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  1. A

    Hp mini 311 cant format

    hello everyone i need help,my cousin have a hp mini 311 laptop i just upgrade his hard disk as the other one has crashed when i'm installing a new windows on the hard disk it says that : "Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The computer's hardware may not support booting...
  2. V

    How to connect my HP Mini 300 Bluetooth Speaker to my Dell Laptop with window 7 professional

    I am unable to connect my my HP Mini 300 Bluetooth Speaker to my Dell Laptop with window 7 professional. Please help me out??
  3. G

    HP Z2 Mini G3 Review: A Mighty Mini Workstation

    The HP Z2 Mini G3 workstation is the most powerful mini PC we've reviewed, putting category-leading performance into a compact chassis. HP Z2 Mini G3 Review: A Mighty Mini Workstation : Read more
  4. I

    Old HP Mini wouldnt detect bootable USB

    hai i've got a problematic notebook (hp mini) laying around so i thought i want to install windows 10 on it and see if the problem goes away. it is currently running a Windows 7. so i created bootable usb using rufus, and plugged in the usb on the notebook, but sadly it didnt boot from my usb...
  5. Ryan_81

    PC not booting after ram upgrade

    So I found this HP Mini with only 1gb of ram. Which is unusable. So I decided to throw 1 4gb stick in there. As expected it didn't boot up and I got a black screen. I believe the computer did not even post. So I threw in a 2gb stick and nothing. It didn't post again. What am I doing wrong?? I...
  6. C

    Solder power cord to HP mini stream?

    I have this hp stream mini 200-009 i would like to solder on the cord to since the power jack is damaged. I have tried once and it would not turn on. Here are some pics. ]http://[/url]
  7. M

    Laptop Help HP MINI 2102

    My laptop was just working a second ago. Try to turn it back on and the light on the power button turns on for ava second and then right back off, after opening the back i realized that the fan doesn't start to spin when turned on but it spins fine when i blow on it, but the laptop will charge fine
  8. A

    restore hp mini 1000 laptop to factory settings

    keys out of control
  9. H

    at start up I keep getting: view downloads - windows internet explorer View and track your downloads

    at start up I keep getting: view downloads - windows internet explorer View and track your downloads
  10. W

    Hard Drive LED blinking; laptop not turning on

    So this laptops hard drive led flashes in a pattern, 1 long then 6 short, its an hp mini and i don't know if its a diagnostic code or if its something weird but the laptop won't boot into the BIOS or the display won't even turn on, the fan and HDD won't turn on too. What does it mean! Its an HP...
  11. Rocko1976

    Worth upgrading 4200rpm hard drive to SSD?

    I have an HP Mini 1000 with a 80g 4200rpm pata hard drive. Is it worth upgrading to a SSD based on that it won't be Sata? Will there be a large increase in speed? Drive costs around $50 for a 64gig SSD Zif drive. Thanks.
  12. B

    How To gather my phone's wifi to my HP mini laptop

    :bounce: I have an HP mini, but i have no internet. Can i transfer my phone's wifi to my HP mini
  13. G

    Solved: HP Mini -110-1125 won't boot

    I've replaced the motherboard, the DC jack/battery charger board and those 2 parts did not change how the laptop acts. When the power button is pressed the hard drive spins, the fan does not spin and the screen back light comes on. I have 19 volts out of the cord. I know the hard drive is good...
  14. M

    hp mini not working if the charger is taken out

    My hp mini is not working without thae charger. First it was not working at all i got the power ic fixed than it was opening but not without charger i dont want to waste more money..if the charger is plugged out than there is complete black out when the charger is plugged it it turns on
  15. T

    hi . ineed bios binray file for hp mini 210-2013eo

    i need bios bin file for hp mini 210-2013eo
  16. Z

    hp mini 1000 does not power up

    hp mini 1000 does not power up
  17. B

    how do i turn on wifi on hp mini 1000?

    how do i turn on wifi on hp mini 1000?
  18. BobBinkle

    HP Chromebox CB1-014 Desktop (White) Dillema

    Hello World! I just wanted to ask the community about the RAM situation with the white HP Chromebox that has the Intel Celeron 2955U processor. Based on constantly searching the web and coming to no conclusions whether the HP Chromebox can actually recognize more than 4gb of RAM( I want to...
  19. F

    AC Adapter Charger for Compaq Mini 700?

    Hi! Is this item (Link) a correct replacement adapter charger for Compaq Mini 700? (Model:# 730EO) The retail charger broke, and i need to order a new one, and im not 100% sure what item to buy.
  20. S

    Help HP MINI

  21. T

    compare hp mini-5133 and acer aspire one notebooks.

    Comparison between top ultra-portable computers for purchasing consideration.
  22. rowdymoody

    need help installing windows 7 HP mini 311

    Hello. I just bought a used HP mini 311 for my wife. It is full of bloatware and other rubbish and I figured that rather than going through and uninstalling all of this crap manually I would just format and do a fresh install of windows 7. Since it is a netbook I am using a USB stick to...
  23. J

    format new harddrive hp mini

    I have a HP Mini that will not boot up and got a new hard drive for it could any one tell me how th format it with windows xp the note book dose not have a dvd drive thanks
  24. T

    HP laptop will not start up if Logitech wireless USB mouse connected

    I have an HP Mini 311 laptop running Windows 7. I use a Logitech M305 mouse with my laptop. The mouse is wireless. If I leave the small USB device that connects to the mouse in the laptop when I turn it on or restart the laptop will not boot all the way to windows. It will get to an HP screen...
  25. K

    My HP Mini Overheats Within 15 Minutes of Use

    Why does this happen, and what can I do to prevent it?
  26. tuxborg

    Budget linux netbook/netbook equivalent - Options?

    I've been debating picking up a netbook or some other small, light, and cheap (Under $500) laptop. My current "mobile," computing solution is an aging brick T61 which, despite being the best computer I have ever had the pleasure of typing on, weighs a ton. Unfortunately I hear the latest intel...
  27. B

    HP Mini "file missing or corrupt windows system 32 config"

    I'm trying to fix a friend's HP Mini 1212. It boots into Windows, but when you try to click on the Windows button to access anything, the screen goes black and a message comes up saying "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \Windows\System32\Config\System. I...
  28. G

    Funky message then only a white screen after startup

    My little HP mini has been working fine until my son started playing games on it. Today, we had a weird message show up saying that we are being fined for copyright infringement or something like that. Wanted us to send $200 bucks somewhere. Did not click the link, of course, but when I tried...
  29. B

    Repair or replace a motherboard?

    Hello, I have an old HP Mini 210, and it looks like I just killed the mainboard (side effect of other repairs--yay!) I can't get it to POST even completely stripped down. I get fans/LEDs on, but even the LCD backlight/VGA output don't do anything. Is it worth chasing a "new" mobo on...
  30. D

    Track my stolen hp laptop

    Some thief came to my house last night and picked away my new hp mini laptop with S/N: 5CD2390WKD, PRODUCT NO: A9R57PA#(ADETOUN). any solution before the end of the day.
  31. D

    HP mini 2140 notebook does not recognize external monitor

    My HP mini 2140 doesn't recognize an external monitor. The green hill and clouds picture is there, but not my desktop. How do I resolve this? Thanks Donna
  32. B

    How to connect my laptop HP mini to wifi?

    how to connect my laptop HP mini to wifi? :ange:
  33. C


    Hello, I received a hp mini and have successfully rid it of bloatware except a few. ebay hp barnes & noble e- reader hp download store I've searched through programs and features for the uninstall with no success. how do I get these off my notebook?
  34. R

    HP mini 110-3000 purchased, how can i make it better?

    What is the maximum processor for HP mini 110-3000. Currently I have N540 but I really need to upgrade it since I couldn't make clear Video calls in skype.
  35. M

    My hp mini hasnt been turned on in two years will it still work?

    i bought an hp mini back in 2009 and i just recently found it again, if i buy a charger, what are the chances it will turn on and work just fine? i don't want to put money into buying a charger if it's shot, and a lost cause..
  36. M

    Hp mini 210 won't turn on

    Hi all I dOnt want to waste my time and money if my problem isn't worth it. My hp mini stopped working out of nowhere. It hasn't been in use for a few months and when I went to start it up it would not turn on. Now when the battery is in and the charger plugged in it shows an amber light as if...
  37. M

    Hp mini 1000 wifi wont connect

    Evening all, HP Mini 1000 running XP, It shows the wireless as connected, but will not connect with IE nor Firefox. If I hard wire into the modem, everything works, its just wirelessly that I have an issue. Can someone help point me in the proper direction to fix this? Thanks
  38. 1UpGamer

    Upgrading HP Mini 110-1125NR

    Hello, I wanted to upgrade the RAM and hard drive on my HP Mini 110 and was wondering whether or not the parts I want will work. Parts: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231147 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136799
  39. G

    Increasing audio in laptops

    Hello, I have an hp mini 110, I want to increase its sound like VLC player enables to boost sound upto 300% but I like to ask if there are other ways, and also tell me if there are any risks in increasing the volume. Thanks
  40. U

    HP Mini won't boot, blank screen flashes white once per second on powerup.

    Subject line pretty much says it all, HDD and Ram check out fine. Upon powerup the screen remains blank with the exception of a full screen flash of white every second. No keyboard keys flashing. Power light steady on. No sound.
  41. P

    My hp mini 210-1000NR laptop got hanged while downloading antivirus. So i shutdo

    My hp mini 210-1000NR laptop with windows 7 operating system got hanged while downloading antivirus. So i shutdown by holding power button. Now when i start the computer it is turned on but no software or document is opening. Is this problem related with bios setting. What should i do?
  42. F

    Keyboard keys not working correctly

    i have hp mini notebook(JAPNESE)fns like ":}|{) ^& sterik are not working on the required buttons???
  43. A

    Laptop won't use battery

    Hi all :hello: Ok, so here's the problem.... I have a Hp mini 1101 ...netbook...or maybe a notebook, sorry, it was a used gift from my mom, and I don't know much about it.. :pt1cable: but my problem is when I first got it, it would work for hours on the battery, now as soon as I unplug it, it...
  44. E

    HP Mini series naming confusion

    I'm looking to buy an HP Mini 1103, but I'm getting confused between different producrs. The Mini 110 is certainly not what I want, but on the HP specifications document for the 110 the specs seem to be that of the 1103 and not 110. It also seems there aren't many 1103's hanging around, while...
  45. N

    How to remove hard disk drive hp mini 210-1084tu pc

    Hello, can someone help me physically how to remove/change the hard disk drive in HP Mini 210-1084TU PC (ATOM) ?
  46. N

    How to remove hard disk drive hp mini 210-1084tu pc

    Hello, can someone help me physically how to remove/change the hard disk drive in HP Mini 210-1084TU PC (ATOM) ?
  47. R

    Solved! Does hp mini 110-3000 have a internal hard drive?

    does hp mini 110-3000 have a built in hardrive?
  48. S

    HP Mini 210-1010ej Screen fucked up.

    Hey, 3 months ago i dropped the netbook and now the screen shows just lines, while the computer works perfectly (via another screen). Here's some images: Here's a closeup: While it works perfectly on tv screen (PC Monitor has no VGA): Well, what i'm meaning to ask, can you see from...
  49. R

    Which one i should go for hp pavilion dm 1 with AMD or hp mini ?

    pls help me choose one.. either hp pavilion dm 1 or hp mini 3736tu.. i wish to watch movies and basically surf the net on laptop...
  50. G

    Nmi parity check

    Hello, i have a hp mini notebook and when i start it up it come up with NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error" with a blue screen i was wondering if you have any ideas
  51. M

    Hp netbook charging port price

    What is the price of the charging port for HP Mini-Notebook 311-1037NR
  52. P

    Compaq/HP mini notebook help

    I want to play a game called rumble fighter on ogplanet on my hp mini notebook. but everytime i play, the screen turns black. So i turn on task manager and i see the game window and the game launcher window but then theres another one. It says mobile intel(r) 945 chipset express family. Is there...
  53. B

    Solved! Mss

    i have a hp mini netbook...how would i find my WEP passphrase number?
  54. kenbb1983

    What does acceptable dead pixels mean when purchasing netbook lcd?

    Hi. I'm looking to buy a replacement lcd for a HP Mini 110-1030CA. I've found an auction but in the auction it says "•This listing is for a brand new laptop lcd screen in accordance with ISO 13406-2 norms. This norm dictates an acceptable 2-5 dead pixel. If you do not agree with this norm‚...
  55. G

    I need hp mini 1101 \

  56. C

    Solved! HP MINI 210-1000 BOOT PROBLEM

    Hello, Please help! When I try to boot, I get a message stating no hard drive or operating system was detected. We replaced the hard drive and the cable that connects it to the mother board but, the problem was not corrected. The O.S. is Windows 7.
  57. asad393

    Can i install windows 7 home premium on hp mini 110

    hi, can i install windows 7 home premium on my hp mni 110 with 1 gb or ram..and 256 or something more video memory.
  58. A

    Hp mini 110-3000 keyboard

    unable to find down arrown key on hp110-3000 please help
  59. baverdi

    Solved! Hp mini 110-3030nr have tried everything

    I cannot get it to boot from usb. Set usb as first boot device in the bios but I am not getting the option in the boot device options boot manager When you try to boot windows you just get a blinking cursor. You get the same when you try to boot into system recovery could this be a hardware...
  60. M

    Solved! Hp Mini 311 cmos checksum is invalid ???

    I have a hp mini 311 1000nr, i was upgrading the hdd so i had it open upside-down next to the window on my dresser. the window was open and i didn't know it was raining and it got soaked so i immediately removed the battery and cmos, completely disassembled it and began to blow dry it, about 12...