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  1. S

    Htc not on

    My htc desire 500 not powering or not showing boot option & charging light blinking.plz reply me
  2. J

    HTC Desire 10 Pro International Version work with t-mobile usa florida

    looking to upgrade phone family mobile threw t mobile
  3. S

    network unlock code for cricket htc desire 510

    i need a network/sim unlock code so i can use my airwireless sim card in my cricket HTC Desire 510 can n e 1 help me PLEASE PLEASE
  4. A

    Make SDcard default storage on HTC Desire

    I would like to know how to make the sd card my default storage space. I'm using an HTC desire phone........................can't download any apps or save any amount of pics
  5. S

    htc desire 526g phone won't switch on

    Hi everyone, my phone is htc desire 526G. Last nght i kept my phn on charge for more than 4 hrs.Today when i walk up ,My phone's battery was at just over half full, and when I checked my phone about 15 minutes after previously checking it, it was totally dead. No light, the power button wouldn't...
  6. M

    I need my msl code for a HTC desire from Sprint

    My pHONE hasn't been activated in it won't let me activate it unless I can get the phone 4G LTE NOT WORK AS SIM/UICC*]
  7. M

    HTC Desire 526 Set SD card as internal storage

    I've been trying to figure this out for a while now and i can get solutions for other models or moving the files with file explorer but none of these really work for me. I wanna know how to set my sd card (128gb) as internal storage instead of the phone's internal storage (8gb) that seems to...
  8. D

    I want to build my own smartphone from scratch

    I have a desire to build my own smartphone and i guess it takes a lot to build it but can someone give me a complete components guide and so that i can work on it.
  9. S

    i have htc desire 820. i switched off my phone because battery was draining too fast, but when i tried to switch it on , it fa

    my phone is not switching on.i have htc desire 820. i switched off my phone because battery was draining too fast, but when i tried to switch it on , it failed. i tried everything but nothing seems to work.
  10. J

    Im having the same problem. I have a new VIZO smart cast TV and there is no COAX for the antenna. I have no desire to buy cabl

    Im having the same problem. I have a new VIZO smart cast TV and there is no COAX for the antenna. I have no desire to buy cable, but would like to watch the free channels and need a 3rd party converter box?
  11. J

    Solved! .y phone cant call other phones , so how do i check my phones number ? P.S my phone is a htc 610 desire.

    I'm trying to sign in to something but it requires a phone number and I don't know my phone number and my phone can't call . Does anyone have ideas ?
  12. V

    can htc 530 support 64gb memory card

    How big of a SD card can my 530 HTC desire hold
  13. W

    I cant find "my files" on HTC Desire 510

    I have had the HTC Desire 510 for about a year now and I recall using the "my files" app at some point but now it is no where to be found. I looked in the app manager went through DOWNLOADED, ON SD CARD, RUNNING, ALL and it wasnt there. It did not come up in the search either. What happened to...
  14. M

    My Desire 510 SD card problems.

    My Desire 510 SD 30Gig card is invisible to my phone. The mount card function does nothing. It is "read only" to my computer. Neither one can format the card. The computer can copy files off the card, but cannot delete, rename, or move. Is this, perhaps, because I failed to have the phone...
  15. E

    htc 820g won't go on unless plugged then it goes off again

    So I woke up today to my htc desire 820G all good and fully charged checked the time, unplugged it and locked the screen. 5 minutes later I tried to unlock and check the time but found my phone turned off so I turned it back on it worked for less than an hour then started to go off whenever I...
  16. J

    How do you set SD card as default place to install on HTC Desire 520?

    I recently got a HTC Desire 520 and am having troubles with storage. I was wondering how you set the SD card as the default place to install apps?? Thanks
  17. M

    SD card internal memory issues with my HTC Desire 626s.

    I recently upgraded my phone to Marshmallow and formatted my sd card as "internal storage". However I still receive error messages stating that I have run out of storage even though I have over 25GB free on my sd card. Am I missing something? Thank you for your time.
  18. T

    What Happens When I factory reset my htc desire 626s when my SIM card is locked

    I need to know what happens if I factory rest my htc desire 626s when my SIM card is locked because I really needed my SIM card to be unlocked and when a couple of friends said to just reset I didn't know if I should've done it or not ????Help please ??!???
  19. N

    change a sprint phone to straight talk

    I then went on EBay and bought a HTC Desire 816, and it was a sprint phone. I thenwent and bought a straight talk bring your own phone kit, and after trying to activate, it says that I can not use the phone. Is there any way of fixing this problem
  20. F

    htc desire 636s wont move data or download to sd

    i cant make my htc desire 626s download and/or move data to sd card as it only lets me move some apps but i have 14 gb on my sd card with 13 gb left
  21. A

    How can i set my sd card to be the default download on my HTC desire 526?

    I'm running out of space in my internal storage, and i would like to find a way for apps to automatically download to my sd card.
  22. A

    How to set SD card as default location for installing apps and games on HTC desire 816

    I am not able to move apps completely to SD card please someone help
  23. S

    HTC Desire wont turn on or charge

    My HTC Desire just died in the middle of a phone call with a 95 %battery life still avaliable and had a constant orange light in the corner and it wont turn back on no power up screen at al...can this be fixed??????.
  24. K

    Loud buzzing noise from Asus laptop system speakers (and headphone output).

    ASUS (model: Desire 520) has loud buzzing noise from system speakers (and headphone output). This started as I was following online instructions to enable speakers and headphones simultaneously. (Restart didn't help) Sound like virus?
  25. P

    how can i unlock a unactivated version htc desire 526?

    I want to know is it possible to unlock a un activated version HTC Desire 526 & program the service to straight talk
  26. E

    How tracking and blocking my stolen htc desire eye by imei?

    I want to tracking by my self as I was called tge service provider can't help...they ask so many things n said must have been log in the android what I don't know. But I can surely been sig in anything wity my Google account. Thanks for helping....
  27. S

    HTC Desire 626g+

    Should I buy the new HTC Desire 626G+? Some say the camera dose not work after some time! Any help would be appreciated Thanks In Advance
  28. J

    Move apps from internal memory to external Adam card on another HTC desire ,816

    Looking for an easy way to move apps and misc content from internal memory/storage to my 16 gbt external SD Card. I have an HTC Desire 816 that is not rooted.
  29. M

    I have a HTC desire and I put my 16gb Sim in and it tells me I have no space what is wrong

    I tried to download a app and it said insufficienct funds but I have a 16Gb Sim card
  30. P

    mobile lost quiry

    i have lost my htc desire 816g on 26.03.2015 at nizampet,kukatpally,hyderabad. and the imei1:<REMOVED> plz help itz new phone
  31. R

    how can i tansfer my music and videos from my deactivated android phone to my htc desire phone

    how can I transfer my music and videos from My old deactivated Android phone to my new HTC Desire phone■
  32. A

    lost htc desire 816

    can anyone help me to just know the information of my lost htc desire which location the theif is using it.i have registered in guwahati railway police also but they are unable to help phone info. dark blue colour model; htc desire 816 dual sim imei 2 no. :[removed] meid:[removed]...
  33. J

    why my micro sd does not work?

    i just bought new micro sd card 16gb and my phone recognize it but when i try to download something on it my phone says there is not enough space in the sd card.
  34. N

    lost my htc phone

    i have lost my htc desire 820 phone i hv box imei no is thre any way to find my phone if there is any way plz let me know thnks
  35. A

    I can't see Hindi msgs on watsapp, how to upgrade

    I have HTC desire android 2.3 gingerbread and in mobile I can't see msgs in Hindi, can somebody help me in resolving this problem
  36. G

    2nd gen moto g VS htc desire 516

    Please help me make a choice, as both are in the same price range.
  37. V

    HTC Desire 816 or Alcatel OT Idol x 6040D

    Hello! I can't decide which device i should buy. I'm confused between these 2; Desire 816 & Idol x. Things that i care about the most are Primary and Front camera, good looking, less problems and higher performance. What i like in Idol x : 441 PPI / 1080p res / more features / it's $70 cheaper...
  38. A

    HTC Desire 310 vs Sony Xperia M dual

    Hello! So, I have a chance of buying HTC Desire 310 (w/ 1 GB RAM) or Sony Xperia M (w/ 1 GB RAM too) for just about the same price - $145 through through the Internet. They both have discount tags on them, just like many other smartphones at the online shop do (not sure if I can post the adress...
  39. G

    "Call ended" immediately

    I have a HTC Desire C for a year and so now and this problem only started happening today. Whenever I try to make a call, the phone would almost always immediately end the call (however, occasionally the call works). Furthermore, I tried calling my number with another phone and my phone would...
  40. N

    Dead Pixel on phone

    Hi i have htc desire 500 and saw a white pixel is any way to fix that?
  41. N

    HTC Desire 500 update software

    Hi someone can tell me how can update android from 4.1.2 to 4.3 and if can?
  42. Zoladex

    A good upgrade from HTC desire? (pref small android)

    Im looking for an upgrade to my brothers donated HTC desire. The phone is ok, but its really showing is age now. (performance, memory and OS wise) Im looking for an all round upgrade, though am not keen on these large 5" phables lol. I've been looking at a few phones and the Samsung Galaxy S2...
  43. J

    My Phone won't turn on

    I have a HTC desire c, and when I went to my friends house I had no signal. I was always told to restart my phone if I had no signal, so I did just that. Since then my phone hasn't been able to turn on, it had 80% battery, I tried charging it overnight and it still hasn't worked. PLEASE HELP:(
  44. G

    Android Update on HTC Desire HD

    Hi could any of you send me detailed step by step anotation how to update an Android version on Desire HD? Thank you Greg
  45. J

    Will 64gb sd card work on htc desire s?

    So I'm thinking of getting a htc desire s, will my 64gb sandisk sd card work on it or do I need to format it? if so how?
  46. timarp000

    HTC Desire V Or HTC One V

    I need to choose between the two phones. Which one is better? I want a phone that is good for multimedia (watching movies and listening to music) and browsing the internet... Links-
  47. R

    HTC Desire x Or Samsung galaxy s advance

    I am going to buy a phone... i have these 2 options... which one would be better(performance is priority)... thanks
  48. C

    What phone to buy?

    im tied between - HTC windows 8S - HTC desire X - ZTE grandX intel inside they all run in the same 300€ range what would you suggest
  49. G

    Htc password

    Hello, I have just got a htc desire of eBay (used) and I can't get on it as I need a password which I don't have and the seller is just ignoring me? Can anyone help me to sort this out?????
  50. irfan88

    Galaxy S or HTC Desire S

    Hey, I am planning to buy an android phone. Confused between two models. They are Samsung Galaxy i9000 or HTC Desire S. THey cost the same in my country. I am impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (especially the AMOLED screen, 16gb internal memory and the camera clarity but there is no...
  51. JMcEntegart

    HTC Desire Finally Gets Gingerbread (Only for Experts)

    It's been a long time coming but HTC Desire users in selected countries are finally able to update to Gingerbread ... if they dare. HTC Desire Finally Gets Gingerbread (Only for Experts) : Read more
  52. exfileme

    Google Suspends Realtime; Google+ iOS Soon

    Google has disabled Realtime thanks to its desire to incorporate Google+ and an expired contract with Twitter. Google Suspends Realtime; Google+ iOS Soon : Read more
  53. ulysses35

    HTC Desire HD

    I have had my Desire HD for 8 months now and cant be more pleased with what it does etc (exclduing poor battery life) - Recently my phone carrier (Orange) rolled out the update for the OS, and ever since the phone has beenslow to boot up. Performance etc is fine once the phone is running, but...
  54. JMcEntegart

    HTC Finally Testing Gingerbread for Desire Update

    HTC Desire users will be glad to know that the Gingerbread update they've been promised is finally entering the testing phase. HTC Finally Testing Gingerbread for Desire Update : Read more
  55. JMcEntegart

    HTC Will Cut Apps to Fit Gingerbread on Desire

    HTC has revealed that it plans to cut several apps to free up space for the Desire’s Gingerbread update. The company once again updated its Facebook status informing Desire users of its plan of attack. HTC Will Cut Apps to Fit Gingerbread on Desire : Read more
  56. JMcEntegart

    HTC: Wait, the HTC Desire WILL Get Gingerbread

    HTC has done an about face with regard to Gingerbread on its Desire handset. HTC: Wait, the HTC Desire WILL Get Gingerbread : Read more
  57. JMcEntegart

    HTC: No Gingerbread Update for Desire Users

    Tough break, HTC Desire users. HTC: No Gingerbread Update for Desire Users : Read more
  58. U

    Htc desire or desire S????

    hi guys..... im planning to buy a new mobile.... i had n8 in my mind but after seeing its issues and cons i changed my mind and decided to get another... now i want to choose between desire and desire S..... so which one will be better???
  59. B

    Best Smartphone On A Resonable Budget

    First off i wont be getting an iphone4, currently looking at a HTC Desire but was wondering is it a bit outdated at this stage? I'll be spending around max £400, is there anything in the near future announced better then the Desire in that price range, i dont know about the Desire HD is it too...