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  1. rcfaro

    HP Pavillion DV6000 overheat?!

    Hi, My laptop HP Pavilion DV6000 CPU goes to 83º idle i dont try load..LOL FAN run very fast and make much noise. What you thinl? need thermal paste? Is Hard to change paste in a laptop? I never do in a laptop... My IDLE temps with HW monitor: Motherboard min 70º max 80º CPU T7300 Min 70º...
  2. A

    Razer blade 2014 heating effects

    Hi all, I am planning to get the 2014 Blade and have heard it heats up to around 90 degrees on proc and 80 on GPU. Will these temperatures hurt the system? Does the Pro version fix these overheating issues? Thanks in advance Arcturus314
  3. K

    my loptop screen is purple but it's not over heating

    i opened my laptop but for some reason my screen is purple and i can't see any icons i only got onto this page because it was already open. what do i do?
  4. L

    MSi Gs70 heating issues

    I have an msi gs70 pro, and during gaming the gpu can heat up to 93 degrees. The rest of the machine stay below 80, but even with an external fan it can get above 85. Naturally if I turn the quality down it heats up less, but what is a safe temperature for it to operate at? do I run the risk of...
  5. V

    Heating Issue : 14 vs 15

    Hi If there are 2 laptops with same configuration but different screen sizes Then which will heat more ?? A 14 inch laptop or 15 inch laptop ?? thanks vineet
  6. C

    Lenovo Y510p(no ultrabay) vs ASUS N550JV - Gaming/College

    Hello! Need a portable/No Heat/Good Brand Laptop :) Budget: $1100, I will accept suggestions of $1500 or less Uses: Casual Gaming (League of Legends, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Starcraft) and College Need: 1) Light laptop (have issues with my low back) 2) I'll buy it on Canada...
  7. M

    laptop heating up and loud fan

    Hi , I have a problem with my laptop it's always heating up and and fan goes so loud even if I am only browsing the web my specs are Dell inspiron N050 Windows 8 Enterprise x64 CPU: Intel core i3 M380 @2.53GHz (got 2.8 in Windows E. Index) GPU: Intel(R) HD Graphics RAM: 4GB I would like to...
  8. G

    Samsung Series 5 - CPU Spike to 100%

    Hi y'all, I'm currently in a tight pickle here. I have a Samsung Series 5 A6-4455m (it's not the best laptop/ultrabook out there but hey, its a gift) and it just started spiking up to 100% randomly even in idle or just minimizing my application to desktop and it's getting to hot for my liking...
  9. P

    Laptop Heating Too Much... Help!!

    Guys I need Help.. My system heats up too much.. And this heating also leads to the slowing of the system.. If it is critical it also causes hanging and strucking ( but it is only when in critical state).. :) When Ever I Play a heavy game (not much heavy but like gta SanAndreas or FIFA, etc)...
  10. B

    get my receiver to turn on

    My receiver was working fine with no problems,not shutting off,over heating,nothing... Then I come home and try to turn it on,but the screen will light up,as though it is working,but there's no sound coming from any of the speakers,I've double and triple checked all connections,please help
  11. S

    Laptop heating problem Lenovo Y560

    Hello! I have a laptop Lenovo Ideapad Y560 i5 430M with 1Gb video card Ati Radeon 5730 and at the begging in works fine, after i enter a game or the laptop warms up it's getting a bit slow. I don't know what the problem may be, i've recently installed a SSD and the problem doesn't disappear. Is...
  12. I

    Looking for a gaming laptop $1000 to $1300.

    Im looking to purchase a laptop capable of playing current and next gen games, i7 4th gen, Minimum 8gb Ram, minimum 2 gb graphics, minimum 1TB Hard and HD display Preferably a laptop with specs close to these. Im thinking of the ASUS N550jv - cn256h (Model in the UAE), or the Lenovo Y510P. (The...
  13. M

    Battalion 101 W355STQ Heat

    Does anyone know how well this laptop dissipates heat? I would buy it in a heartbeat if the heating is up to standard, but i'm really worried about it getting too hot during gaming. There are laptops like it that have good specs (msi GE series), but they lack heating. The only thing i have...
  14. U

    While gaming my laptops shut down and some times it says "Consider Replacing Your Battery". please help

    my laptop shows "Consider Replacing Your Battery" and theres a cross mark (X) on the battery but this happened only 2 times. Before when i use to play games my laptop used to get very hot but i fixed that issues by buying a good cooling pad and now it does not heat up its at normal gaming...
  15. F

    My Laptop Temp Reaches To 130 degree c While Gaming

    i am having HP Pavilion 15 e001 ax notebook pc AMD a-10 5750m processor amd 8650g+8670m Dual Graphics 8 gb rAM DDR3 I have installed HWMonitor and it shows 80 degree temp.When i play games my cpu temp reaches to 130 degree. its too high. Does it damages my laptop.
  16. H

    over heating of hp g70 notebook

    my laptop hp g70 hard disk and motherboard get over heat soo quickly
  17. K

    Which has a better cooling system and is the quietest? ASUS G750JW-T4011D or ASUS N750JV-T4046D?

    I'll be using it for gaming, video and photo editing, and also music recording and production.
  18. 6

    Premiere Pro Crashes computer during render

    When ever I try my 3 and a half minuet video, Premiere crashes the whole computer. It just freezes. I was monitoring my temps when this happend. My CPU was at 31.4C and my GPU was at 25.C So none of them were over heating! My CPU is overclocked, a fx4100 to 4.2ghz but even when I try and render...
  19. K

    Overheating "tab/backspace" issue

    I have an ASUS M70vm laptop. It overheats like none other now. It's no longer under warranty. When you start it up, when it loads into windows, it goes into an infinidy "tab" mode between 3 accounts, password and swipe finger (finger print scanner that hates me). Only way to get it out of this...
  20. I

    restart my laptop

    i play the nfs run than restart my laptop how to resolve my problam
  21. M

    My Lenovo Laptop Shut Down While Playing Games

    It Shut Down Because it Over Heating Laptop Model : Lenovo B560 Help Please While Playing Any Game Like Assassin's Creed , Tomb Raider , GTA IV Thanks. Sorry For Bad English
  22. T

    Speeding up my Laptop

    Hey guys, I recently downloaded CPU-Z, a program that tells you your computer's current specs. The thing I found surprising that my laptop is supposed to be clocked at 2.2 GHz dual core. Instead, within 10 minutes of starting the laptop, the voltage drops from 1.150 V to .9 and the clock drops...
  23. P

    Acer Aspire 5742G overheating

    Hello everyone, Ive got a huge problem with my laptop. Its an acer aspire 5742G, and since i got him, i cant play any games, because of the lag spikes, games stopped working and the existence of artifacts. After a while i saw that maybe the main problem is that my gpu's temperature is very...
  24. B

    Very Upset with Body Heating - Samsung NP530UC (just purchased) - Any Solution?

    Hello, I've purchased today a new NP530UC-A03 laptop (intel i3 processor), it came with win 8, and by default the energy plan is "Samsung Optimized". now, before purchase I've read this review, about same model only equipped with intel i5 processor...
  25. P

    Heating of laptop when plugged-in directly

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding my laptop. It usually heats-up when it is plugged directly into the socket. I usually remove my battery while it is plugged-in, I heard that I can extend by battery life if I keep it from charging and discharging as many times as possible. So my...
  26. N

    battery problem and heating up

    hi, I have bought a N46V Asus laptop just about 2 weeks ago. what i was looking for, was a high performance laptop for graphic designs, but even when i'm not doing any hard work with it, it heats up and the battery doesn't last long. please tell me if i should do calibration for the battery or...
  27. G

    if a laptop can run prime95 without over heating would you say thats good enough?

    I am more of a desktop person and I know the temperature thresholds for them and what would be acceptable temps for full load and idle, from what I understand laptops are not even supposed to be in situations where the processor is at full load for long periods of time, by that logic I assume...
  28. A

    Heating problems on lenovo B580

    Hi all of you, I am eager to know something more about heating problems in laptops and notebooks . This because I recently bought an lenovo B580 laptop with i5 i321m processor and it is seems heating. I sensed this heating then and I installed lm_sensors (on it Linux Mint operating system) ...
  29. M

    ASUS K50IJ heating problem?

    Hi, I'm pretty new around here so I hope this is the right place. My boyfriend discovered that my laptop was running slower than normal and he had me install this program that showed the temperature for computers/laptops. What we both discovered was that my laptop was around 90 degrees Celsius...
  30. R

    How to rectify the heating problem in compaq presario v3000

  31. R

    HP Over Heating Problem

    I have a DV7 laptop that is now about 2 years old. I've discovered that I've been very lucky compared to many. I have taken it in to get repaired, fortunately it's covered under an extended warranty. I like the computer and it's ran mostly 24/7 for the last 2 years but it clearly has a heat...
  32. exfileme

    Facebook Accused of Reading Text Messages via App

    A recent article is heating up the privacy issue with apps again, this time focusing on text message reading via Facebook's app. Facebook Accused of Reading Text Messages via App : Read more
  33. M

    Dell d620 faults

    Hello, after 10 or 15 mins of use my touchpad stops working. is this an over heating problem?
  34. J

    Solved! Over heating laptop

    Laptop still over heats even with the fixes!!!!! This laptop will heat up a small room, then turn off!! Please help!! Joe
  35. L

    Cold weather causing subwoofer clicking.

    Will cold weather effect my subwoofer? I left my subwoofer in the basement before I left on Vacation, we have no heating and Im just wondering if that could of caused this problem when I get high pitched clicking sound from the subwoofer every few seconds. Im not sure if the cold weather caused...
  36. J

    Solved! Over heating laptop

    over heating Toshiba m305d laptop,then goes off!
  37. J

    Solved! Toshiba m305d laptop over heating

    Hello, toshiba m305d overheating
  38. L

    DV6-6195CA heating problem

    Hi there i just had one question i recently bought DV6-6195CA and i was using real temp 3.60 to monitor the temperature. It showed that at idle the temperature was 49 C and while playing a online game called Vindictus on the highest sittings the temperature went up to 92 C. Is this bad enough to...
  39. K

    Sony vaio shuts down suddenly

    Hello, my sony vaio just shut down suddenly after 10min or even 30min and its not heating up. what might be the cause? help!
  40. JMcEntegart

    AT&T: iPhone 5 Coming in Early October

    Things have really been heating up this week in terms of iPhone 5 rumors. Rounding things out in time for the weekend is a report that an AT&T bigwig is telling employees to expect the iPhone 5 (and a serious busy period) in early October. AT&T: iPhone 5 Coming in Early October : Read more
  41. Y

    HP Class Action Lawsuit Dv9000

    had my HP pav.9000 2 times in the last year for over heating, well this last time It fried my motherboard. It has cost me 400.00 to get it going again but I lost everything. HELP
  42. T

    Solved! Asus G73SW- heating

    Hi everyone. I recently bought the laptop listed above and i have a question about heating and what i should be looking for as the ideal temperature. Its a gaming laptop so i expect it to run hotter than most laptops but i am not sure what is to hot and what is good. Right now with the...
  43. N

    Solved! Review for HP DV6-3123TX

    Hello, I am planning to purchase HP DV6-3123TX. However, got the news that HP has stopped the production of this model due to heating issues. This model is still avaialable in market. Not sure whether to opt this or not. Further it has Windows 7 OS, that takes 80GB of memory. Kindly suggest me...
  44. F

    How much could i get for a ibuypower battalion D900f

    I have had an ibuypower battalion 101 D900f for about 2 years and its starting to become outdated and slow, and has also been having some heating issuses, so i was thinking of selling it and building a new desktop. First of all, how much do you thing i could get for the machine considering it...
  45. C

    Need to get to fans area on a toshiba satellite a215 s5837

    hello, i got a toshiba a215 s5837 that is over heating and turning it self off. i looked by the air vents and its caked full of dust and stuff. i went to take off the bottom of the laptop and it wont come off, all of the screws are out from the bottom. does any one know how to take off the...
  46. E

    Solved! Best cooling pad ~$40

    Hi guys, can you guys recommend me the best cooling pad for around 40 dollars? My girlfriends laptop is getting really bad heating problems especially on those sweltering summer days. It is a 15" laptop.
  47. P

    Overheating issue

    oh n i dont know anything about stereos n what is ok to wire up to what... my nad c315bee is wired up to a pair of matrix 1200 dynamic series and it keeps over heating... if there is a cure what is it? thanks
  48. T


    How good is this laptop? Is there a wirless internet problem? Is heating a real problem? how goos is this machine for processing & computing? Any other comments or observations are welcome. Tom
  49. exfileme

    Cell Phones Cause Rotting Brains... Again

    More talk about cell phones causing cancer are heating back up, however researchers need more time to study. Cell Phones Cause Rotting Brains... Again : Read more
  50. JMcEntegart

    Rumor: New iPhone to Launch July 17

    As Apple’s WWDC draws nearer, the rumors are heating up and the latest is that the new iPhone will launch on July 17, with an OLED display and improved battery life. Rumor: New iPhone to Launch July 17 : Read more
  51. C

    cpu temp

    Archived from groups: comp.laptops,comp.sys.laptops (More info?) has any one got any good method for keeping laptops from over heating or can you recommend a cpu temp monitoring software Cheers Craig