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  1. N

    laptop shutting down on its own

    My lenovo laptop suddenly shuts down on its own just after few minutes of operation. I can hear the fan sound and its not the normal sound as it was in earlier days. But it is not getting that hot. I was trying to install some temp monitoring software but in between the installation only it...
  2. H

    lenovo y700 heating issue on right palm rest

    Hi I just received my SECOND lenovo y700 after returning the first one to best buy (where I bought it from) because I noticed the right palm rest was much warmer than the left side. I got my replacement two days later and it still has the same problem! I need to know whether this is a normal...
  3. H

    Thermal paste all over cpu

    I just opened up my laptop as it was over heating. I found the thermal paste pretty much as is in the pictures.this is after I cleaned the surface with arcticlean. My question is, should I clean around the sides and remove more thermal paste?I just don't think I can without risking damaging a...
  4. V

    ASUS ROG - very high temperatures

    Hello everyone, I've bought an ASUS G551JM about a year ago, and until a couple of days ago, it behaved as it should've. The problem is, it started heating up really bad about 5 days ago. This problem's been preventing me from playing games such as Dota 2 or Diablo 3 (in my opninion, these...
  5. M

    re heating reballing

    I have done as the last person suggested to heat the GPU very high. I worked. after using it, turn it off, it won't turn on again. I didn't touch for a couple of weeks and did it again yesterday. it worked again. now this time the laptop is on and i will not turn it off. my question what causes...
  6. M

    macbook pro gets really hot

    my macbook pro gets really hot when i am watching flash videos and when i am using my macbook pro while its charging. what can i do to fix that?
  7. M

    Relation between different Processor Technologies and Laptop Heating

    Hi! I want to know the relationship between different Processing Technologies which processors use and the heat they produce. I use Dell Latitude E6410 and when I go to it's BIOS it shows following Technologies which I can turn on and off: Performance: ■ Multi-Core ■ Intel Hyperthreading ■...
  8. V

    Just Started 3D printing and I have a problem

    I used CraftWare to slice my .stl model and it was exported as ".gcode". I used GPX to convert the ".gcode" to a ".x3g". The printer only recognizes ".x3g". Then I preheated the printer, the bed to 110c and the extruder to 200c. Lastly I put the SD card in with the file and ran it, but the...
  9. M

    My Dell 7559 heating because the fans are never on!

    hey guys, I bought a new Dell 7559 2 weeks ago. Is it normal that the fans are rarely on? Sometime the cpu heats up to 65 degrees Celsius (140 degree Fahrenheit) and they are still not on!!! They turn on only time to time for a short period of time (10-20 seconds). So I tried to download apps...
  10. G

    Aspire V keeps shutting down Only when pluged to battery

    My Acer Aspire V is working fine then i plug batery and starts to acellarate the fans to the max for no reason and next it shuts down automaticaly for safety!!!! If its acelarated and i remmove the batery plug its slows down and get back to normal!! Why is this happening??
  11. F

    Having Laptop Heat Problems.

    I'm having problems with my laptop and I don't know what it is. For sure I know that is heat problems, the thing is that I don't know how can I solve it. First the thing is that every time that I'm playing a game like League of Legends for example most of the times the screen goes black, the...
  12. S

    Grey smudge on my laptop screen

    Hi, I was working on my laptop and there was a candle which ended up heating a certain section of the screen leaving a grey smudge. I cooled down the machine and even restarted it but the problem still exists. Help please...!!!
  13. N

    laptop heating up extremely fast?

    I have an Asus 550Z that is has GPU temp 60C all the time. It used to be around 49C-51C. What could I do to alleviate this problem?
  14. U

    Dell i7559 Heating Issue

    Hello, I've been using the dell i 7559 since 2 months. When i initially used it i had a battery backup of around 9 hours ( internet, movies) and the keyboard kept comparatively cool. after i started gaming onto it, I'm facing issues. The battery backup is now only 2-3 hours, i started monitoring...
  15. N

    HP Omen FPS drops in every game.

    Product Name: HP OMEN Notebook - 15-5001na Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) In the summer, I have bought HP Omen which I thought handle every game which was released. Firstly I have installed counter-strike global offensive in which I experienced fps stutters and drops. Then I...
  16. S

    Asus ROG Intel 4600 Heating Issues

    This may be bigger than just the 4600 with other temps as well. System Specs Asus Rog 750js nh71 17 inch display i74710hq 16 gb ram Geforce GTX 870M 1 tb 7200 HDD 16 Months old. Windows 10. Currently I'm doing nothing intensive other than loading windows and trying to figure this out, and...
  17. K

    over heat issues!

    I have a dell XPS l501x. It has some serious over heating issues. The air intake, like the huge hole it has on the bottom, that is the primary intake & this is where the problem is. In order to use it,i have to place it on a desk(i can't literally place it on my laps for long time). This way it...
  18. S

    Heating issue with my Dell L502x

    I am tired with my laptop now.. I had a problem which was asked by me in the following link : http://www.tomsguide.com/answers/id-2639264/dell-l502x-issues.html I got a Windows 10 update and since then my laptop is working quick. But now the laptop throws hot air from the left side maybe the...
  19. Z

    Surface Book Heating Issue

    So this has happened twice now and it's concerning me. I have a surface book i5 with the gpu, and twice in the last week I've closed the lid to put it to sleep, put it into a carrying case, and went off to school. Today and the time before when I took it out of the bag a few hours later the...
  20. L

    Lagging after cleaning out laptop

    A few minutes ago I took apart my laptop to clean it since it was heating up a little too fast and I was getting frame drops on games. I put the laptop back together and started up my games to see if Its any better only to find out that the laptop heats up even faster and my games are lagging...
  21. F

    Lenovo G 50-45 laptop - Heating Issues After Upgrading RAM

    I recently upgraded my RAM from 4 to 16 GB and now I have overheating problems. Any ideas on this?
  22. EndlessMidnight

    Phone heats up too much after never being hot before

    I have a Huawei G Play Mini phone, I've had it for about two months and it had been working great though I know it's pretty common for smartphones to heat I have to say I never had this issue with this phone, it's very fast and cool, to feel it getting a little warm I'd have open an app with...
  23. F

    ASUS Zenbook UX305LA overheating, pauses, no fan speed

    Hi everyone, My UX305LA is getting pretty hot recently. The CPU temp can run up to 60 C and the ssd temp run up to 53 C under load. The idle temperatures are 45 C respectively. I understand these temperatures are not insane but my system got pauses, sometimes freeze up for a bit when the ssd...
  24. A

    Throttling when charging, Normal when unplugged

    Hello everyone So i have this laptop Lenovo g5080 i5 5200 2.2ghz 4gb ram windows 8.1 single language 64 bit amd radeon hd 8500m/ intel hd graphics 5500 So my problem is that i usually play league of legends a pc multiplayer game which is not that heavy would come under medium range graphics...
  25. D

    GPU is heating up like anything over 50 in seconds

    I have N5010 15R dell laptop with ATI radeon HD 5470. GPU is heating up more than CPU and in minutes laptop crashes. One more thing I noticed was fan of my laptop starts on startup and then just stops working. I opened my laptop cleaned up everything and used Arctic Mx-4 on both GPU and CPU...
  26. Robert Ban

    Is there any burning tool for android?

    Ok. i have wet my phone (into da toilet).I have dried it out and putted in sack of rice for a 20h and now its working but one thing buggs me its the screen.The screen has wet spots but its working normally.Soo i need burning tool to heat up and remove the black spots. Any recommendation is...
  27. MamuMogambo

    Will changing the thermal paste help with the GPU chip failure? Also, "GPU Reflow".

    My Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 had been heating up for over an year now and I didn't bother to do anything about it. Recently my GPU chip started having problems (white lines on screen and three beeps from the motherboard). My laptop now starts only after many tries. The repair guy informed me that...
  28. A

    solution to phone heating

    htc phone heating
  29. K

    PC Heating and Buzzing

    Hello Tom's Hardware community. Recently i formatted and cleaned inside of my laptop due to slowing downs. After a month of two, my laptop started to overheat and make buzzing sounds from the speakers. I have attached (linked) the temperature values of my PC. (Running programs are Paint, Dota2...
  30. H

    should i extend my Ram or not ?

    hey i have sony viao laptop which had i3 2nd gen core processor with 2.30 gHz.. i m willing to extend my ram from 2 gb to 6 gb .. somewhere i read that if i extend my ram laptop getting heat too much ... is this correct ? what should i do ? can i extend my ram ? will laptop heat too much in...
  31. F

    Samsung laptop automatically shuts down

    I think it's heating issue but I'm using a cooling pad still if i open any game or charge the laptop while using it gets heated and automatically shuts down. What can i do?
  32. N

    ASUS K53E Chargin point heating

    Hi everyone. For past one month im having heating issue on the charging point. When I remove the battery and connect the adapter , there is no heating issue, similary when I shutdown my laptop and connect the battery and charge it - no heating issue, But if the battery is inserted and...
  33. P

    Laptop CPU overheating and throttling [95 ºC]

    So this is a Samsung laptop, i5-2450M @2.5 GHz - stock - with up to 3.2 on turbo boost, or something. I have had this laptop for close to 3 years, and in the last 1-2 months, game performance started to get real bad, horrible FPS drops and whatnot. Turns out my CPU is running at ~70ºC AT IDLE...
  34. S

    New thermal paste for laptop - worse than before?

    Hi, I've had an laptop for 4 years, and recently GPU temps started going nuts, 100-110° (close to dying?) degrees when playing, and 60° when idle. Now as far as I know, that's not normal. I also have a cooling pad. So I bought thermal paste (Cheapest that they had - Arctic cooling MX-2). First...
  35. mitchmatch

    Onkyo receiver TX-SR607 heating question

    The receiver I have my Xbox one connected to is the onkyo TX-SR607 this model receiver dose not have an in built fan. So what I'm wondering is how long can I safely run it before it gets to hot and damages it's self and is there any way to make a homemade calling device for it?
  36. W

    Lenovo G510-heating and screen issue after fall

    Hi Forum!! I bought a lenovo g510 (i7/1tb/6gb ram) approximately 5 months ago and i was very satisfied with its over all performance up until my little accident....i dropped the laptop and the screen was totally ruined ,i got it replaced from lenovo support and got my laptop 2 weeks ago and now...
  37. S

    Over heating in laptop

    hello my pavililion dm4 hp laptop is about CPU=85 degree Centigrade , GPU = 85 degree as well as main board = 80 degree Cent
  38. C

    Upgreading the HP Pavillion DV6

    Hi All, I have got HP Pavillion DV6. Its 4 Year old and now its giving lots of issues. Like Heating ,Screen showing Black Spots, E Key is pressing Automatically, Hanging issues. Can anyone suggest which motherboard i should buy ? Its i5 3GB.
  39. B

    Can I use small airgun from gas stations to clean my air vents on laptop?

    My laptop is over heating at 55 celcius, it's a Toshiba Satellite. It ran at 45-50 when it was new, so I take it the fan ducst are dirty, the thing is 3 years old. I can buy a small air gun from the hardware store and connect it to an air hose at a gaz station, would that be ok to blow off...
  40. stephenward

    HP laptop 3yrs old heating up quickly

    Hi, I have got HP pavilion series laptop which is 3yrs old. My main problem is it is getting too hot quickly and fans making noice which lead to less battery life. I use to have battery life of around 4.30hrs now it hardly goes upto 2hrs when I am using laptop. Any suggestions will be highly...
  41. T

    Macbook pro 2011 13" overheating problems

    Hi everybody I have 13" Macbook pro early 2011, I face a problem of overheat, upon restarting and without even open any program the CPU heat is ver 60C once I open safari or mail temp jump to 80C if I open many apps like pages the system crashes! I dunno what to do, I cleaned the fans, No...
  42. B

    Surface Pro 3 heating,startup and battery life

    Its been nearly 3 weeks since i bought my surface pro 3 i5 128g model and ive been starting to notice some problems. First off, the battery life is seems really bad. For me, i use it for school and it only seems to last a few hours, usually 4-5 hours which seems i bit bad. secondly, the heat...
  43. M

    Laptop randomly turns off...can't figure out the problem

    I hope someone can help me figure this out. I'll try to give as much info as possible. I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this. I thought at first that maybe the CPU was heating up but I can tell you that it definitely doesn't feel hot and Speccy shows that it stays around 40-50...
  44. A

    should i buy hp v002tx laptop

    does hp v002tx has any heating or battery issues ?
  45. S

    gpu issues in y 50 of lenovo

    Iam confused between Lenovo Y 50 with 4gp gpu and 2gb gpu about Heating...So plz help which model I should opt.....some of my frnds are suggesting not to go for 4gb gpu as it would cause more heating than 2gb and performance would dip....plz help
  46. B

    Acer Aspire V5 - 473P - 5887 Shuts down when unplugged bought approx 5 weeks ago

    New Laptop, Aspire shuts down when unplugged after about 5 minutes. its brand new, over heating is not the issue, the battery information claims it is holding charge and it fine. need a solution asap,
  47. S

    Quadcore Heating issue

    I have a G-Five G9 quadcore android smartphone. It tends to hear up quite a bit when on high end games and mobile internet. So much so that the mobile starts malfunctioning. Is this normal or is mine on the frits? If so, I can understand the heating up in games, but why mobile internet?
  48. E

    Laptop Overheating and lags in game Please advise.

    I have a 4 year old laptop which i have been playing games on. Mostly Cs Global Offensive and Dota2. Its have been going pretty well till this few month its having spikes and lag so heavy that it is almost impossible to play the game. The tempreature to the laptop is idling around 60 and goes up...
  49. A

    Heating & screen goes black.

    Recently My Laptop`s screen goes black but computer stays on. now its working quite well in Power Saver mode. if i choose High Performance and run any program screen goes black. I have been searching fo 2 days to fix it and couldnt find a solution for my problem. there were some threats for...
  50. W

    Just had my second laptop charger die - is this the fault of my computer or charger? Details in thread HELP!

    The big deal here: My Asus Eee PC 1005PEB no longer has a charger because my second charger just died (see here for an image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4QxxITruc2KZGhhVDFzQjQ5d190bHowV21PTU5pd1cxVS1v/edit?usp=sharing). Both chargers got insanely hot, and I mean insanely. Too hot to...
  51. O

    How are the heating issues on MSI laptops

    Hi, How are the heating issues on Msi laptop? The Ge series in particular. Im doubting between: MSI I5 4200H 8GB RAM 860M PRICE 1100$ OR ASUS G750JM I7 4700HQ 12GB RAM 860M PRICE: 1250$ 150$ difference. With that I can put a ssd and change thermal paste for the MSI and we would have the...
  52. P

    toshiba heating problem

    My toshiba satellite a300 has heating problems my laptop whas repaird by replacing a 2 hand mobo with the same number as the old one v000126440 also all cleaned and thermal paste replaced with artic silver 5 but using the laptop is a problem using hwmonitor my laptop thrm climbs to a temperature...
  53. A

    Over Heating Laptop?

    Today while doing some light gaming on my laptop (i7 3632QM, HD4000, 8GB Ram, Windows 7 Pro) I noticed the area around the CPU was hot. I downloaded a cpu temperature monitor. It said my CPU was 80-75C, and 3 of 4 cores had 75% load on them. I figured that this was about normal, but just to...
  54. A


    HI Guys I am new to this forum & i'll like to apologies if i have posted in the wrong area. RE: SONY VAIO OVER HEATING MODEL: VPCEB3L9E I have owned this laptop for around 4 and a half years now. Quite recently my laptop has not been behaving correctly. Problem: When powering on the laptop...
  55. A

    How to fix Overheating of Laptop .

    Hi everybody , My Dell Laptop base is heating badly I mean you can cook an Omlet that bad . Pls suggest me how to reduce this overheating. I showed to technician he said you got to replace the fan.I have a doubt how could replacing a CPU fan can reduce heat which is caused by Motherboard.The...
  56. A

    best way to power a laptop when i am using it

    i use my HP laptop at home a lot [like a desktop pc]. which is the best way to supply power to it when i am using it at home? 1. remove the battery from the laptop, plug the laptop into the power outlet at my home when i am using it, and run it on the battery only when i am outside my home...
  57. C

    Sony Xperia Z1 heating problem when using wifi and charging.

    Hello World! I recently bought my Sony Xperia Z1 and immediately updated it to the latest android version Android 4.4.4. However, my phone is heating up very quickly when I am using the wifi and when I am charging it. Is it normal? If not, what steps should I take. If anyone has some experience...
  58. gamerboy214

    Possible heating issue with notebook?

    Okay I got a Laptop (HP-g012dx) And I think im having a problem, Not too sure. I've been playing games on it like Skyrim and Left 4 Dead 2 perectly and the specs are as follows: CPU: AMD A8-6410 2.0ghz with Radeon R5 Graphics RAM: 4.00gb (3.45 Usable) OS: Windows 8.1 64 bit HDD: 750gb Hard...
  59. S

    Notebook cooler heating power supply

    Hello, First, sorry for my bad english. Secondly, i've bought (for sometime now) a Samsung Series 5 - NP550P5C notebook. My problem is that the cooler is on the left side of the notebook, on the side of the power supply connector. I use this note to play, and it can get really hot, and I...
  60. 66nova

    is this case worth it

    ive been looking for a case that is gonna last and that im not gonna have a problem with over heating and i know it may not be worth it but i would like to go with water cooling...