Realtek Audio Driver Environment Editor / Get better audio fron on-board sound card

Rangan Das

Apr 28, 2013
Lately, I have been messing around with an unlocked version of Realtek HD Audio driver that apparently gave me Dolby Advanced Audio, DTS Surround sensation and even SRS Premium Sound. I had purchased SRS Audio Essentials years back and I have decided to uninstall that as DTS acquired SRS and it has received no updates since almost the last couple of years. It distorts the cound in some games and I do not really appreciate it.

Back when I used Windows 98 (yeah, long time back), the Realtek (AC97, I assume) audio driver had the ability to edit the parameters of "Environment" emulator. Is that possible now on an ALC887 audio codec and on Windows 8.1?

Alternatively, I am also looking for someone to guide me on getting the best audio on my PC. I got the ALC887 codec, with a Creative 2.1 speaker setup (14W RMS) and a JBL headset. I am just tired of the flat/monotonic sound that the audio driver provides. With the modded driver, sound is muffled (loses clarity).

Anything that I can do with my existing setup and software solutions so as to get better audio?
If you want better sound, get a add-on sound card. They are cheaper than a dinner out.

If the modded drivers have issues, go back to the original ones. All the add-one effect won't help much if the initial quality is bad.