesn't need to play high intensive games. Needs to handle photoshop and other editing software The one I've found so far is the Dell XPS 13 if...
  11. S

    my icon's art back squares. me table is still working

    My icons of samsung table art just back squares but using it now even though its very slow
  12. C

    Planning to buy Laptop for Art

    Hey guys. Need help. I'm getting a laptop for digital art, video editing, and some animation. nothing 3d. price is no problem. think these specs are okay? Asus VM590LB-FI615T - Intel Broadwell Core i5-5200U Ultrabook Processor (2.2-2.7GHz) - 2GB Dedicated nVIDIA GeForce GT 940m - 6GB Total...
  13. dkbaxter

    mic to preamp to iphone

    I am a total amateur trying to set up for a recording. I first tried using a lavalier connecting directly to the iphone to record - it worked, but the sound was thin. So, I thought, I would try a preamp. So I bought an ART tube mic preamp. I then: - connected my lav 3.5mm output to a 3.5mm to...
  14. J

    won't boot after switching from dalvik to art

    hi, My phone is micromax canvas pep. I tried switching from dalvik to art but my phone won't boot further after showing ' canvas' .Plz do provide me with some appropriate answers and also tell me how to recover data before restting my phone.
  15. C

    Samson CO1 only white noise?

    Hi, my Samson CO1 (which is connected to an Art Tube Preamp) using phantom power strangely isn't working anymore. It was perfectly fine yesterday but now it randomly stopped..?
  16. O

    Laptop for art and some gaming?

    Hi I'm planning to get a laptop around the 1000 usd budget. I wouldn't mind to go a little over that. Primary uses would be for 2d art - planning to buy a wacom tablet afterwards. I'm thinking the Cintiq 13HD would be the best one for me 3d stuff - I'd like to teach myself some 3d...
  17. K

    Laptop for Multimedia Art Production

    Hii, I'm Updating my self in Advanced Level from a beginner in Multimedia Art production and going to use following softwares:- Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox I was using a desktop for some of...
  18. Daniel Harvey

    laptop for Graphic design/art class

    Hi, My friend is looking for a laptop to use in her upcoming uni course. She is doing a Graphic design/art kind of thing. Ive been told she needs to be able to use photoshop and it has to be good enough 'for graphic design' so she is looking for some suggestions, and i said i would ask on...
  19. J

    Are these good laptop specs for manga and digital art?

    Hello Everyone. I am getting into drawing manga and other digital art and I was wondering if the specs of my laptop are good for starting out with detailed drawings. My laptop is a Lenovo G50 so it's not a powerhouse, but it's definitely pretty new. Specs: CPU: Intel Core i3-4030 1.9GHz. RAM...
  20. M

    Artist Nickname/ name

    Hi all, I will be creating a youtube channel aimed at art. I would like the name to be for the channel and for like signing paintings and my work in general. I dont want it to be too long to make sure its catchy. I will be doing mainly realistic paintings of things like Buildings, bridges...
  21. M

    Laptop for Art and Design

    I am looking for an ultrabook/ laptop for art and design work and probably rendering in the future. I don't want the price of it to exceed £1200 preferably but I could stretch a bit possibly. I have heard that Macbooks are good for this kind of work but when I have done some research it seems...
  22. F

    Full Screen Album Art

    I have a Samsung Tab 3 7.0 running on Android Kitkat 4.4.2. I currently use Play Music when playing music files and it seems that the full screen album art, which is supposedly an inherent feature on Android, is missing and showing only the wallpaper. Am I missing out something?
  23. G


    I need a new laptop for doing some animation and art stuff but also for running a particular game with these that require these specs: OS- Windows 64 bit Processor- intel i3-530, 2.93Ghz/ AMD Phenom II X4 940, 3.0Ghz Memory- 4GB Graphics-1024 MB video card, Pixel shader 4.0, Direct X10 GPU...
  24. J

    Best Laptop for photographer/Videographer?

    Hi I'm someone who uses Lightroom//Photoshop//InDesign//After Effects very often; I'm also quite fond of running one or two at the same time. Along with this I usually have my scanner//external hard drive hooked up and running. Just looking for a laptop with great specs and good screen that...
  25. J

    speakers to tv

    hi i wanted to know if i can connect my sound art cabient speakers to my samsung tv thanks
  26. ConfusedArtist

    Laptop Suggestions for a Gaming/Digital Art College Student Up To $1300

    I'm about to be a freshman in college and I need a laptop that can handle all my digital art needs. I need to run Photoshop CS6 and Paint tool Sai with ease. I would also like to be able to run programs like Dolphin and PCSX2 smoothly. I need: -IPS display -At least "15 - Option to install SSD...
  27. L

    Looking for a good Lenovo laptop that can handle Art programs.

    To be honest, I'm not well educated with laptops and some specs. I'm a digital artist and Im looking for a nice laptop, preferably a Lenovo laptop that could handle running multiple programs at once ( Cpu) and great graphics. I'm willing to pay at most 700$. I dont really mind if its a gaming...
  28. N

    Looking for laptop for art student (digital art, some gaming) under 1000 USD

    Hi, hope someone can help me out. I am not very experienced with picking laptops and need to find a suitable one for my sister who is starting University in the fall. She will be focusing on digital art and game design. From the limited research that I've done, the programs and games that she...
  29. M

    How to combine images

    I need to make a profile picture/channel art for YouTube and I want to do like a diagonal split between 2 images. Does anyone know how I could do that? Thanks!
  30. I

    viewing the art format....

    is this a lost cause for wins 8?i spent some time looking up leads on line and tried 2 apps and they both failed to view the art format: fileviewpro and ACDsee. art format is associated with aol picture viewer from a while back. i recent tried to view my art files from 15 years back and to...
  31. J

    straight sims in iphones

    Can a verizon straightalk sims work in an art iphone 5c
  32. Clerryst

    Are Either of These Decent For Digital Art?

    My younger sister mainly runs Paint Tool SAI on my laptop and her birthday is coming up soon and I wanted to get her a laptop of her own. I know she's been eye balling these two:
  33. Red-Hime

    Looking for a laptop for digital art, streaming, and gaming! Help would be very much appreciated!

    Hoo-ha-hey there! My current laptop is on the way out. It's worked rather well for a few years now but it's time has come and I need a good replacement. As the title states, I'm an artist so I'm looking for a good laptop (possible tablet combo?) that can support my tablet and art programs as...
  34. A

    Gifs for Youtube Channel Art?

    Are Gifs still alowed as channel art for youtube? Mine keeps saving, but never completely saves, and just shows my old one instead. But it uploads fine. So, does it still work?
  35. S

    laptop construction basics

    Hi there - I am an innovating type of person. I am looking for advice on building a laptop to save money because I am tired of paying too much money. expensive things like bread, eyewear, Wacom's, restaurants, vacations, rent inspire me to innovate. if I had a laptop that I built myself I could...
  36. K

    What would a good laptop be for gaming and art design programs?

    I will be eventually going into a program for game and art design so I want to buy a laptop that I can practice using things like photoshop and fuse or any other better design and art programs for the computer. I am also a gamer and I want something that is powerful enough to be able to...
  37. S

    Looking for laptop for art, gaming and streaming

    Hello! I'm trying to get my hands on a laptop (or desktop) that's for casual gaming and working on my art. I also do stream alot. I'm looking for something in the $500-$600 price range. Its not truely fixed to that but I don't want to spend $800+ on it. Please help!
  38. J

    I need a Laptop both portable and powerful for gaming and 3d animation, art stuff, etc. NEED HELP

    I've just read so many reviews, and articles on laptops that are both compatible with art, graphic design, etc. and gaming that I'm just really confused and I need some extra help searching and what I actually need and don't need. I'm aware that this is a hard find and that my pocket is...
  39. P

    art device advice, please

    My secondhand laptop is so old the PC repair shop won't even accept it as a trade-in anymore. It is also slowly failing. DVD drive doesn't read or write, can't detect wifi signal, zero battery life, won't charge, dead pixel spots on monitor...And yet it still basically WORKS. Because here I am...
  40. P

    Searching for a Digital Art and a bit of Gaming Laptop Worth Investing in

    Skip to the questions below for quick specifics and to skip all my background blabber. I'm an art student studying animation and currently thinking about going into either storyboarding or animal design. For all of my life, I've basically been using laptops my parents either hand down to me or...
  41. K

    Best Under $600 Laptop For Art and Watching Shows?

    My old laptop broke, so now I'm looking for a laptop that costs less than $600 (this is a must), runs Photoshop well, and will allow me to watch television shows and movies with minimal buffering. I'd prefer a laptop with a disc drive, but it isn't entirely necessary. ETA: I will only be using...
  42. Jinn

    Thoughts about a new affordable multi-function laptop

    Hi all. Ok, so my laptop is on its last legs, so I'm looking at getting a replacement. I use photoshop & Illustrator a lot, as well as watching movies/tv online, playing a couple of online RPG's & sims 3 on occasion, and surfing the web. So ideally I need something that is ok with...
  43. L

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Dalvik vs ART

    Hi guys. I recently got a samsung galaxy s5. I heard that you could switch its runtime to ART from Dalvik for a speed/performance boost. I did that. I didn't really notice any changes and most of the time it wasn't as smooth as my Dalvik experience. So I switched back to Dalvik. Now, what I...
  44. G

    Framed Turns Digital Images Into Wall Art

    A Kickstarter for Japanese startup FRM is launching FRAMED, an HD display that acts as a canvas and shows digital art. Framed Turns Digital Images Into Wall Art : Read more
  45. M

    Best Sketch\Art Software

    I am looking for a software that is good for sketching and doing art stuff. I know about PS and AI but those softwares are too complicated. I want the best software that feels like you are painting on a canvas with less BS.
  46. m4ntl3

    Photoshop help resizing

    I'm doing some pixel art for a game I recently started on and I realized it was a little small. I opened a new canvas with the dimensions I wanted, copied the image over, hit Ctrl + t and resized to fit. It looked fine and had crisp edges until I clicked the accept button, all the edges became...
  47. G

    Adonit Follows Suit With New iPad Stylus

    Adonit responds to Adobe's Ink and Slide announcement with their own iPad stylus featuring their Pixelpoint technology and priced $80 cheaper than Adobe's offering at $119.99. Adonit Follows Suit With New iPad Stylus : Read more
  48. andrei65

    Good tablet for photoshop art under 400€ ?

    Hi guys :) I like drawing mangas , cartoons and cetera , but i don't have the money to afford copics etc ... you know tools , and i was wondering , if there is any good tablet for photoshop drawing under 400€ , i'd like it to have a 32gb ssd *at least* and a 500gb to stock my drawings on it i...
  49. H

    First laptop best for maken editing recording music. Editing video and pics and best sound quality and display for art. 300-45

    Best visual and sound quality. For maken recording music and video editing and art. Some games and school work w bizzness info .
  50. S

    Photoshop elements sucks, is there an alternative that works similar?

    I've been using photoshop elements 8 to do my art with a bamboo drawing tablet...and it's been crappy so far to say the least. I've lost alot of time from various issues, such as: Completely losing control of my keyboard until I reboot File corruption due to having multiple layers (which I...
  51. S

    art on macbook pro

    I am a keen teenager and I am very into art and have been drawing from since I could. My question is I want to do some 2d animation and from what I can see adobe flash cs looks more centered at mac machines. I would only be buying a simple macbook as I would be using the older cs 4 type of...
  52. O

    Short-throw projectors for use in fine art

    I'm an artist who projects video into transparent objects at a short distance (2' - 5'), and I'm looking to buy a projector of my own (of course, I'm on a budget). Looking at models like this one: This question is likely off the beaten path, but...
  53. MikeTheCISGuy

    Tips for entry level graphic designer?

    I've always had a passion for art. I was lucky enough to get Photoshop and have had it for almost a year now. I love using it to create graphics whether it be a logo, YouTube banner, etc. I was wondering if there is any tips that could be passed along from one graphic designer to another. I'm...
  54. thedonquixotic

    Looking to buy a Surface Pro 1 for digital art, but wanted to check in on other options?

    I am buying a tablet and it must have 2 things. 1. Windows so I can run full version of Photoshop. 2. Pressure sensitive pen support so that I can do digital art. I'm looking at getting a Surface Pad Pro 1st generation for 475 usd on ebay, used. Any better deals I should be paying...
  55. G

    25 Superhero Wallpapers to Spruce Up Your Desktop

    Amp up your desktop with these superhero wallpapers! 25 Superhero Wallpapers to Spruce Up Your Desktop : Read more
  56. K

    Tablet for doing digital art 3d modeling and design

    I recently started drawing images on my machine but I can't use the mouse like a pencil so I was told to look up a tablet so I could use the digital pencil to draw so could someone recommend such a thing?