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  1. 1

    If you have an iphone without internet access can you use wifi to get on interne

    Hello, Can you get on the internet with WIFI? Even if your iphone isn't turned on?!
  2. E

    Acer TimelineU M5 "no internet access"

    Hello everyone, I tried searching for this, so forgive me if its been asked before. I just received my Acer TimelineU M5 and can't seem to get it to connect to my girlfriend's internet. It finds the wifi, connects to the router, but just goes back and forth between reconnecting and saying "no...
  3. V

    How to set up data

    Hello, Would you please guide me in setting up my data for internet access? Thanks for you time.
  4. exfileme

    United Nations Says Internet Access is a Human Right

    You have the right to freedom of expression on the Internet. United Nations Says Internet Access is a Human Right : Read more
  5. MacHooper

    Dell laptop, Windows 7 Internet Problems

    Hey, I have had a Dell laptop for a few months now and it keeps coming up with a "No Internet Access" Yellow Icon. It still says im connected but have no internet access and I cannot open any webpages or anything that involves the internet, every other computer and phone in the house will...
  6. B

    How to route internet access through laptop

    Our desk top CPU has died and since we rarely use the desktop we want to explore hooking up our laptop and not buy another CPU. We are not computer oriented so thought I would explore doing this through this site. We currently have Verizon Fios as our Internet router. Thanks :)
  7. exfileme

    FBI: Check For DNS Changer or Lose Internet Access

    The FBI wants Web surfers to check their PC or Mac for DNS Changer before the servers are switched off on July 9, cutting off their Internet access. FBI: Check For DNS Changer or Lose Internet Access : Read more
  8. Arlen10

    Program that controls the network? Such as "Disconnect Computer A, B"?

    I am looking for a program that I control who has internet access with. Allowing me to disconnect them or reconnect them. Is there such a thing?
  9. A

    Any internet application not working

    any internet application is not working except "internet explorer". following internet application is not working:- firefox, chrome, filezilla, dc++, opera. (althoughThe connection manager is showing internet access ) Please help meits very very urent.
  10. JMcEntegart

    Homeless People Turned into Walking Wi-Fi Hotspots

    Homeless people provide internet access at SXSW. Homeless People Turned into Walking Wi-Fi Hotspots : Read more
  11. L

    How do you get internet on your ps3 from phone

    how do i hook my ps3 to my cell phone for internet access
  12. exfileme

    Skype Offering Free Wi-Fi in NYC for New Year's

    Skype is throwing the doors to free internet access wide open again, this time in New York City during New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Skype Offering Free Wi-Fi in NYC for New Year's : Read more
  13. S

    No internet access

    Hello, I have just bought mobicel m909 but i cant access internet. It keeps on diplaying the page is under construction. Pls help.
  14. C

    Laptop connects to router, but no internet access

    My laptop has had an issue for a while where it will connect to any network without much issue however it will only grant local access, no internet access. It is running on vista, and i have attempted many fixes to no avail -control panel > network connections > wireless network connection >...
  15. J

    Solved! Help me improve OTA reception on old TV

    Can you help me improve the reception of OTA channels? I have an old TV set, which is currently plugged directly into a cable line. I am using a splitter for this, as my service is for internet access, not TV programming. I get all of the channels I used to, but the reception on most is poor...
  16. C

    Solved! Finding security key for wireless internet

    I have 2WIRE732 internet access and amy truing to connect a wireless device to my TV. I got the WEP, and now they want a security ke. I need help
  17. C

    Looking for Program to toggle internet access for a running process

    Hi guys, Basically I'm looking for a software solution that would allow me to stop all internet activity for a single process thats currently running and allow me to resume later. So far I am using Zonealarm's "Stop all internet activity" feature and it gets the job done with two mouse clicks...
  18. M

    Do I have a Virus???

    First let me say that I'm condemned to using dial-up Internet access, availability, cost and access are not in my favor for broadband access! The problem: About a week ago I noticed activity on the modem when I didn't have any programs loaded (web browser, mail, etc.) that would be using the...
  19. G

    IPAQ 3630 - Pocket Informant

    Hello, I was given an old Ipaq 3630 that I would like to use. Does anyone know if Pocket Informant would work on it? Do you need Internet access to use Pocket Informant?
  20. G

    Whats wrong with my internet connection

    i have a wireless internet conncection, but no internet access.
  21. andy66uk

    Scratch card internet usage system or pay as you go access card softwa

    I recently used a scratch card for internet access where you pay for the card, scratch off the details and type in the username and password given on the card. I would like to know which companies outhere sells this software and package and would anyone know the costs for such a package.
  22. exfileme

    China Blocks Internet in Urumqi

    China has blocked Internet access in Urumqi for 48 hours. China Blocks Internet in Urumqi : Read more
  23. G

    Time Warner Axes Tiered Bandwidth Plans

    Caving to consumer groups and public outcry, Time Warner has decided to can its plans to offer tiered bandwidth Internet access. Time Warner Axes Tiered Bandwidth Plans : Read more
  24. G

    China’s Great Firewall to Remain Up During the Olympics

    China is refusing to guarantee it will not censor Internet access during this summer’s Olympic games. China’s Technology Ministry offered the assurance that the international media will still able to continue to function as they normally would. Over the China’s Great Firewall to Remain Up...
  25. G

    China To Block "unhealthy" Websites During Olympics

    Beijing (China) - China says it won't guarantee complete and unrestricted Internet access during this summer's Beijing Olympics. China To Block "unhealthy" Websites During Olympics : Read more
  26. G

    Qantas To Offer Internet Access On Australian Flights

    American Airlines and Virgin America are not the only carriers that will re-introduce Internet access on their planes. Qantas To Offer Internet Access On Australian Flights : Read more
  27. G

    Logout of OWA on a PDA

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi There I have a PDA with Internet access, & When I access the OWA for our company, I cannot logout properly, which is obviously a security issue. When I use OWA on normal Internet connection the LOGOUT PAGE works perfectly &...