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  1. M

    Been looking at laptops for HOURS! PLEASE HELP

    I think I'm going insane. Could someone please perform a miracle and inform me of a quality gaming laptop that can run newer games UNDER $800 that has a 17.3" (GOOD QUALITY) screen and has a disk drive? Also which of these would run newer games better? HP LAPTOP OR ASUS LAPTOP Thanks for any...
  2. M

    Optical Disk Drive

    Hi my daughter bought me a TOSHIBA SATELLITE C50-B-14D . The problem is it doesn't seem to have an optical disk drive, there is a black thing in the slot where it would be but it doesn't open. Can I get a ODD put in? Is it easy to do and will it cost me a lot of money to get done? Can I do it...
  3. C

    how do i insert disk into my new inspiron 15 3531

    There is no button to open disk drive on my new dell inspirion 15 3531. Help? I want to watch a movie.
  4. C

    how do i insert disk into my new inspiron 15 3531

    There is no button to open disk drive on my new dell inspirion 15 3531. Help? I want to watch a movie.
  5. J

    LG DVD Disk Drive

    We have a new HP laptop and are trying to connect a LG portable DVD disk drive. It runs, but the computer does not recognize the drive. Nothing pops up. The computer is new to us and we are not very good with the "tech" part of understanding so please advise in simple step by step terms. I...
  6. T

    open disk drive of acer aspire E-1572P-6468

    it seems to have a disk tray but doesnt have a button to open it on the keyboard or on the side? help please??
  7. T

    open disk drive of acer aspire E-1572P-6468

    it seems to have a disk tray but doesnt have a button to open it on the keyboard or on the side? help please??
  8. L

    Is it possible to install a disk onto a laptop that has no disk drive?

    I am looking at two laptops of the exact same model, only one has 16GB RAM, 755M and a DVD drive while the other has 8GB RAM, 755M SLI and no disk drive (has the second chip instead). That second GPU will be a real difference maker when gaming (I could go for a PC but it's far less convenient...
  9. C

    I get ntldr missing but there is no disk drive how to I fix it I tried Ctrl alt delete doesn't do anything

    Got ntldr missing tried control alt delete didn't work there is no disk drive how can I fix it
  10. rehed21

    Disk drive monitoring tools discrepency

    I used Speedfan to check the SMART status of my 10 month old Seagate internal 3TB drive and the in-depth analysis said that fitness and performance were both at 59% which was a significant change from a week or two ago when I checked last. Seek error rate was at the far left and Raw Read Error...
  11. C

    Recovery disks from external disk drive

    I got a Toshiba C650 but the dvd drive broke, i need to use the recovery disks but cant seem to, i even got a external dvd drive but it wont let me boot from it, suggestions plz?
  12. R

    Help setting up external disk drive

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad (U410) and it doesn't have a disk drive for dvds and games. So i got the Super Slim External USB Portable 24x CD-ROM Drive (wrote whole name for reference) and it comes in the mail and i hook it up to my laptop and insert the disk they give you to configure it and the...
  13. A

    I had to replace the hard drive on my acer aspire 5740g laptop. Now the disk drive no longer registers in 'my computer' and ca

    My laptop was dropped and the hard drive was damaged beyond repair. I replaced the hard drive and a friend of mine who knows alot more about computers than me reinstalled all the drivers and things needed to make the hardware inside it usable again. I am now trying to burn a DVD for a university...
  14. HarrisDougie

    Acer Aspire kinda Died! HELP

    I need all of you who are cleverer that me to help me my Acer Aspire 5738Z seems to have died! The disk drive is broken so rule out anything to do with that. When I boot it up it says Failure predicted on disk WDC etc etc Press F1 to continue, when I do that it flashes a small line in the top...
  15. G

    Tips for Living Without the Optical Drive

    Snagged a new laptop or ultrabook, but don't have a disc drive? Not a problem! Read on for our tips on leaving the optical drive behind! Tips for Living Without the Optical Drive : Read more
  16. T

    How to remove my keyboard on my asus k55?

    help me i want to remove the keyboard to change the disk drive but cant seem to get passed the keyboard!!!! :pt1cable:
  17. G

    Disk drive access indicator turns off and laptop freezes

    Hello, I have recently purchased a new laptop Acer aspire 5755G (about 2 months ago) and have been having a problem with it. About once a day, at seemingly random times, the laptop will completely freeze and the flashing HDD light on the front of the machine will go out. The laptop will not...
  18. G

    How to format a disk on a netbook

    Hello, I have a notebook compter with a seperate disk drive the computer picks up the disk drive but as soon as i put a disk in it says the disk might be corrupt i may need to format it but nothing comes up to enable me to do this what do i do
  19. H

    Install disk without disk drive

    Hi, I only have windows 7 starter, but I now have a windows vista CD. I would like to install it, but my computer doesn't have a disk drive. How do I do it?
  20. D

    Is it normal for my toshiba satellite disk drive to click/rotate every 10 minute

    just bought my 2nd toshiba satellite L755 laptop after returning the first 1 after two days. Not sure if it's normal for the disk drive to click/rotate every 10 minutes. Never experienced this with previous laptops before & not sure if i should return this Toshiba also for another computer brand.
  21. G

    Solved! How to implement or interface a usb port in cd/dvd drive ??

    Kindly give me details abt this project without any external supply for the disk drive.
  22. J

    Help! How can I restore my netbook to factory (no disk drive)

    I have an Asus EEE PC 1201PN. I'm trying to sell it but I need to return the netbook to factory settings which I can't figure out how to do. I'v tried putting it into google but I only come up with answers to similar eee pc netbooks which I have tried to no avail. When I press F9 on startup, I...
  23. R

    Solved! It says no bootable device insert boot disk. But I have no disk drive

    I have an Acer Aspire One D257-13685 with windows 7. cannot re-boot. states that PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable and PXE-M0F: Existing PXE ROM. No bootable device--insert boot disk and press any key. This notebook has no internal CD drive. what can I do manually. I have a desk top...
  24. S

    Installing WoW on my laptop and no disk drive

    Hello, hey need help pls, ive got WoTLK retail copy and i have o disk drive in my notebook laptop, can i just use the activation key that comes with it on a website? Or install it on my brothers PC and then somehow get it to my laptop without externaltransfer? pls reply soon thanks
  25. M

    Reboot with no disk drive

    I got an acer aspire mini used and it says no bootable device insert bootable disk
  26. M

    Solved! It says no bootable device insert boot disk. But I have no disk drive

    I bought an ace aspireone used. It says no bootable device insert boot disk and press any key. It does not have a disk driver
  27. S

    1761 (MSI) and Sager

    I ordered a 1761 (I believed modeled after an MSI) from Xoticpc and was very disappointed with its apparent durability. I would be interested in getting a Sager thru them if the durability of that machine is a ton better. Namely, I notice durability of disk drive and how thick the plastic is...
  28. G

    Asus laptop disc drive wont recognize disks

    i have an asus x5dc laptop which my partner dropped,ever since the disk drive wont recognise any type of disk.everthing else is working fine.i have windows 7 any help would be great thanks
  29. G

    Dv9700 primary disk drive not recognized

    I just replaced the motherboard in a HP dv9925nr. Now, when i power up i get the message, Operating system not found. Next power up, F10, go to Diagnostics and the test says "No IDE device". Is disk drive bad? hang on....I remove disk drive and plug into to secondary bay, power up...
  30. J

    Solved! Installing on a Tablet PC without disk drive

    I have MS One Note 2003 on my desktop computer and want to use it one a tablet. How do I do this?
  31. H

    Solved! How can i put a disk drive on my acer computer

    Hello, I have an acer aspire one notebook computer and it did not/does not have a disk drive. Is there any way for me to buy a portable disk drive? Do they even have those? Where can I buy it?
  32. M

    Disk drive storage dont show full capacity

    Hi, My new laptop which has 320GB HDD shows only 285 on C drive. there are no othre drives and in disk mgmt it shows 12.7GB as recovery space. Then how its 320GB
  33. G

    Solved! My laptop has a low disk drive

    Hello, i have no idea what any of you are talking about, but i do know my laptop is pretty much already dead and i need to fix it but have no idea how lol. can anyone help? please?! lol. its little dell inspiron notebook or something like that :| it started coming up with some blue screen with...
  34. G

    Reinstall windows root system32 ntoskrnl exe

    Hello, i have deleted this thing on my net book, how do i install it again, because i havent got a disk drive, what do i do ????
  35. G

    First- gen xbox on pc?

    Hello, is there a programme that can run first - generation xbox on my PC, by putting xbox games in my disk drive?
  36. E

    Windows Vista disk drive failure

    So i bought a new laptop (Vaio VGN-N365E) and i installed Alcohol 120 and it crashed my laptop (vista didnt support it, should have read up on it...) so i did a restore and tried Daemon tools, it didnt crash my computer. Been using daemon tools for the last month till i realized that daemon...
  37. G

    Opptiplex Gx1

    My modem only has one disk drive slot. what do I do if I want to get a cd burnner for it. How do I install it on my computer?