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    Solved! Windows installation problems

    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread never used this before, I have a dell insprion 15 laptop, I recently cleaned the drive fully. Since this takes several hours I let it run over night while I slept, I woke up in the morning and a screen had popped up mentioning pdf files files. Me being half...
  2. R

    What the Heck

    Okay so I have a Samsung Galaxy S7, and I downloaded the system update last night while my phone was charging. Today, after the update was done, I realized ALL of my photos and music that were downloaded on the micro sd card installed in my phone are just gone. HELP, WHAT DO I DO
  3. A

    Rooted Nexus 7 stuck in bootloop

    3 years ago my Nexus 7 2012 was updating then got stuck in a boot loop. My dad as sent it to 2 people so far but no luck. I want my data perfectly fine. Info Stuck in bootloop for 3 year rooted
  4. W

    Windows failed update, now error message, and recovery partition missing

    Thank you for any information provided and I apologize for my lack of in depth computer knowledge up front. I hope this doesn't all sound like a series of unfortunately events, but they may all be related so I am going to list them here. What I am looking for is the best next step... repair...
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    Solved! After BIOS update no Windows 10, but anti-virus and Chrome are working

    I have a HP Probook 4540 with Windows 10 creators update (installed 1-2 weeks ago). Yesterday, I visited the HP site to check for any drivers and found that there was a new update to the BIOS (f.64) for my model. Downloaded and flashed the system with the new BIOS and now the Windows does not...
  6. R

    Need help Pc won't turn on

    Hi, last night my pc just restart and showing that it is uploding software when it is done my pc shows that the pc can not complete its update i wait for while about 3 to 4 hours and when it did nt do its update i just pick out the battery and again insert it but it did n't shows the display and...
  7. C

    C850D wrong bios ( insyde bios, probably from Toshiba C875D? )

    Hi all, Toshiba C850D-11C (PSCC2E-00h00nn5) freeze after POST, after 0 key (hd recovery), without any info on CSM(just toshiba logo and frozen post, numlock frozen, i can enter bios if i fastpress f2 first 1-2 sec after turning on pc ) and with "no booting device"(picture 1) on UEFI settings in...
  8. M

    Lenovo laptop keeps flashing logo, won't let me do anything

    I'm having a huge issue where when i power on my Lenovo G50-70 laptop, it will slowly boot up, flash the lenovo logo, turn black, and repeat the process infinitely. i have read in similar threads that all i need to do is enter safe mode but the issue is my laptop is refusing to register or...
  9. M

    Note 4 IR Blaster suddenly died

    hello everyone today in the evening I was using my Note 4 IR blaster to watch TV as usual however I noticed that its latency was more than the normal and even sometimes it didn't work at all and I needed to press the button many times and I didn't suspect anything at all then after a while it...
  10. C

    Samsung Tab S 10.5 fails to boot after update.

    I allowed the OTA update (Marshmallow) to start and left the tablet (plugged in) for a few hours. When I cam back the screen showed just SAMSUNG (in bold Block letters) slowly pulsing. Every minute or so it vibrates buzz pause buzz buzz buzz. I reset it using the power+volume up technique...
  11. S

    Acer Aspire E1 Windows 8 to 10 Stuck!

    I have an Acer Aspire E1 laptop. I was thinking about updating it to Windows 10, all the features seemed nice and such. Eventually I did. I began the upate and everything went well. Then it came to a portion where it says "Repairing disk...
  12. A

    Running windows 8.1 64 bit on legacy mode and getting BLACK screen after Nvidia driver update!!

    Hi Guys Im in need of help I have been reading all the threats and forums about this problem but still cant seem to get it fix. My main problem is that after I install the latest Nvidia driver my screen goes black after the windows sign boot up after the restart. I have a Acer Aspire E15...
  13. Mr Burns

    Is my Sophos Protection Up-to-Date?

    So I am running Sophos Endpoint Security and Control version 10.3. The OS is Windows 7 Ultimate. I'm just wondering if it's up to date. I remember last night it said "Last checked for updates 23-03-16" but now it's saying "Updating: Failed". It is also saying "Web Control: Disabled". I've had a...
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    How to Flash a corrupted bios

    So my bios got corrupted during a failed update. So my question is. How can I flash the bios so I can get it to work again. I dont know how to properly making a bootable usb drive (and what type of file needs to be on it) and if I need to press anything during the process and everything that...
  15. R

    Drive where Windows is installed is locked - Trying to upgrade to Windows 10

    I'm trying to upgrade my pc from windows 8.1 to windows 10. The installation of windows 10 always gets to 90 something percent complete then stops and says something has happened windows 10 has failed to install. So i got advice to just clean install windows 8.1 again and try to upgrade to...
  16. C

    I need help with my laptop!

    My DELL laptop will not work right and it all started when I was in the chrome browser and a little pop-up happened in the Corner of the screen saying there was a update that needed to be installed so i clicked it. It shut the laptop down and a screen came up that was moving up down left and...
  17. A

    2 Second Boot Loop After BIOS Update

    Hello I have flashed a new bios to my acer laptop and it is now stuck in a boot loop. Initially I managed to get it to work but stupidly played about with a few of the bios settings (should never have done that :( ). I messed with the temperatures to try and cool the cpu as it runs very hot...
  18. X

    Asus Graphic problems

    Hey guys, I'm having an issue with a laptop that I've just started to put games on (Desktop got re-purposed as a Studio PC, so I'm using a couple year old laptop) and I'm having a huge amount of problems with the graphics running anywhere between 20fps to as low as 2fps ONLY on the lowest...
  19. J

    Nvidia745M Not updating

    Hi everyone, I have tried updating my 745M as my laptop decided to update to Windows 8.1 today. So i opened up geforce experience and began the update. it starts the update but then says it has failed and none of the components it needs to update are selected. so i tried to do it manually from...
  20. C

    Insufficient storage error when upgrading to android kitkat 4.4.2

    I have a Micromax Canvas 2 Colours A120. I have recently got a android kitkat update through FOTA. Unfortunately, when it tries to download, an error shows up saying 'Insufficient storage. Software update has been cancelled', despite the fact that I have over 1.2gb of free space. I retry many...
  21. C

    Hard reset help

    I need some help for my tablet.. I have a china made tablet with its processor and other components of samsung made.. I forgot my password which i set for which i am unable to use my tablet. I tried to hard reset my tablet but when i press the volume down key and power key an error message id...
  22. A

    Driver Power State Failure installing Windows Updates on Surface Pro II

    I'm having issues installing the current batch of Windows updates on my Surface Pro II. It gets to 75% complete, hangs for 1/2 hr or so, reboots, then fails with a ":( Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart screen etc (Driver_power_state_failure)" Following the restart it gets to 75%...
  23. Khattabics

    Why does Blackberry fail to upgrade Twitter ?

    i have Blackberry Curve 9320 .. the current version i have of twitter is and when an update came up it was i tried to download it and it was slow on wi-fi and on mobile network and in the end it says failed to upgrade .. i waited for another update to come up so it might fix...