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    connectivity issue jbl flip 3 and jbl flip 4

    how to connect both i tried alot but failed ,, is there any firmware to update
  2. G

    Stepping up my audio setup, amp/dac or audio interface for my needs?

    Hello guys! So i got some money now and i wanted to step up my audio setup but i have some questions about the conections. First this are the things ill be getting: 2 JBL LSR305 (Link: http://www.jblpro.com/www/products/recording-broadcast/3-series/lsr305#.Wt3iScgvxhE) Sennheiser HD 600...
  3. G

    5.1 setup with JBL's 305's and just my pc?

    Hi guys! So i have a 2.1 setup now with 2 jbl 305 and the jbl 310s subwoofer. I also have the creative soundblaster ZXR installed on my computer. They sound great, but i was wondering if i could have a 5.1 setup adding just 3 more jbl 305's. i dont want to buy a separate amplifier or receiver...
  4. D

    JBL Xtreme vs Sony SRS-XB41

    Can you please help me choose which speaker to buy(jbl xtreme vs sony xb41). I want a louder one and i love the bass. I saw that xb41 at 100% volume doesn't have a powerful bass but i can't think so.
  5. J

    Wiring differant ohm speakers together. 2&4 ohm P3s

    Looking for advice on wiring I 2 ohm and 4 ohm Rockford Fosgate P3 together . The amp is a JBL bp12001
  6. S

    How much bluetooth loudspeaker Can i conenct with JBL conenct plus technology ?

    How much bluetooth loudspeaker Can i conenct with JBL conenct plus? 20 or 50 ?
  7. B

    Headphones For Around $50

    Budget - around $50 Source - 3.5mm jack of laptop (sometimes phone) Requirements for Isolation - An average amount is good. I will be keeping these at home 95% of the time, but I still will use it on long road trips as such. Preferred Type of Headphone - Over-ear Preferred tonal balance - I...
  8. J

    Can i pack jbl boombox in backpack?

    I want to buy jbl boombox and i was wondering can i pack it in backpack,because i am going on trip with school?Please someone answer me...Thanks..
  9. U

    Transistors in Audio Amplifiers

    Hello, Guys How are you. Actually couple of days back I`ve purchased and amplifier for my 2 JBL subs. GT5-S12s, 275 RMS x2, 1200 PMPO each. Amp is running on 220 volts with 200 watts power supply. At back of its panel, it has a pair of 2 speaker terminals for section A and section B. Like A...
  10. A

    JBL Extreme as Extra Speaker ?

    Hello, I have setup with audioengine a2+ and I want to purchase JBL extreme. Can I connect the JBL using RCA from A2+ to Aux ? I need for the some extra bass. and portability. so I can move the jbl if I need on the other place. The best way are using a sub AE S8. but my budget are limited...
  11. B

    buna ziua in legatura cu un jbl extreme poate fii redata muzica si de pe un stick la ea?

    Jbl Extreme probleme cu stickul merge redata muzica si de pe stick sau nu? translate:"Hello in connection with an extreme JBL can be redated music and on a stick to it" "JBL Extreme problems with the stick goes redate the music and on the stick or not?"
  12. C

    Jbl xtreme speker

    Can i feel the bass using a jbl xtreme?
  13. C

    JBL Everest 300 left side spun around and now sound doesn’t work

    So I have had the JBL Everest wireless headphones for about a year now, and recently he left side wasn’t working. Late to checked and saw that it had spun around and it was upside down. I spun it around and it still doesn’t work. Anyone know how to fix this, noise from one side bothers me greatly.
  14. P

    Looking for Cables for JBL 4312B Speakers

    I asked in this thread about connectors for JBL 4312B speakers. http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-3641810/connectors-jbl-4312b-speakers.html I don’t know how to attach the connectors I found to the copper wires that came with the speakers. I think it will be easier to get new cables...
  15. A

    Jbl connect bluetooth

    I am looking to connect my JBL boombox with the jbl charge 3, how do i connect the 2 of them togather???
  16. P

    Looking for Connectors for JBL 4312B Speakers

    I have a set of JBL 4312B Control Monitor speakers and I’m looking for connectors. Can anyone recommend some that will work? Thanks.
  17. W

    PA system power 220v 50hz

    Hi all, Sooo.. I purchased a used JBL PA system wasn't, paying attention, as it turns out it's 220v 50hz. If I used a up/down voltage converter to get the system to power using 110 60hz will I still have issues if the audio source is coming from a 60hz audio source? Thanks for any help!
  18. P

    Bluetooth disconnect in JBL GO Speaker when wifi on in samsung j5 prime

    I recently bought Jbl go bluetooth speaker and its working fine with other devices. But with my phone its getting disconnected after playing for few seconds and connects again itself. This happens only when the wifi network is on, so turning it off helps but then am not able to play online...
  19. B

    Best Sub €200 Desktop Speakers? + Extra questions

    Hello, At the moment I have the JBL Creature II and I use it with the onboard audio of my motherboard. The Gigabyte GA-AB350-GAMING 3 with a Realtek ALC1220 audio chip. Now I want to upgrade. While I am satisfied with the sound this 2.1 setup makes, they distort at higher volumes or when the...
  20. G

    Is it normal for my JBL Flip 4 to fuzz at low volume?

    I tend to listen to my speaker at night at low volume close to me but at volume below ~25% gives a very slight but irritating fuzzy noise and high pitched ringing (again, very slight but i can hear it and it s annoying). Those two things are MUCH worse in low frequency mode at volume below 50%...
  21. U

    Can I connect jbl speakers to philips recevier?

    I have a philips immersive sound home theater hts 3583 (5.1) and i wanna connect for example a new center speaker that is not philips or designed for this recevier...will it work?
  22. M

    Jbl xtreme fake

    Hello, Firstly, I want to apologize for my English. So, my parents got me JBL xtreme for Christmas. They said they bought it online. Recently I went to a store that sold jbl speakers and realized that my jbl xtreme is definitely smaller than the one in the store. And I want to ask you if there...
  23. L

    Interference, static, crackling, popping

    So I recently got a pair of studio monitors (JBL LSR 305). They are connected to my pc via a dual XLR to 3.5 mm cable. If I turn the volume on the JBL's up, there is a very loud staticy, crackling and popping sound. It also changes depending on what I do on my pc, for example scrolling up and...
  24. T

    Surround sounds loadspeakers

    Hi All, I have recently purchased two "JBL EON ONE PRO" which is seven-channel analog mixer. I'm thinking of using for parties and I'm thinking of using it for home theater system. For sound sound do i need to buy Stereo Receiver or can I daisy chain the two speakers and then connect it to TV...
  25. D

    How to connect powered speakers and a powered subwoofer to my computer?

    Hi, I'm planning to buy a pair of JBL 305 powered speakers and I already have a Polk Audio PSW10 powered subwoofer. I'm clueless on how to connect them to my computer. My old speakers have a subwoofer out jack that I can connect them with a subwoofer cable. However, the JBL 305 and the subwoofer...
  26. F

    Asgard 2 + JBL LSR305 + SUB?

    Recently bought LSR305's and would like to add a sub to my computer setup. They are currently hooked into my Asgard 2 using dual TS to dual RCA. Is there a way to add a sub (Polk Audio PSW10), what cables/connections would I need to get this working? Would I have to buy a different audio interface?
  27. J

    Wireless Sub to Reciever

    I have a JBL wireless sub and i was wondering if and how it hooks to my pioneer vsx 1019 ah reciever thst does not have bluetooth built in
  28. J

    JBL Eon 315 troubleshooting?

    I recently acquired a pair of JBL Eon 315 active speakers. Only one of the pair is working like it should. The second speaker has extremely low horn output but only when I crank its volume along with my mixer volume and stick my ear right up to it. The loop is working and sending signal to the...
  29. B

    Pairing more than 2 jbl pulse 3 speakers

    How can I pair more than 2 jbl pulse 3 devices to the same device at the same time? I bought four speakers and I would like to connect all four of them.
  30. V

    Connecting TV with headphone jack and soundbar with optical or AUX in

    I have an LG TV Model 43LJ52 with just a 3.5mm headphone jack. I also have a JBL soundbar that accepts only AUX and Optical. Is there a way to connect these? Any additional connector that I can buy to connect these?
  31. M

    Solved! No sound from connecting JBL SB450 soundbar to TV Hisence 4k UHD 6 series.

    I am not getting any sound from my JBL SB450 soundbar. I have changed the sound setting on my Hisence 4K UHD 6 series to Arc as connected HDMI cable from Soundbar Arc connection to TV's Arc connection. The Soundbar and Subwoofer are paired, but no sound at all... Any solutions? Thank you, Mary
  32. O

    Connecting the JBL Charge 3 to the JBL Flip 4

    Connecting the JBL Charge 3 to the JBL Flip 4/quote]
  33. R

    JBL or ANKER Bluetooth speaker

    Hey guys, I’m having a hard time trying to decide between to inexpensive Bluetooth speakers. They’re the JBL Go and the Anker soundcore mini. https://www.jbl.com/bluetooth-speakers/JBL+GO.html https://www.amazon.com/Anker-SoundCore-Super-Portable-Noise-Cancelling-Microphone/dp/B01HTH3C8S I...
  34. M

    JBL headphones left earphone stopped working

    Ive been enjoying my JBL e55BT wireless headset for almost a year now, its been a great thing, today aftert school the left earbut stopped working, ive tried using the cable which comes with it & recharging it also tried to reastablish connection more then onces. not a single one of these...
  35. R

    JBL xtreme power connection help?

    My jbl xtreme power connection as seen in the pictures has came undone. I can push it back into it slot and occasionally it will get a connection and turn on. It doesn't seem to keep connection. So my question is how would I go about fixing this? Could I fix this myself with little electronic...
  36. D

    New Samsung TV to JBL Sound bar (2013) and Direct TV HD24-500 (2011)

    How do I connect a Samsung UN65MU8000 TV (2017) with a JBL Sound bar SB400 (2013) and a Direct TV HD24-500 recorder/receiver (2011) (Direct TV is part of multi-dwelling set up)? The TV is connected to sound bar via optical cable, the TV to Direct TV via HDMI. I checked the sound source via...
  37. P

    how can I eq/balance my headphone?

    I brought a headphone(JBL C100SI) and couple of month its left side became lower in volume as compare to the right one. So is their is any way to balance it , i mean for permanently not for any particular smartphone or PC. in short I want it sound balance for every device I connect.
  38. M

    Sound bar to HDTV issue

    I have a Samsung TV Model: MU8000 And it uses "one connect".. my issue is that when I connect the hdmi from each ARC it doesn't play audio thru the Sound bar(Jbl 450) ... when i use the feedback button on the Sound bar it stop the audio on the tv to make its sample noise on the Sound bar... then...
  39. U

    Compatibility of JBL Woofers and Amplifier

    Hello everyone. I hope someone can answer my question regarding the amplifier to use with 2 JBL woofers. Im really confused guys. Actually last week for my room, I`ve purchased 2 12" JBL GT5 S12 woofers and installed it in the box. Each woofer has these specs: Impedance: 4ohms peak power: 1200...
  40. C

    JBL Cinema SB450 automatically turning off

    Hi to anyone reading this, I have a problem with my JBL Cinema SB450 where it keeps turning off after +\- 5 minutes when using it in AUX mode. I think it might have something to do with it not detecting that it is in use with my win7 PC. The bluetooth setting works perfectly and does not turn...
  41. Pauuuuulix

    Budget speakers for music, some questions

    Hello, I am looking to get new speakers for pc, main purpose is listening to music so sound quality is the most important part. I'll also use them for watching movies I currently own JBL Creature III, but I need to get another pair anyway, so I thought I'd get a better one and have JBL ones in...
  42. K

    From optical to 3.5 -> need a way to control the volume

    Hello everyone, I am trying to connect my JBL extreme to my tv. The tv has no 3.5mm so first of I have to get myself a nice converter for that. I know that when I use it like mentioned above it will work, BUT my tv remote will not be able to control the volume. This is where I need help, are...
  43. D

    How do i connect my jbl soundboard to my vizio tv without connecting yup advd player our cable box

    Neeeding help connecting my jbl sound bar to my vizio tv without using a DVD player or a cable box
  44. M

    Hi I have Sony NX500 LCD TV. This is to be connected to JBL SB350 Home theatre ,suggest solution

    Hi, I have Sony NX500 LCD TV. Recently I bought JBL SB350 2.1 Home theatre system. I want to LIS
  45. D

    Connecting JBL BT speakers. One with Connect+ and the other with reg Connect

    I am looking to connect my JBL Flip 4 to the JBL Charge 3 the Flip has Connect+ and the Charge 3 has reg Connect. Can I get around this somehow?
  46. R

    Looking to buy my first portable speaker

    Hi guys! I'm looking to buy my first bluetooth speakers and i'm not sure what to go for, I've been looking mostly at theese: JBL Flip 4: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06X1GLH1C Sony SRS-XB3: https://www.amazon.com/Sony-SRSXB3-BLK-Portable-Bluetooth/dp/B019Q895XE Jbl Charge 3...
  47. C

    JBL Arena series speakers vs JBL Studio speakers

    Hi, Does anyone know the specific differences between JBL Arena series speakers and JBL Studio speakers? Which ones are better for music? and Which series is better overall. I want to add some bookshelf speakers and am debating between the Arena 120 and Studio 220 speakers. Thanks! Chris
  48. J

    Computer + JBL LSR305s + 12in Subwoofer = Is it possible?

    Hello everyone! I would just like to thank y'all for taking your time and helping me out today. I appreciate the effort to help a fellow in need! Currently, I have a 2.0 speaker setup with my JBL LSR305s. I am looking to make it a 2.1 speaker setup with a 12in Subwoofer. I connect the LSR305s...
  49. Racinglife12

    Help me choose a subwoofer

    Hello I am currently looking for a powerful subwoofer for in my room which will fit my JBL TR125's ( I know they're PA speakers but they sound absolutely stunning and I could get them cheap ) I came across a Skytec SWA 18(I've heard about Skytec being shit so you don't have to tell me that :na...
  50. J

    Having trouble connecting jbl 600

    Im having a little bit of trouble connecting my jbl 600 into my sharp 3D tv. The reciver is a bit old so it doesnt support hdmi cables. Any suggestions?
  51. S

    6.35 mm jack to 3.5 mm jack

    Hello. I want to make a 3.5 mm jack to 6.35 mm jack convertor at home. I have an old jbl headphone + microphone wire with a 3.5 mm jack that i intend to use along with a 6.35 mm jack connected to a guitar lead wire. I have cut the jbl wire to find several sub wires - two wires coloured red, one...
  52. J

    JBL Everest 700 Bluetooth button is stuck

    My JBL Everest 700 Bluetooth button is stuck in. Does anyone know anywhere I can get this fixed?
  53. D

    how to connect JBL N-Center 2-Way Center-Channel Speaker to computer

    i have that JBL center speaker and 2 other speakers that go on the side think i need an amplifier? my power supply is 700 watts my motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-Z97M-DS3H --- LGA 1150 Intel Z97 i read about a amplifer the spekaer is a red + and a black + plug can it be done for under 150$...
  54. B

    Jbl 5504 enclose specs

    I want to build a pair of 5504 lf cabinets but I can't find any specs on the port diameter and port depth
  55. B

    Using JBL E100 as a sub woofer

    I have a JBL E100 series speaker where the mid and tweeters are blown, but the 2 big speakers are still good. I want to use it as a sub woofer, but have no idea how? I have a Onkyo TX-NR646 AV receiver I trying to hook to with only 2 subwoofer pre outs. The manual states the need for a pre...
  56. F

    Connect more than 2 jbl speakers at the same timr

    Please help. I nead to connect 3 jbl speakers at the same time
  57. L

    how to connect jbl sb 450 to asus zenbook by bluethoot

    having troubles connecting by bluetooth to asus zenbook... asks me a code...
  58. G

    JBL Flip 4 Review: The New Sub-$100 Speaker King

    The JBL Flip 4 improves on an already-solid speaker line, adding more battery life, more ruggedness and better sound. JBL Flip 4 Review: The New Sub-$100 Speaker King : Read more