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  1. C

    Solved! IPhone is locked with 4 digit pen

    IPhone locked with 4 digit lock got phone out of old junk car
  2. F

    UHD Movies with Grainy Image

    Hi, I've been noticing, some of my UHD movies are Grainy and some of them are crystal clear, can anyone tell me why? And I'm talking about latest movies here, some examples are below Grainy Image 1) Downsizing 2) Jurassic World 2015 Crystal Clear Image 1) Pacific Rim Uprising 2) Guardians of...
  3. J

    I have a sharp liquid crystal lc60c6600u screen is black except for colorfull lightning bolt can I fix it?

    please let me know were to start thanks
  4. T

    Problem with RCA connectors

    Hello guys! I have a Manta MM2500 Crystal. It is an old enough audio system.I have a problem with the RCA connectors situated on the back of the subwoofer. When i connect the system to the PC with the AUX cable, sometimes i need to move a little bit the connecters on the back of the subwoofer...
  5. O

    All system sound is going trough my microphone

    So recently i've experienced this problem with my headset (or pc) that all sound goes trough my mic crystal clear and if i am in like Discord all of my mates can hear every single thing that i do , which is annoying and makes voice chats unusable. Specs: Amd Ryzen 1600 8 gb ram corsair...
  6. S

    How do I get back my acer crystal eye webcam for aspire V3-571 ?

    I have lost mine Acer crystal eye webcam after setup windows 7. How can I get it back?
  7. J

    Help with hookup

    I bought a new 70 mile range roof top antenna with a booster installed I can only get two channels . There are at least 6 good channels well in rang what am I doing wrong. The two channels I get are crystal clear so hook up is right.
  8. M

    Sharp Aquos Crystal cell phone model 302sh is there a way to move apps to and from the SD card in application manager it show

    Moving apps to and from phone internal storage and the SD card Sharp Aquos Crystal cell phonr
  9. W

    super quick, how to connect decent computer speakers to asus Z97-A mobo (crystal sound 2)?

    Hi!, I have TRS and RCA and aux inputs for my m-audio av 40's (older version of the speakers, don't have all the cool features of the new ones). I have asus Z97-A mobo with crystal sound 2: Optical S/PDIF out, 8-channel audio I/O ports which has all the wiz bang features below. What is the...
  10. A

    Audio Technica 2035 W/ Line 6 Pod UX2 Audio Interface

    Purchased this mic and audio interface already. Now I need to know the best possible settings that I can use to get crystal clear audio with no background interference. I have heard this mic used before and it is crystal clear. When I use it there is background noise. I am strictly going to use...
  11. K

    Crystal Reports Database Connection Error: HY000

    Hello, I am getting an error message when trying to login to my reports. It says "Database connector error hy000 incorrect password or user name. I definitely know my password and user name so not sure why this is just now happening. Any help would be great because it doesn't seem like there...
  12. J

    I am in need of a headset with amazing quality microphone!

    I am in demand of a headset with a marvelous microphone. It shall be crystal clear so people can hear the beauty of my voice. It also shall also be very comfortable to not discomfort my delicate ears. I have had the audio technica BPHS1 in the past. However that one wasn't fit for my liking...
  13. R

    how can I set my storage default to sd card for more space I have a sharp aquos Crystal

    How to set my storage default to sd card for more space I have a sharp aquos Crystal it says insufficient space on device
  14. L

    Unable to detect my Acer Crystal Webcam

    Am using an ACER 5745G model laptop. The webcam was working fine until few days back. All of a sudden when I tried to do a video call using skype, I get an error message "Skype cannot detect webcam". I tried reinstalling the Acer crystal webcam but still no luck. Can anybody help me on the same?
  15. S

    Crystal clear 2.1 system within $250-$300

    Setting up a comp atm, need a good 2.1 system. Would be looking at crystal clear sound a opposed to heavy floor rattling bass as I normally listen to trance which has a bigger focus on elements other than bass I have tried to do some research but it's a bit hard to find good information on...
  16. S

    adobe reader and acer crystal eye cam

    how do i get rid of the adobe reader and keep the acer web cam..i do not know how the adobe is on my computer in the first place but it is there and well not let me have my web cam
  17. C

    how do i get a webcam for acer iconia a-1

    Does the crystal eye work on the iconia a-1 tables
  18. R

    How to Breed a Crystal Dragon in Dragon City Mobile

    Dragon City is a game made by Social Point. In this game, you build habitats, feed and grow dragons, breed them, and fight against other players. Certain dragons are quite difficult to breed and don’t always work on the first try. One such type is Legendary dragons, such as the Crystal Dragon...
  19. R

    My laptop acer aspire E1-531 not showing crystal eye webcam.

    My laptop acer aspire E1-531 not showing crystal eye webcam , when i search in start menu still it shows no result for webcam, when i open ' Manage device option its shows HD webcam driver and says its in proper working condition. i am unable to use its webcam please suggest solutions
  20. K

    How to detect acer crystal eye webcam... Keeps saying cannot detect camera?

    What type of download can i use .
  21. X

    Clear Audio equalizer

    Hello everyone can you guys tell me how should I set my equalizer so I get crystal clear sound?
  22. L

    does it better for newbie wedding photographers ??

    does it better for newbie wedding photographers, as they need high resolution and clear crystal results and they may need to capture night time photography and day time photography ? I mean what kind of camera is better for them.
  23. dan_seven

    "Acer Crystal Eye Webcam found a new webcam" issue

    I see all over Google people complaining about their Crystal Eye webcams not being detected, but my problem is different, I can only use the program for a couple of minutes, sometimes more, but eventually the message: "Warning. Acer Crystal Eye Webcam found a new webcam (HD WebCam), Do you want...
  24. mjmcdonagh1

    Crystal Reports - 'Database Connection Error'

    Hello, Not sure how many Crystal Reports experts are out there but i'm looking for a bit of help if anyone could so oblige! Basically our Data Analyst/Crystal Reports Wizard/DBA/Oracle or Oracle etc left the company about a month ago and as she is yet to be replace i've been asked to fill in...
  25. M

    Left speaker crackles only when right speaker is plugged in

    My front left speaker started sounding bad and now I'm rewireing it to see if that would fix it. I've found that when I plug in my front left speaker by itself it sounds crystal clear, but when I plug in the front right one, the front left gets this really awful crackly sound. I've checked and...
  26. P

    Acer crystal eye webcam

    I have the same problem as kevinburt - my crystal eye webcam has become elusive - when I try to use it, either on Skype calls or for taking vids/pics to store or send. I get one of two error messages- "cannot be found" or "in use". I followed the erecovery route, to no avail. If I uninstall it...
  27. C

    how to take picture from acer E1-451G

    guys please help me, I have installed the driver for acer crystal eye webcame, but there's no webcam software in my laptop that I can use to take a picture. I searched through control panel, and I can't find my webcam. But I can videocall from skype
  28. L

    Looking for a heat-set/phone with crystal clear audio and deep bass for around 50-200$

    I have searched the internet and got confused with so many models in the stores. Then I eventually decided to ask in the forums, since I have been in the tom's hardware before and the great attitude of the community, I am asking this question here first. But as a reminder, I'm not actually...
  29. S

    acer crystal eye webcam

    how to download acer crystal eye webcam?
  30. P

    How to download Acer crystal eye webcam for windows 8

    Pls guide regarding the said-above "thread". :(
  31. V

    How to download Acer crystal eye webcam for windows 7

    guys,,how can i download Acer crystal eye webcam for windows 7???
  32. K

    Acer crystal eye webcam

    there was a very clear webcam on my acer laptop but i dont find it can i reinstall it?
  33. A

    Best Headset for transcription - one that is crisp, pinpoint to the spoken word

    I'd greatly appreciate your recommendations for a headphone with crystal clear sound purely for transcription and transcription editing purposes and not for music, and also sound isolating. My budget is around $100. Thanks!
  34. A

    Best Headset for transcription - one that is crisp, pinpoint to the spoken word

    I'd greatly appreciate your recommendations for a headphone with crystal clear sound purely for transcription and transcription editing purposes and not for music, and also sound isolating. My budget is around $100. Thanks!
  35. I

    Acer Aspire One Webcam Cant build graph

    Hello, I've had my laptop for about three years now, and I tried to run the crystal eye webcam but it said error, can't build graph and all I see is a fuzzy pink picture. I uninstalled and reinstalled the crystal eye webcam driver and it did not help. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  36. K

    How work a netbook camera

    Hello, hey my webcame in my netbook doesnt wanna work every time i pull ur acer crystal eye webcam it say camera is not installed or is othorised by another user
  37. C

    How do i get my acer crystal eye webcam back???

    hey :) my webcam was working strange so i uninstalled it and was hoping to find it to redownload on acers homepage or somewhere else :P but i only find the drivers and not the file :P so i am very desperate to get it back :P any ideas where i could download "Acer Crystal Eye Webcam" again?? i...
  38. D

    Acer crystal eye webcam

    Hello, I was trying to find a way to reinstall he crystal eye webcam that"s on my aspire one 522 laptop. I need help.
  39. M

    Nice Crystal Case

    I have recently bought iPhone 4S to me and my girlfriend. My girlfriend likes Swarovski crystal. However, many crystal cases look cheap and the patterns are not special enough. Several days ago I find this case. The angel pattern seems pretty and the Swarovski element looks nice (much better...
  40. E

    Pioneer CLD D701

    Hi. I have a CLD D701. It had been working perfectly with sweet picture. Of a sudden though, Side A picture gets warbly with waves going across it, while Side B still plays crystal clear. Any thoughts on cause and fix? I'm not a tech-oriented gal, so any help is appreciated. Thanx so much.
  41. B

    Solved! Not sure

    I have a converter box and inside antenna. everything is as should be physically. I am getting no signal for some reason. i did a channel scan and the response is "no data". There are no channels and the picure is crystal clear. i move the attenna and is makes no difference. does this mean...
  42. J

    Solved! What are the best settings for the canon eos 1000d for close ups

    Hello, I have a canon eos 1000d with canon 18-55mm IS lens, What settings and adjustments do you reccomend for close ups, so if i take a picture of a plant i want the flower to be crystal clear and the backround to be blurred out like macro, i no there is a close up thing, but i want the setting...
  43. JMcEntegart

    The Bling'd Out Swarovski Crystal Xbox 360 Kinect

    Ooooh, shiny! The Bling'd Out Swarovski Crystal Xbox 360 Kinect : Read more
  44. 1

    Acer Crystal Eye webcamrea

    Hello, My Acer laptop is only 7 monts old, and the crystal eye webcamera does not function correct anymore, can you help me please. Joan, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  45. Marcus Yam

    This Xbox 360 is Covered in 10,000 Crystals

    This one pack's AU$1,000 worth of crystal bling bling. This Xbox 360 is Covered in 10,000 Crystals : Read more
  46. C

    IPhone Swarovski cases sharing

    Ladies, I'm looking for an iPhone Swarovski crystal cases. I know there are some sites selling full crystal cases but that are too expensive for me. I wanted a case that only decorated with some crystals, however, still able to give a sparkle gloss effect. Any suggestion? rdgs, cholebaby
  47. G

    CES: Dell Crystal Display Emulates Apple

    Dell introduced its newest monitor at CES this week, which boasts a sleek, eye-catching design reminiscent of Apple. CES: Dell Crystal Display Emulates Apple : Read more
  48. G

    Need help composing a picture of fine crystal........

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello, I need some suggestions on how I could best take a picture of some fine crystal pieces (5 total) that my Mom has. They are all only 1 to 2.5 inches tall. She has them all sitting on top of a mirror, but there is no light source...
  49. S

    Best HDTV under $3000

    Archived from groups: (More info?) OK guys, I have a $3000 budget to buy an HDTV. Anybody have any suggestions for the best buy? I'm not too iinterested in features, or even size necessarily. I'd prefer to just have a crystal-clear high quality image. Any opinions are...