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  1. Y

    Solved! Laptop not turning on

    My laptop was on hibernate. When I started my laptop after windows logo it shows blue screen with 'Please wait' message and wi
  2. J

    Solved! Laptop LED lights flashing after hibernate - Windows 10 October 2018 Update

    Hello, I have a problem with my Lenovo Y50. After I hibernate my laptop, the keyboard's backlight and the power led keep flashing/blinking. This doesn't happen when I shutdown. This problem started after installing Windows 10 October 2018 Update. Any solution for this? I have tried...
  3. R

    PCIe Wireless Card Disconnects When Laptop Sleeps?

    For school I purchased an HP Envy x360 with a Ryzen 7 and Vega 10. It works as intended except for one minor but very annoying problem- every time I close the lid and the laptop sleeps for more than a few minutes the wireless adapter becomes disconnected completely in the device manager. Another...
  4. S

    Can I set my critical battery hibernate to 1% ?

    My new laptop is an Acer Aspire a315-51, windows 10, i3-7100u, 4 gigs RAM. The thing goes into hibernation at 6% battery, can I reduce this to 1% safely? Or will this reduce battery life? Attaching image: https://pasteboard.co/HkOlFon.png
  5. N

    Problem With Laptop's Hibernate, Shutdown, Restart,Sleep Mode

    Hello Community i just have installed windows 10 in my laptop few days ago. before that i was using Windows 7 in my laptop. i'm facing issues with Shutdown,Hybernate,Restart things. problem is sometimes when i restart my laptop it gets shutdown and sometimes it only gets restart. and when i...
  6. U

    Laptop has a black screen but it is off

    I was using my laptop like an hour ago and it was fine....... I left it on while I was doing something and usually it hibernate but when I click or press a button it switches on again Now it's just a black screen and the light that says it's on is on and disc slot works fine and I don't have a...
  7. nascar895

    External keyboard is not working after resume from hibernate.

    I have recently converted my Legacy windows installation to UEFI since then my external keyboard is not working until i unplug it and reconnect if i hibernate my laptop. But my external mouse is working without any problem. Any fixes?
  8. M

    my laptop turn off in 30 min after upgrade it to i5 and i also replace a motherboard or when i hibernate my laptop timer will

    my laptop turn off in 30 min after upgrade it to i5 and i also replace a motherboard or when i hibernate my laptop timer will
  9. S

    Laptop very slow after waking up from sleep/hibernate - Ive tried all the usual suggestions

    Hi guys, thought I would try here, hope its the right section. Recently, like a week to now, my laptop has been struggling a lot. Its maybe 2 weeks ago I noticed it but the past few days its been worse. Heres the problem: When I wake the laptop from sleep or hibernate, window loads but nothing...
  10. S

    facing problem suddenly off

    When I start my laptop it goes on but after 2 3 minutes it shuts down, it repeated 2 or 3 time after that it works well ...... M confused what I do suggest. And one more thing if i always put laptop at hibernate than it can harm any part or not ...
  11. I

    laptop goes to hibernate at 20% battery

    my laptop is acer v5-573g 2 months before it started hibernating at 10% then 1 month before it was on 15% now its on 20% now what should i do is it hardware issue or something else
  12. J

    Large Battery Depletion When Powered Off - Please help! :-)

    Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can help, I just encountered a problem where my laptop's battery has depleted by 40% while powered off (not in sleep or hibernate mode). As per below, it was powered off at 100% and then power on around 24 hours later and it was down to 59%. Then It used 10% of...
  13. C

    Wireless disconnects after sleep/hibernate, won't reconnect till restart.

    I have a Samsung Ativ Book 9 running Windows 10 64bit. I bought it with Windows 8 and then upgraded later. Ever since the update to windows 10 my wireless network will randomly disconnect after I hibernate it the computer, or if it sleeps, or if the screensaver pops up, or basically if it isn't...
  14. A

    Windows 8.1 Laptop NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM Error

    Hi all, I hope you can help me with this peculiar problem I have been experiencing recently. If I have been using my laptop to play a game or browse the web or whatever and am then finished with my machine, I trivially close the lid and hibernate it if I am not going to need it for a while. I...
  15. K

    Asus UX305 not sleeping/hibernating when lid is closed

    For the past two months, my laptop has been running when my lid is closed. It does not sleep or hibernate. I've tried to change my settings to sleep and nothing happens. Here's a video I found of another laptop with the similar problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb75s0KTlcY Can...
  16. T

    Laptop hangs after sleep mode

    Peace upon you i have precesion m4600 i7 4G ram HDD1T with 2G N vidia gforce 1000m On windows 7 ultimate 64x My lap hangs after sleep mode or hibernate when resuming from hibernate i noticed that when i choose delete restoration data = it never hangs always hangs after sleep(waking up frpm...
  17. M

    how do i remove acer aspire E1-510 out of hibernate mode

    It is hibernating
  18. A

    My laptop powers on from hibernate, and then shuts down for no reason.

    Basically, this all started last night and I want to get it solved. What happened was that last night, I botted my laptop from hibernate. I went to do my usual things. However, it froze after a few seconds of booting it up. It froze, and then shut down by itself. I had to restart the whole...
  19. H

    my laptop automatically turns on when I open the lid even if i shut it down before i close the lid

    a few months ago, i noticed that may laptop automatically start up when i open the lid, even if i shut it down before i closed it . i also looked to my settings "when i close the lid" and it set as "hibernate", i also try to set it as "shut Down" but nothings changed, it's still turning on when...
  20. L

    I can't get my gateway notebook off if hibernate. What can I do?

    I turn my gateway notebook on and it says hibernating. How do I get it to boot up?
  21. N

    hibernation on laptop

    The hibernation on my laptop was working fine. Lately, it does not hibernate. All the lid closure settings are proper, the way they should be. Is there any thing else that I can check and change?
  22. Agera One

    I have two questions..

    1) Can I run Linx (or Prime95), furmark and memtest in my laptop? 2) Why shouldn't I always use hibernate instead of shutdown?
  23. W

    how to stop hibernate when in Hdmi mode G750js

    on my G750js when in hdmi and the lid is closed it goes into hibernate on its own
  24. vishnukanth1993

    Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 AMD 8850M Switchable Graphics/ Enduro and Sleep/Hibernate FIX

    I have got a solution for those who are facing issues with GAMING PERFORMANCE and Sleep/Hibernate Problems for "Inspiron 15R 5537" and other models which are using "AMD Radeon HD 8850M" solution for 1. Sleep/Hibernate problems when upgraded the Catalyst Drivers 2.Blue Screen...
  25. A

    I have a shutdown /s -t 10320 command in place but i have hibernated my computer.

    I gave the command "Shutdown /s -t 10320" and than i hibernated(and also made it sleep a few times) my computer will this stop the countdown timer in the system and resume when i resume windows please answer
  26. J

    Dell laptop: Power cable continually falling out

    I have been a loyal Dell user for 10 years+ and always thought they were very good for the money. However, my current laptop (a Dell Vostro 1300) is driving me to distraction. The problem is that the powercable in its socket has all the grip of a knife through butter. It often easily and...
  27. S

    Lenovo V570 USB charge while in Sleep/Hibernate

    Hi All. I have a Lenovo V570 that I want to set up to charge my phone via USB while the laptop is asleep/hibernating. Is there a way to configure the USB to keep charging while sleeping or is there already one of the 3 USBs that does this already and I am overlooking it?
  28. S

    how to reset bios in vaio vpcf136

    hi everyone. i have vaio vpcf136fx/b and i want to reset bios by taking out cmos battery. my question is how to reach to cmos battery in my laptop.plz help me with tips and step by step help. and the reason i want to reset bios is that my laptop is not turning on with battery after sleep and...
  29. E

    i want to disable some function in my notebook

    i want to disable the sleep and hibernate and some other function so it would be faster, some function was disabled when i get my notebook but when i return it to its original stat it was so slow
  30. S

    HDMI Audio stops working after waking computer from "Hibernate"!

    I put my Windows 7 laptop (Sony Vaio VPCEA1S1E) into "Hibernate" mode yesterday, for the first time ever. Upon waking up from Hibernate, suddenly no sound can transfer to my TV (Sony Bravia) via HDMI. The sound only plays on my laptop, not on my TV. And, when I go to Control Panel > Sounds...
  31. heywherzmybeer

    Sudden Core Unlocker failure

    Hi! I was shutting down my system yesterday, when I 'accidentally' hit 'Standby'. I have hibernate turned off, so it wouldn't restart. I then switched off the power supply, cleared the power and started it up. I got a notice that the 8150 8core CPU cannot be unlocked , so overclocking failed...
  32. G

    Laptop turning off

    Hello, My brand-new E1-571 laptop forces closure mid-activity without warning, at least every hour. Occasionally after 5-10 minutes. I have changed / removed all hibernate, sleep or closure settings, virus-checked and scanned, re-set to factory settings and checked battery is full / keep...
  33. P

    what does that mean?If you put your computer on hibernate what does that mean?

  34. G

    AC adapter not the one originally shipped?

    hey guys, at start up on my laptop I get a message saying "ac adapter isn't the 150w originally shipped" or something along those lines. Could anyone tell me what that means? My laptop will no longer charge for me but if plugged in, stays at the same % it was when this occurred. Its at 6%...
  35. B

    Laptop clock lag

    Hello,I am having a problem with the clock in my laptop when it is on Hibernate for any length of time
  36. F

    What is auto hibernate

    Hello, My laptop started randomly going into hibernation 'preparing to hibernate'. Although this appears to have stopped it now only runs for approx 30 minutes then just switches off. Bottom left hand corner of laptop seems to get pretty hot too. Can you advise or explain please?
  37. G

    Solved! My computer wont hibernate

    Hello, When i go to turn off my cpu I select the standby button. It's in shaded grey. Why?
  38. G

    How Do I Bring My Laptop out of Hibernation Mode

    Hello, just got a brand new toshiba laptop. Satellite L510 series. just made my user name and all that. when going to the shut down tab, it gives options sleep and hibernate. what is the difference? and i chose hibernate and the next time i opened the lid should i have pressed the on/off...
  39. G

    Solved! Laptop stuck in hibernate

    Hello, dell 1545 laptop stuck in hibernate will not boot to desktop have removed battery and held power button whats up
  40. G

    Solved! What does it mean when the comp goes in hibernate

    what dose it mean when the comp. says it is going in to hibernateing
  41. H

    Simple laptop docking problem

    This has always plagued me. When undocked I like to close the lid of my PC and it enter hibernate mode. When at work I undock for meetings/conferences etc. When I dock it again and close the lid it goes into hibernate and I have to wait, then take it out of hibernate, which is annoying. A...
  42. GDavidF

    Hibernate or Standby, differing opinions as to which is better?

    I had just been told that most IT techs would say that Hibernation is bad for laptops, anyone care to comment? With thanks and regards from Aus', Dave
  43. B

    HP laptop keeps waking up

    I recently bought an HP dv41120us laptop (vista x64) and overall its great, but theres one problem. I set it so that when i close the lid it goes into hibernate. so when i am done using it i close the lid and it goes into hibernate and i plug it into power so its read for the next time i want...
  44. D

    hp pavilion dv6500 laptop randomly turns itself on......

    well, i often hibernate and even shut down my laptop and walk around with it in my back pack, but unfortunately it turns itself on or just reboots randomly and drains my battery..... and i have no idea why, anyone have any ideas??
  45. G

    No "standby" or "hibernate" options

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hi, I have a Dell laptop (CPx) running Windows 2000. For some reason I don't have "standy" (or "hibernate," which I know you need to enable explicitly) in my "shutdown" options (I just have log off, restart and shutdown). I'm not sure what...