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  1. P

    hook up sony dvd player and jbl soundbar to small lg tv

    I am trying to hook up a sony dvd player and a jbl soundbar to my small lg tv that lacks an optical connection port. How can I get the sound from the tv and the dvd player to play through the soundbar?
  2. K

    PS120 subwoofer amp, is output 8 or 4 ohms?

    I have a JBL PS120 subwoofer amp. I wanted to know if the output is 8 or 4 ohms.
  3. L

    Can I use a subwoofer with this receiver?

    I want a smaller receiver to take to college with me. I have two speakers connecter with copper cable like normal. I have a subwoofer that is connected by RCA cables. This is connected to a large, old receiver meant for a 5.1 system. Would this work with those three elements...
  4. U

    Need guideance for amplifier/speaker setup

    So, I need a new amplifier/receiver to run my speakers and subwoofer. I've got: 2x SONY SS-RG110 running at 6 ohm. and a 10" JBL GTB-1000 running at 4 ohm and 260 watt Will a Sony STR-DE635 be able to run them? or do I need an effect-amplifier, like the Nad 912? I'm not very good with...
  5. J

    Old Stereo System to Modern?

    Okay so here's the backstory Quite a long time ago, my dad's audiophile friend recommended he purchased a JBL Control SB-1 http:// a long with JBL Control 1 Bookshelf loudspeakers, they still seem to produce these but have a "1" and "One" series. These are probably 20 years old with the...
  6. Rangan Das

    Realtek Audio Driver Environment Editor / Get better audio fron on-board sound card

    Lately, I have been messing around with an unlocked version of Realtek HD Audio driver that apparently gave me Dolby Advanced Audio, DTS Surround sensation and even SRS Premium Sound. I had purchased SRS Audio Essentials years back and I have decided to uninstall that as DTS acquired SRS and it...
  7. RCguitarist

    Will this work? Hooking powered subwoofer up to PC

    Last week I bought some JBL 4" bookshelf speakers and a Lepai LP-2020A+ amp to power them. I hooked them up and they sound great with pc games. But....they do lack in the bass area, so I want to get a compact 8" subwoofer to compliment them. My motherboard is an ASUS P8Z77-V LK and has 6 audio...
  8. M

    JBL monitor speakers connectin to PC

    Afternoon all, I hope I've put this in the right section but am looking for assistance with correct connection of my moniors to computer. I have just bought a new PC and (separately) a pair of JBL LSR305 monitor speakers. After some fun with connections, I have them working and coming out...
  9. M

    Sennheiser HD 180 vs. jbl j03b?

    hello everyone , i'am thinking of buying headphones but i cant decide which should i buy the senheiser or jbl?i am buying a ps4 so i want them for gaming? Any suggestions are immensely welcome! Update : and srry for my bad english i was very sleepy when i asked the question..and my price range...