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  1. M

    What is the difference between these 2 laptops and which is better?

    Which of these laptops would be better to purchase? 1. 2. Does it matter if you get the Flex 5 or...
  2. P

    Can GHz increased in laptop?

    My laptop is having i5 8th gen and ram is 8 gb too...but it has 1.7 GHz processor ,can I increase the it??
  3. A

    Lenovo IdeaPad 330s review

    Can someone please provide a detailed review of Lenovo IdeaPad 330s with core i5 8250u? At almost similar prices I can opt for i5 and rx 540 4GB or gtx 1050 2GB. I just need a laptop for casual gaming. I think i5 is better for that. What is the power consumption of gtx 1050 2GB? Do the laptop...
  4. M

    Solved! I5 7200u or Ryzen 5 2500u for music production and a bit of gaming?

    Hi, im looking for laptop for DAWs like FL Studio and play games such as Planetside 2, Battlefield 4,1 on low-med settings and around 40 fps 720p.
  5. F

    Acer Predetor Helios 300 y'all

    so i found a new Acer Predator helios 300 variant in a mall it's model is PH315-51-59e7 with an i5 8300h + gtx 1060 6gb and i saw some reviews on this laptop but a different version which is the i7 8750h one but what i saw in the review is that Acer actually improved the laptop's color accuracy...
  6. T

    Help me choose

    I'm getting a new laptop and I was wondering if I should get an i5 7200 with 1 TB HDD + 128GB SSD, or should I get an i5 8250 with only 1 TB HDD. THX COMARADES!
  7. K

    Recommend a laptop model that has eSATAp rev3(6Gb/s) port

    I am searching for an older refurbished laptop with a decent 3rd gen+ i5/i7 processor which must have an eSATAp rev3 6Gbps port.. Can someone give me a model number so that i can check it out ?
  8. C

    Do I need an i3 or i5 for a laptop to be used studying 'Sociology' at Uni!? Getting mixed responses...arghhh help!

    Before the questions are answered below I have one main question. *Looking on behalf of my sibling who will be studying Sociology at University. So laptop to be used mainly for essay writing, browsing online, MS office suite, streaming/Netflix. That is the main use I believe* But the difficult...
  9. O

    HP Elitebook folio 9470m i5 won't turn on

    Each time I insert the power cable into my laptop ,it turns on for like a second then it goes off.My assumption was that its BIOS was the issue ,but still I tried troubleshooting that problem with the interim solution for safe mode booting (Holding the power key for 15-30 seconds then afterwards...
  10. vishalaestro

    Acer predator with I7 7700HQ a good buy for 1100$

    I mainly use the laptop for programming and gaming. My previous system was a Intel core i5 6500 with 16GB ram and GTX 1060 6GB , due to portability issues i had to sell my desktop and now i have decided to buy the Acer predator laptop. How is the performance when compared to the current gen I5...
  11. M

    Can I Run GTA V

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 2520M CPU @ 2.50 GHz 4 GB RAM Intel HD Graphics
  12. J

    Solved! i5 7300HQ with GTX1050 or i7 8250u with mx150 for gaming ?

    i5 7300HQ with GTX1050 or i7 8250u with mx150 for gaming ?
  13. B

    Intel NUC Kodi

    New Intel NUC wont run Kodi error unable to create GUI exiting win 10 home with below NUC modle Gen 7 i5 HD iris 640 graphics I have updated the driver no luck disable Intel iris 640 kodi runs fine changed...
  14. S

    My HP core i5 came with win 10 64 bit. Can I change it to 32 bit and still have the system fully driven?

    Installing 32 bit on a 64 bit system, is it possible to have it fully driven?
  15. M

    i7 8th + radeon 530 VS i5 8th + Nvidia MX150

    i7 8550u + radeon 530 dell 5570 or i5 8250u + Nvidia MX150 ideapad 520 what laptop should i buy ?
  16. K

    Should I repair the motherboard of a 5 year laptop or buy a new one. Laptop was in moderate use. It was a core i5 ,3rd gen ,4g

    My laptop is 5 years old. It was a 3rd gen, Intel core i5,64 bit windows8 laptop. It had 4gb ram and 1 tb hard disc with 2gb graphics card. Now the motherboard got damaged and needs to be changed. It will cost around 10,000. What should I do? Should I repair it or buy a new laptop?
  17. S

    Which js best for budget? i5 or i7?

    I'm on a budget finding a laptop, I've settled with gtx 1060 but I'm confused whether to get i5 7th gen or i7 7th gen. Can someone help? Thanks in advance :)
  18. F

    HELP !! i5 vs i7 Blues

    Hi All Basically need help deciding between a i5 8th gen 1060gtx laptop vs i7 8th gen 1050ti laptop. I'm leaning toward the i5 - the i7's 1050ti seems like a bottleneck - PS im a gamer Probably most CPU/GPU intense game i play is Ark Survival Evolved. Thanks in advance
  19. K

    Very slow work

    My dell i5 5000 7th gen is very slow work and browser open take a long time . Please help me...
  20. S

    Is it safe for my laptop?

    Hello, I have an Acer Aspire 7 A715 ( intel i5 7300HQ, GTX 1050) and when I run Nier, CPU go as high as 90 degrees celsius on certain cores(others are around 80-90) and GTX at 68-72 . I know that i5 intels have a max of 100 degrees. Is it okay for me to push it that far even for short gaming...
  21. G

    How much better is the i5 8250u over the i5 7200u

    I bought the Dell XPS 13 back in May 2017 with the i5 7200u inside and now, only a year later, the current XPS 13 has the i5 8250u and it just seems much better than the last generation one, so I feel a bit ripped off, especially when I see laptops for like £500 that supposedly have far superior...
  22. Karim2001

    I5 7200u with a Nividia 940MX or I7 7500u with an AMD 530?

    I5 7200u with a Nividia 940MX or I7 7500u with an AMD 530?
  23. R

    Is it Possible to install CAD softwares?

    Dear all, I have the following specs for my laptop: HP Intel core I5 8 gen 8GB Ram 1TB harddisc Integrated Graphics (2 GB they say)
  24. M

    Solved! i5 2410M gpu failure

    I have an old laptop HP Probook 6560b with i5 2410M and Intel HD 3000 gpu. AFAIK, gpu is integrated in cpu. The laptop stopped displaying picture the other day so I'm wondering is it possible that gpu is gone? If I replace the cpu, will it work again? It doesn't display anything at all on laptop...
  25. A

    Good quality laptop

    I want a laptop for office and personal use with minimum i5 good screen quality ..please suggest me
  26. Karim2001

    4 Laptops Price Comparison

    Hi I would like to know witch of these laptops is worth the price and may be even rank them from best to worst thx. HP i5-7200U 8gb ddr4 1TB AMD Radeon R7 M440 4GB DDR3 760.52 USD HP i5-8250U 4gb ddr4 500GB Intel® UHD Graphics 620 798.39 USD Asus i5-7200U 8gb 1TB NVIDIA GeForce GT920MX...
  27. A

    i5 7300HQ + 1060 (6GB MAXQ) vs i7 6700HQ + 1060 3GB

    For gaming purposes; which one should I go for? I am basically comparing between MODEL NO.7577(CORE I5 7TH GEN) SPECS.COREI5(7300HQ).8GB DDR4.128GB M.2 SSD+1TB HDD.15.6 FHD SCREEN.NVIDIA GTX1060 (6GB DDR5)MAX-Q DEDICATED and Msi ge62vr 6rf 6700 hq processer 8 gb ram 256gb ssd 1tb hdd GTX...
  28. S

    Query about changing the Graphics card

    My laptop is dell Inspiron 5559 i5 64bit with 8 gb ram. I want to change my graphics card Radeon to the NVDIA which supports the deep learning. What I do?
  29. O

    What games can u run?

    What games can u run with amd radeon graphic, intel i5 2.30ghz and 6GB of RAM
  30. R

    Can anyone please guide me what games are compatible with Lenovo g580 i5 3rd gen Nvidia 610m. Laptop ram is 4 GB and with 500

    Can anyone please guide me what games are compatible with Lenovo g580 i5 3rd gen Nvidia 610m. Laptop ram is 4 GB and with 500 gb hard-disk
  31. S

    8th Gen core i5,4gb ram or 7th gen core i5,8gb ram?

    Really confused about which one should I get. Can someone tell me which one would be better in terms of performance? Here are the links -...
  32. Q

    University Laptop Advice

    Hi guys! I am looking for a laptop with specs such as the i5 8250u, 8gb ram and 256gb SSD when i found this Lenovo Yoga 720 13". Am i missing something with it listed at £530 on the Lenovo website when the same specced laptop is £950 everywhere else? Thanks...
  33. L

    i5 8300H gtx 1060gb vs i7 8750H gtx 1050Ti

    Which is better when using apps like Lumion, Sketchup, Revit, and CAD? and a little gaming. im opting for the i5 variant with the 1060 for that gpu power but i honestly do need some help with choosing.
  34. H

    Asus K501U i5 has a fan missing?

    My girlfriend bought a brand new ASUS K501U from Currys PC world ~2 years ago. Just opened the back up today to clean out the fan/ heatsink as id noticed it was getting rather hot (>80 degrees on gpu) and found that it has only 1 fan, the videos I was watching showed the same laptop but with 2...
  35. V

    Looking for a laptop under $550

    Which one is better laptop? 14" 720p with 2gb amd radeon or 15.6" 1080p with intel uhd 620? (both having i5 8th gen, 4gb ram) (for purposes such as mat lab, orcad, simple Photoshop, movies)?
  36. A

    19.5v 3.33a 90w adaptor

    Hello, I own a hp pavillion 15gbr104tx,i5 8th generation,8gb ram,gpu amd r5 m330 hp in box charger is 19.5v 3.33a 65w can i use a 19v 4.76a 90w charger for my laptop? thank you.
  37. C

    Solved! Can i run gta 5 in my lenovo i5 7th gen,shared 2gb vga(intel HD 620) ,4gb ram and 1TB hard

    Can i run the game?
  38. J

    Which laptop is better?

    Hello. I'm looking for a low-end gaming laptop and have zeroed in on the following two laptops. Any help will be much appreciated. Acer Nitro AN515-31: Intel Core i5 - 8250U Nvidia GeForce Mx150 2GB DDR5 Acer Nitro...
  39. B

    what's the difference between intel core i5 7th gen and 8th gen processor

    difference between intel core i5 processor 7th generation and 8th generation
  40. E

    HP laptop - Buy Envy 13 AMD Ryzen 5 2500U or Pavilion 14 i5-8250U

    Hi Everyone, I am looking buying a laptop for college. So portability is a priority. I am looking at 2 HP laptops that are the same price. - HP Pavilion 14" x360 14 with i5-8250U, Intel UHD 620 or - HP Envy 13" x360 with AMD Ryzen 5 2500U Quad-Core, Radeon™ Vega 8 Graphics All other specs...
  41. H

    CPU throttling at 88% during idle 2% usage

    Hi, so my laptop is an Acer Aspire V5 471G Specs: processor: i5-3317U ram: 4gb I noticed that my laptop fans were loud when i just turned my laptop on and no programs are running yet. I checked in the task manager and the background cpu usage only showed 2%. Other than that, the bottom of the...
  42. K

    Help me choose a laptop!

    I am considering to buy a laptop with an i5-8250U or i7-8550U ... I want the laptop to be easily repairable, fast, silent and have the best cooling which will last long... My Budget is under 1000CDN with tax and everything.... is it model dependent or brand dependent ? if it is brand...
  43. B

    Can i upgrade laptop CPU

    HI, i have the HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j184na Notebook PC and would like to know if its possible to upgrade the laptop from i5 to i7, the CPU is removable, not soldered in, maybe the motherboard/BIOS cannot handle the i7, how about a more powerful i5, if so which please?
  44. S

    HI, I have a Dell laptop model-VOSTRO 15 3000 Series, Intel(R) core(TM) i5-8250U 8th gen, Ram 8gb ,Rom 1 Tb, AMD Radeon 520,

    In Fact Of Windows 10 and INTEL Core i5, My processor speed is only 1.60 GHZ.Please Suggest Me What Should I do now to increase my speed:pfff:.
  45. J

    i5-3340M is it worth upgrading? Confused!

    Hello everybody, I have a Dell Latitude E6430, which I use it mainly as a "portable" gaming device with an eGPU. It has an i5-3340M on board (2.70 GHz - 3.4Ghz turbo) and 8GB DDR3 RAM. I have the possibility to cheaply upgrade it to i7-3740QM with around 55 dollars. Is it worth it? Does CPU...
  46. R

    Which one to buy? Lots of confusions!

    I shortlisted some of the budget laptops but it's confusing to select the right guys please suggest me the best. ■ Acer aspire 5 i5 8th gen and mx150 ■ Acer nitro with i5 8th gen and mx 150 ■ Lenovo IdeaPad 520 i58th gen and mx 150 ■ Asus s15 i58th gen and mx150
  47. B

    Lenovo Yoga 730 Vs Asus Q325UA-BI7T21

    I wanted your help deciding which laptop should i buy: Lenovo Yoga 730 Model: 81CT0008US: 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-8250U, 8gb ram, 250gb PCI-e SSD OR Asus - 2-in-1 Model: Q325UA-BI7T2 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-8550U,16gb ram,500gb ssd sata III Both are from bestbuy. Im not a big...
  48. W

    Lowest price laptop with an i5 8300h/equivalent/better?

    Hi, The title says it all really, I am looking for the lowest priced laptop featuring an i5 8300h or equivalent really (ryzen 5 laptops, the few that exist). Thanks.
  49. B

    cant play anything play because of my keyboard

    i have an asus S551LN i5 with 840M graphic cared the problem is that the keys dosnt do what they should do when i try to shoot it dosnt let me i have to crouch to shoot and i cant press 3 keys at the same time i need help
  50. J

    Having trouble choosing a laptop

    Hey guys, i'm stuck between getting a i5 7300hq and the gtx 1050TI 4gb vs i5 8300hq and the gtx 1050 4gb Could you guys help me out? I'm Looking for the better laptop for gaming.
  51. S

    laptop for college highly urgent!!!!!!

    should i buy xps 13 9360(i5 8250,8 gb ddr3 ram,fhd display,intel hd graphics,60 watthr battery) or lenovo ideapad 530s(i5 8250,8 gb ddr4 ram,fhd display,mx150 graphics,) for college. i would be doing light cad and programming extensively. which should i choose.
  52. N

    Solved! Surface Pro 3 Showing only Half Storage

    so i have the i5 with 8gb of ram version and on the back it says 256gb, but the storage only reports a 118gb drive, i cant find any other storage or partitions in the drive manager either
  53. W

    Gaming laptop i5 7300hq 1060 or i7 8750hq 1050 ti

    I'm looking for an gaming laptop mostly for gaming and school I have found two laptops that are similarly priced. The first one is lenevo legion y720 with i5 7300hq and 1060 6gb and then hp omen with i7 8750hq vitt 1050ti 4gb. Both have same amount of storage and ram. Thanks
  54. C

    Can i change CPU on a laptop

    So i have this msi laptop with an nvidia gtx950m i5-4210 2.90 GHz quad core and i want to change my i5 to an i7 but don't know if its possible to change it. I'm fine with my graphics card btw. Thank you really much if you're wanting to help me because I know nothing about pc's. And can u change...
  55. W

    can i run watch dogs on my laptop

    Hi everyone! so my Laptop's specs: intel i5-8250U @1.60 GHz 8 gb ram ddr4 AMD Radeon™ 520 Graphics (2 GB DDR3 dedicated) can i run watch dogs on my laptop......?
  56. R

    DELL 13-5379-i5-12 vs HP ENVY 15M-BQ021-12 x360 for Matlab

    Hi, I´m buying a new laptop for college. I am studying Math and I need the computer mostly to use Matlab and write code in Java, C and Python. In my country these are my options: HP ENVY 15M-BQ021-12 x360 AMD™ FX 9800P Quad Core Turbo 3.60Ghz Ram 12GB DDR4 1TB (1024GB-SATA) 15.6" Táctil...
  57. M

    my Acer E15 wont charge but turning on and the chargin light is not lighting

    I hev an acer E 15 , core I5 6GB DDR3 L, 1000 GB showing a battery critically low when you power it on but not charging and the charging light not showing on
  58. G

    Help me chose: i5 8300h gtx 1050 vs i7 7700hq gtx 1050 ti

    Hi, I am looking to buy a laptop and currently I have 2 choices in front of me. 1st laptop is of msi with intel i5-8300h and gtx 1050 4gb graphic card at 60k rs. 2nd laptop is of asus with intel i7-7700hq but with gtx 1050 ti 4gb at 63k rs. Both laptops have 8gb RAM. Which one will give me...