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    Changing the IMEI of a Non android device

    Hi everyone, if this is in the wrong category im sorry but its the closest I could get. A guy I know (sounds cliché but it actually is someone else) wants to know if theres any way we can alter the IMEI number on his Huawei E5573 MiFi box. The guy in question is a traveller who has literally no...
  2. N

    Help! Network Protocols Missing!!

    Hi, recently I built a new custom computer for myself. I installed everything and updated all the drivers. I use NetGears PowerLine AV200 to get my Internet instead of running a 100ft ethernet cord from downstairs, up to my room. I went to plug it in today and go on the internet on my new...
  3. H

    Asus motherboard and Internet access on desktop

    In 2014 my classmate and I built my computer. I'm using an Asus p8z68-v motherboard. I decided to reinstall Windows 7 just to start fresh. I ran the drivers and utilities CD/DVDs and installed all the drivers, but I do not have Internet access. Is this because the drivers that were installed are...
  4. W

    PLEASE HELP! I think I was DDoSed?

    It was while playing a game of csgo. I got disconnected from everything. My router was blinking like crazy, unplugged and replugged it several times. For around 30,45mins NOTHING worked. I decided to change my IP address, but I didnt do it by signing in the router, i did it by settings on my...
  5. J

    No Internet access on my computer

    So I recently downloaded a sketchy file and quickly used malware bytes to remove it as well as cc cleaner. I restarted my computer and when I tried to use the internet I get hit by DNS_PROBE_STARTED followed by DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG. The network icon on my task bar says I have access...
  6. D

    How to connect

    My wifi is the type gives u the log in page so u can continue ur surfing . So i did this tge first time and it was working perfectly then i had to restart my PC (windows 10) for updates since then it shows that am connected . But i cant browse or use the internet at all i tried alot of ways pls...
  7. V

    HP Notebook 15-ac122tu no LAN internet access via Ethernet

    i bought a HP Notebook 15-ac122tu laptop. I connected the ethernet but I'm getting an unidentified network message in connections and no internet access. OS windows 8.1. The device status of my Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller says that the device is working properly. please help.
  8. V

    dell inspiron wired internet

    Does Dell Inspiron i3147-3750sLV have a wired internet capability? I know it does not have Ethernet port, but can be wired via an external Ethernet? many thanks!
  9. M

    Wifi not working, drivers installed.

    Hey guys, I have a V3-571G Acer laptop and recently swapped out the hard drive for an SSD, installed windows on it from a disc (7, 64bit) and put the drivers on a USB stick and installed them, but while I installed the WLAN driver (the Broadcomm Wireless one), and while I can now see all the...
  10. W

    Windows 7 Acer laptop, no internet access

    Hi, so I have an acer laptop, and am using windows 7. It says I am connected to my home's wifi, but have no internet access. All other devices in my house are fine (friend's laptops, mobile devices, home computer, wireless printer etc.) I have all necessary updates for my laptop & have reset my...
  11. C

    My Computers will not open any internet sites

    Hey. My computer is connected to my wifi, and the wifi is working on other devices. However, when I try to open google or YouTube, or anything, it gives me the error message "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET". I have tried several solutions to this problem including: Every cmd input that is...
  12. B

    Need help finding laptops: Need two writer's workhorses.

    I have a client that needs 2 laptops. The trouble is they only need them for writing and internet access which means nearly any laptop will do. Money is not an object either really, so I'm looking for a "top of the line" basic laptop. I'd like to get the largest screen possible that isn't a...
  13. R

    Powerline adapter can connect but no internet access.

    Hi this problem happened recently and I'm using a phone to type out this thread now, I'm using tp link AV500 and been using for quite awhile now. So after I came back from work I suddenly saw that I'm connected to the Internet but no internet access and I also tried using the cmd commands and...
  14. L

    New modem now no internet access

    i have installed a new modem which is working, my tab 3 is showing that it is getting strong signal but is stuck on obtaining ip address, any ideas please, do i need to change the setting on it to the new modem name etc
  15. N

    Laptop Hp pavilion g6 series

    Hello gurus, Right now, after deleting, reinstalling etc I still have NO INTERNET ACCESS under Access Type, I am looking at the page "view your basic network information and set up connections" on my LAptop...why? Where do I go next? Thank u
  16. Z

    Can I encrypt our client database so it can't be uploaded to the Internet?

    We have a client database that is used by Microsoft access. We would really like for our receptionists to have Internet access so we can use things such as online scheduling etc. but we are concerned about the security of our client list. We're not so much concerned about someone hacking our...
  17. T

    why is it when i connect my laptop to my wi-fi it only connects for a second then says i have no internet access

    when I run troubleshooter there isn't a problem
  18. A

    My laptop is connected to the router but does not have internet

    My laptop (Asus G73J) is connected to my router, however, has limited access. All other wireless devices in the house are able to connected to the router with internet, including another laptop. I have also already contacted my internet provider and my router provider to no avail. I looked at...
  19. S

    Pls help me

    Pls help me guys Mine is a asus gaming laptop, it is connected to wifi but shows limited/no internet access. When i troubleshooted the problem. They cant identify the problem.
  20. S

    Connected to internet but webpages dont load

    Im connected to the internet but webpages dont load. This is the case for all browsers I use and all devices I use.
  21. A

    my wifi is working great and says it is connected but wont access through apps that use wifi like social media etc. pls,help?

    i have a samsung tablet 3 and it works but it wont access through internet access apps and says no network connection which the wifi says its connected
  22. S

    I'm not getting internet through wifi

    all network software's are installed but still after connecting to wifi it shows no internet access but when i connect through lan cable I'm getting internet why it is like that can somebody suggest me any answer
  23. O

    infection after full computer scan

    hi all I have got such this issue with different antivirus softwares. for example, I install an antivirus software (assume this computer has just internet access), then I make full computer scan, (so the computer will be clean), after couple of days or one week, when I again make full scan, I...
  24. R

    Trouble setting up a wireless Router using a WiFi Dongle.

    I have 2 devices - Laptop and iPad connected to a Wireless Router for internet access at my main home. I also have a country property with no Land-Line where I use a USB Dongle Modem. Of course this will not supply internet to the iPad and it won't work as a "Wi-Fi Hotspot" from the Laptop...
  25. I

    Can't connect to my modem by ethernet

    Hi all I'm having a very annoying issue which came out of nowhere. I'm connected to my modem by ethernet with my laptop, and all of a sudden today when I came home, everything looked normal, all the lights were flashing, the ethernet sends and receives packets, but can't connect to anything...
  26. J

    how can i get tv witout modem or internet access

    Can't afford cable & have a laptop but no internet access. No HDTV but its digital. How can I watch just regular channels if I can?? Help!!
  27. B

    No internet access

    No internet access after my isp fibre broadband went down 2 days ago even though it's up now , my modem is working fine but for my router , there's a red light under the internet label.. However , I'm still able to connect to it via wifi with my laptop and mobile but there's no internet access...
  28. 1

    How can I block internet to mobile without having the MAC address of phone

    Blocking internet access to mobile phone without having the phones MAC address
  29. S

    Phone locked android 2.3

    how to unlock the android 2.3 device when it is asking for user id and password after many pattern tries and there is no internet access
  30. H

    android tablet connects, but no internet access- what's up?

    I have a 10 inch android tablet (SVP) 2.2 version 2.5. I am able to connect, (although I have to redo every time). Even though I get a connection, I am not able to access the internet for browsing. This happens not only at home, also @ the Dr's office & the YMCA. I've done a lot of...
  31. corcorand82

    Ubuntu WiFi Issue

    Hey guys, My moms laptop keeps disconecting from our home WiFi. It says it is connected with a 5 bar signal, but websites and web apps will not load. The only solutions we can find are to restart the computer (which sometimes works, but often does not) or connect it to ethernet (which is...
  32. R

    2 phones 1 mac address

    Hi, After some help. Few questions here; 1 - Through an internet website, would it be possible for 2 iPhones to show as having same mac and ip addresses if both using the same wifi connection? 2 - if using a 3G connection could Someone intelligent enough get hold Of my phones MAC address? 3...
  33. A

    Tablet wifi authentication problem?

    My mom just gave me her old Lenovo tablet because it "kept freezing" so I took it. I reset it and began setting it up again, but when I tried connecting to her internet, it gave me an authentication problem. So I thought it might just be her router, but when I went home it did the exact same...
  34. V

    get safari back

    how do i get my safari back for my guest account
  35. D

    DDOS persists through proxy.

    Recently, I've been the victim of a consistent ddos attack. I've formatted, changed from windows7 to 8.1 to stop it. No luck. I am a twitch streamer, all I would have open is the game I'm playing (Have tried multiple: Smite, thief, Brothers, etc.) and OBS. I've also tried xsplit; same...
  36. V

    how do i disable the internet on my gts 5230

    Hi,I would like to disable internet access on my samsung gt s5230 phone. Its too slow and the screen is so small to be of any use.
  37. M

    how to only allow access to the web browser and nothing else?

    I was wondering if its possible to to set up a computer where a user can only use the web browser and nothing else? they won't have access to any other part of the computer and they won't be able to see any other part of the computer. I was wondering if its possible to setup a computer...
  38. G

    Why Today's Court Ruling Isn't the End of Net Neutrality

    The court ruling voiding an FCC order isn't the end of net neutrality; it just forces the FCC to abandon a shortcut it took to get there. Why Today's Court Ruling Isn't the End of Net Neutrality : Read more
  39. A

    cannot connect to wireless router

    Toshiba satellite laptop. it says it is connected to the internet but when you try to use the internet the webpage says we are not connected. We have tried FN and F8, it does not work. there does not appear to be a wireless switch on the laptop, or maybe I'm blind lol. Any help would be appreciated
  40. R

    accessing the internet via Kindle Fire

    I'm at work (airport) with my Kindle Fire and when I tried to access the web , the message said to access the enter a guess password to access the internet, and that it can be accessed using cisco network. I have a guest name.
  41. D

    wp8 no internet sharing

    hi, I was wondering I don't see internet sharing on my Samsung ativ. (wp8, GDR3) even with GDR 1 it didn't exist, I'm sure there is a code like the one suggested (Samsung Odyssey) that brings that feature back to life, would anyone happen to know what it is?
  42. N

    Help Regarding WiFi and Bluetooth

    sir, i have toshiba L850-I2010 laptop. I dont have any idea about laptop. Can anyone helpme to use wifi and bluetooth of laptop. Is it needs any software? If yes then please tell me...
  43. C

    is there a free full complete download for java

    Is there a free full complete java download if so what is the link please ? Its for an android is tablet many thanks : )
  44. D

    stream wireless video through analog tv

    Ok, times are tough, I'm broke. Cable TV is too expensive to keep. How can I hook up my old analog tv to get hulu through wireless for the least amount of money? Do I have to buy the tv converter box that converts the signal from digital to analog AND buy the wireless box? Are there are...
  45. C

    I have connected my android phone with a ADSL-2 Wireless router over wi-fi network having internet access on pc but not on my

    I am connected in our DSL router to wi-fi but no internet access. I can use it before but suddenly its not working now. Please help
  46. B

    VivoBook Wifi Connectivity?

    My three-month-old Asus VivoBook has started loosing internet access every few minutes, despite a strong signal. It will just loose connectivity, and get it back a minute later. The problem only seems to occur when using the wireless extender in my room, which I know indicates a problem with...
  47. exfileme

    Microsoft Shuts Down MSN TV

    The pioneering Web TV service has signed off. Microsoft Shuts Down MSN TV : Read more
  48. B

    Google chrome has

    Help me when I open google chrome instead of google being the opened pages it always sets it to even the search engine is set to qv06
  49. J

    General question on IPhone 5 features

    I have a iphone 5, so Siri requires Internet access or not?
  50. JMcEntegart

    Google Street View Hits the Zoo

    Google has added zoos from all over the world to Street View. Google Street View Hits the Zoo : Read more
  51. M

    How can I use my galaxy 4 as modem for a Pc?

    How can I use my galaxy 4 as modem for a Pc?
  52. G

    Not to Be! Library Blocks 'Hamlet' for Being Too Violent

    A British writer was shocked to find that an online version of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" had been blocked from the British Library's Web server. Not to Be! Library Blocks 'Hamlet' for Being Too Violent : Read more
  53. JMcEntegart

    Bill Gates Pooh-poohs Google's Internet Balloons

    'What about malaria?' asks Bill. Bill Gates Pooh-poohs Google's Internet Balloons : Read more
  54. N

    dell laptop error

    my latitude E6400 series dell laptop wont allow me to connect to da internet but is showing that my wifi is connected and also window system error showing that there is an IP address conflict with another system on the network keeps popping up
  55. JMcEntegart

    Sorry, AT&T: Google to Supply WiFi at Starbucks Locations

    Those in Google Fiber cities stand to gain the most. Sorry, AT&T: Google to Supply WiFi at Starbucks Locations : Read more
  56. I

    HELP! Lenovo Y400 endless identifying, connected, no internet access cycle

    Hello everyone, I am running a Lenovo Y400 (win 8 64bit, intel n2230 wireless card) and I just bought a TP-Link WR1043ND router about 10 days ago and I have it connected to my ISP modem. For the first few days after the installation, the internet connection seems to be intermittent but still...
  57. T

    Network 1 month subscription while on vacation

    Hello. This summer i am going on vacation to the west coast in the USA. I was wondering, is it possible to get a temporary mobile network subscription for my smartphone? Mostly i am looking to get something with some data included, so i can have internet access.
  58. S

    Gaming Laptop for the next two years

    Hey there, I am leaving for the Ukraine for 2 years. I will have limited to no internet access, but it was highly suggested I bring a laptop with me. I build my own desktop computers - currently have: Windows 7 64 bit 8 gb ddr3 1600 intel core i5 sandy bridge 3.3ghz geforce gtx 570 Ideally...
  59. S

    How to disbal network in Lan using Server 2003

    Hello, i have need to stop internet access in particular time pried for client PC Please give me guide
  60. Z

    Google's Schmidt Urges North Korea For Open Web

    Global internet access is key to a developing economy, stresses search engine giant's executive chairman. Google's Schmidt Urges North Korea For Open Web : Read more