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  1. G

    JBL SB450 with Samsung UA50HU7000 LED TV

    good day all i have a NEW JBL SB 450 soundbar+sub following the instructions, i have connected a from HDMI1 on the TV to the HDMI port # TV on the JBL. unfortunately can't hear a thing! changed 2 HDMI cables- still no sound! changing from one HDMI port to the other( on the TV)- no sound! going...
  2. D

    Hooking subwoofer up to an old receiver

    I have an older JBL receiver with Dolby surround pro-logic sound. I am already using the front A and B to run sound inside and out. To improve the sound inside, I want to hook up a subwoofer. The only outputs remaining are rear left and right or center. Will those work with a subwoofer?
  3. L

    Syncing two JBL Pulse 2 Speakers

    So if when i connect two JBL Pulse 2 Speakers together with JBL Connect, do the LEDs sync too? aka same exact effect and timing on both. Thanks, appreciate answers. ps: i haven't bought them yet so thats why am asking obviously.
  4. Sonnybu42

    Onkyo receiver says no lower than 6 ohms...

    But... All my 8 ohm speakers read 5 ohms... even my best JBL. What do I do? What impedance do Onkyo speakers read at?
  5. M

    Solved! Samsung ua40rh5000 sound to jbl sound bar sb350

    Hi how to output sound from Samsung UA40rh5000 tv to jbl soundbar sb350 Pl : using airtel setup box
  6. K

    How to connect sound bar without optical or RCA output

    Hello, any help or advise will be greatly appreciated. I recently purchased a JBL SB150 soundbar with optical/ aux cable however when i checked on my TV(LG 43LF5400-TB) it does not have either the optical out or audio out at the back. It only has headphones out. I know that its very callous of...
  7. I

    does not work with my JBL CHARGE. I did try your way but unfurtunatly does not seems to be working. please help :(

    i would like to connect a speaker JBL CHARGE to an acer windows 7. please help
  8. M

    How to Connect JBL SB450

    hi all, I have tv: lg 42pq300R without hdmi arc and without optical I want to connect it to JBL SB450 sound bar and i cant.. how i can i connect them? thanks!
  9. C

    Reciever to subwoofer compatibility

    Hello all, so I've recently been getting into audio and try ing to understand it all. I have a JBL DCR600ii that I want to try and pair with a Song SS-WSB111 sub. The receiver has two subwoofer outputs, one is LFE, the other is a 8ohm positive negative terminal. The sub is 6ohm and does not have...
  10. J

    Is there a way to connect two jbl pulse 2 as stereo on the pc

    Hello everyone, i bought two jbl pulse 2 speakers to use them as stereo on my pc, but i would like to know if there is a way to use them as stereo speakers with AUX cords or connected directly to pc without bluetooth. I ask this because i have problems connecting both to make it stereo, it...
  11. A

    How to connect a Car Subwoofer with Yamaha AV Receiver

    Hello Guys, I was looking to connect a JBL GT4-12 ( Car Subwoofer) with a Yamaha V577. I did a thorough search but wasn't able to find something( i'm a noob). If anyone can guide me through the process i'll be grateful. I know this is not advised but the sub is in great condition and i don't...
  12. R

    JBL Sub W/ LOUD hum

    Hi, for our home theater system we have a jbl sub that started this obnoxiously load hum in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. It sounds like the hum of a transformer but way louder. I've opened the unit up and had a look inside where i found nothing (or at least can't tell) wrong. It...
  13. D

    Solved! Speakers buzzing and whining when moving mouse or scrolling with mouse.

    Studio monitors buzzing and whining when moving mouse, scrolling with mouse wheel or when there is any CPU/GPU activity. The noise becomes unbearably intense when playing games.
  14. S

    Need review about Portable Micro Wireless Speaker?

    Need some review about this two product? http://us.creative.com/p/speakers/creative-woof-2 Price in my country -- $29.20 and http://www.jbl.com/bluetooth-speakers/JBL+GO.html Price in my country -- $40.40 Which would be a better choice? Any other suggestion in this price range?
  15. A

    Powered Speaker and Subwoofer Connection NEED HELP

    I have a pair of JBL LSR305's and I use an XLR connection to a 3.5mm headphone jack to listen to music on them. I recently bought a Dayton Sub-1500 Subwoofer to add more bass and I am having a hard time getting the subwoofer to work. How I tried to connect the speakers to the sub: I split the...
  16. B

    5.1 setup not working properly- Yamaha dsp a1

    Hi, This is my first surround system and I'm new to audio stuffs. Did some research and bought a used Yamaha amp(DSP A1) and JBL speakers. Main speakers (JBL ES90 4-way) Center Speaker(JBL es25c) Rear Speakers(JBL es 10) I'm really happy with the sound quality. Recently used some test sound...
  17. M

    Upgrade what to do.

    Heya all again so ive currently have Lg 906Pa 1100w system i am lack of sound even i put on full vol 40 it doest seems to be loud enough ive moved house and it has living room connected with kitchen but still i dont get the sound that i am wanting so will sell it, there is a lad selling his...
  18. B

    Old Speakers broken base

    Hi, I have an old pair of JBL TLX18 which have been boxed up for many year. Yesterday I found out that the base elements on both speakers are broken. I asked JBL for support but they are slow and not so helpful. I found this info browsing the internet...
  19. S

    What is better bose soundlink color or JBL Charge 3

    What is better speaker bose soundlink color or JBL charge 3
  20. R

    Headphones not working anymore

    Heey, My JBL T300 headphones don't work anymore the problem is is that there is no sound on one side... I wanted to repair it by connecting a new plug but I do not know how the wires should be connected... I tried to figure it out by gently cutting the old plug without success. So I hope you...
  21. C

    Amp with bass management

    I have a pair of JBL studio 530 speakers and SVS PB2000 Subwoofer and I am looking for a amp that can give me bass management. I was recommended the NAD 356BEE by a friend would that be ideal for this setup or not? Budget $1000. Thx!
  22. J

    need usb to power cable for jbl xtreme (bluetooth speaker)

    hi guys, i'm looking for an usb cable to power jack for the jbl xtreme. i bought a powerbank to power the xtreme, but i don't have the right cable to power it. i need the right usb calbe with at the other end the right power end. here is a photo of what has to be at the other side to put in...
  23. W

    Audio from TV not loud enough

    we have a Toshiba - 43" flat screen TV - but want to connect JBL speakers to it. The audio is very faint from the audio jack. What else do I need to do to get the audio to play in sync from the TV? I do have spare HDMI ports available.
  24. R

    Looking for wall mount for JBL Eon 610

    Hi i'm looking for wall mounts for JBL EON 610. I have a decent budget. im in Canada by the way Thanks
  25. Z

    My jbl has no base, can I fix it?

    Portable Bluetooth jbl speakers has sound but has lost the base am I able to fix it?
  26. Hamda

    z906 or m-audio?

    hello, i have a logitech z906 system but im thinking of selling it and get m-audio/ mackie / jbl... studio monitors. i use the z906 as a 2.1 channel only 2 speakers with the subwoofer on my gaming pc desk cz i dont need the extra channels on the desk. so, should i just keep the z906 at 2.1, or...
  27. C

    Buying a speaker for a girl!? HEELP

    Hello so I have a friend who happens to be a girl. She loves listening to heavy bass music. I want to buy her a speaker under 50 euros in Netherland (amazon.de works fine) and I want a portable speaker which has very rich bass. I looked at the following so far: Anker mp141/A7908 JBL GO JBL Clip...
  28. T

    Powered speakers emit hissing when plugged into home built computer.

    About a month ago I bought a pair of JBL Lsr 305 powered monitors to use with my first computer build. Issue is that since the first time that I plugged in the speakers to my computer they have made a horrible hissing noise and I am at wits end with what the cause is and what options I have to...
  29. H

    Volume control problem on bluetooth speaker when connected to the tv

    I use a JBL Xtreme Bluetooth speaker to listen to my music in my house. I really like its sound quality and also want to use it as my tv speaker. I have a Samsung JU7500 smart tv. It has bluetooth connection and it connects to my JBL however when it connects, it registers my speaker as...
  30. E

    wire two 2 ohm dual coil subs and two dual coil 4 ohm subs to my jbl 6600 marine amo

    Im trying to run 2 dual coil 2 ohm 10 inch kicker comp with 2 four ohm 12 inch q power to my jbl 6600 marine amp
  31. B

    Coaxial out to aux or subwoofer out to aux

    Hi I've been searching for hours now and i can't find anything. I have 2 JBL flip 3 speakers and I want to run it through my tv to get more surround sound feeling. They each have an aux in but my tv only has a subwoofer out and a coaxial out. I want to know if I plug my speakers into the sub out...
  32. V

    Need help for home made speaker

    Hello everyone, I was thinking on making a home made speaker since I'm using my dad's JBL Flip for a long time alredy and it's not mine :P I got all the parts I need (I think) so I'm here to ask if the parts I chose are going to work or not. The case is going to be hand made :) I chose the...
  33. E

    subwoofer woes. stereo + pc

    so ive had a sony str-dh550 hooked up to my self built PC for a while (was 7, now running 10) my setup looks like this ASUS z97i motherboard EVGA Nvidia 960 GPU (compact for a mini itx build) Sony STR-DH550 5.2 suround stereo (only use 5.1) JBL ES20 book shelf L+R front JBL ES150 Subwoofer...
  34. Computing Skrub

    JBL Pulse 2, Computer?

    Can I connect some JBL Pulse 2 speakers to my computer?
  35. Tomjoppe28

    jbl LX 700 what amp specs should i get?

    I'm getting my self a pair of jbl lx 700 speakers. I got 2 questions 1: do they sound good 2: what are the amp specs they need and can a 80 watt amp run them for a month untill i have a better amp? Kind regarts Tom
  36. B

    Possible to connect a sub with no high-level input to a 2 channel amp?

    I currently have a 2 channel amp and a subwoofer with only an LFE or line in connection. Is there any hardware I can buy (a preamp possibly) that would allow me to connect this subwoofer to my system without purchasing a new amplifier? The subwoofer model is a JBL ES150P and the amplifier is a...
  37. E

    Can I use kicker car speaker with a pioneer recivier

    Hi, I just got done building a repair shop and I put some JBL ceiling speakers in and I am using a pioneer SX-2900 stereo receiver and the first time I turned up the volume I blew 2 of the ceiling speakers and the horn speaker on the outside of the shop. I have some kicker KS525 car speakers...
  38. M

    Need recommendations on a 2.1 set up!

    I'm looking to put together a 2.1 system. Currently got the razer leviathan (yes i know its not the greatest) and none of the already put together system out there (Logitech etc) cut it. I love bass, deep, clear, loud bass. 100w+ sub at least im thinking. Currently looking at these choices...
  39. Commander Matt

    New headphones randomly sound flat

    Recently I got a JBL J55a on sale. I don't know if it's the placebo effect, or just getting used to different specs, but they randomly sound "flat" (only way to describe it, I think) at times. For example, I could listen to a song and for a moment it would sound "flat" but then a moment or two...
  40. Racinglife12

    Need help with setup

    Hello Recently I have bought a pair of JBL T125 speakers. They came with a SoundTech PL602 amp which is really nice!! I am going to buy a mixer for it in a while. But I have seen that the speakers only go from 50hz-16Khz. So I wanted to add my 2 old subs to my old amp. They dont have low pass...
  41. H

    jbl pebbles speakers not working Properly

    Hello All, My JBL speakers are not working properly, while playing they suddenly go to mute and after some seconds they again start what would be the problem, recently i formatted my Dell laptop with windows 7 32 bit earlier it was 64bit, Please tell me if it would be the problem and what i...
  42. B

    Speaker Playing 5 Hz Tone

    Basically what happened was I got a base tone test on my phone which was plugged into my amp which obviously was plugged into my speakers. I pressed play and it played a 5 Hz tone. My speakers were moving A LOT and I almost instantly turned it off because I wasn't expecting that. The volume was...
  43. J

    2.0 + 2.1 + Stereo --> 4.1 Surround Sound?

    I have an old 2.1 JBL Creature II set and a JBL Pebbles set. The Creature uses the standard 3.5mm audio jack, but with the Pebbles I have an option to use the usb connection or the audio jack. I'm trying to connect them to my Windows 8.1 (soon to be Windows 10) Samsung laptop which only has one...
  44. S

    Thoughts on JBL Cinema 510 (on sale $320 off)

    Anyone have any thoughts on this setup, I don't really know much about speakers, but they seem like a good deal. I'm thinking of grabbing them while there on sale for my pc? If not does anyone have any suggestions?
  45. D

    I am trying(without success) to connect a JBL SB100 soundbar to a Samsung PN51F4500 51-Inch 720p 600Hz Plasma TV.Help.

    Trouble connecting JBL SB100 to Samsung 51" plasma. I have tried optical digital cabe from bar to TV and get no sound. I turned down TV speakers to zero. I tried selecting external speakers on TV menu. Still no sound.
  46. O

    Which one of these five speakers should I buy?

    Hello. I'm looking to buy a speaker, and I'm hesitating between these five speakers: Bowers and Wilkins A7 Airplay dock : http://www.fnac.com/Bowers-et-Wilkins-A7-Airplay-dock-noir/a4773641/w-4 JBL Authentics L16 Noyer : http://www.fnac.com/Enceinte-JBL-Authentics-L16-Noyer/a7158291/w-4 Wifi...
  47. G

    Purchased a JBL J88i to use with PC and G3. Works fine on the phone, but mic doesn't work on PC (I have a pin splitter)

    Hey. I've purchased this JBL J88i headset. Mic works fine on my LG G3 and I've confirmed that it ain't the phone mic that's picking up my voice (by blowing on the headset mic and listening to it), but even though I own a 4 pin to 2x 3 pin splitter (which works with the stock LG G3 earphones...
  48. S

    how to hook up cox cable, samsung smart tv, jbl S400 sound bar, and apple tv

    I have Cox Cable, a Samsung smart tv (55"). I just purchased a JBL S400 Sound Bar and an Apple TV. I can now receive Apple TV only. The Samsung has 4 HDMI outlets. Should I connect cable directly to the TV and use the ARC Out to connect to the JBL Sound Bar, and connect the Apple TV to the Sound...
  49. J

    JBL charge 2 vs Bose Soundlink Colour

    I am looking to buy a bluetooth speaker and my choice is between the JBL charge to or the Bose soundlink colour as they come both at the same price. Any tips on what I should get pls?
  50. S

    I'd like to convert my JBL SCS 138 to wireless and get rid of the wires. Is that possible?

    I read the article http://www.tomsguide.com/faq/id-2363688/converting-rear-surround-sound-speakers-wireless.html, and wondering if i could convert the JBL SCS 138 to wireless system. If this is possible, appreciate the guidance! thanks
  51. M

    700 watt amp, 800watt sub, will it work fine?

    I currently have a 700 watt JBl GTO7001 amp with a Alpine 800 watt peak sub. Just wandering if the amp will work all fine, and will it run the risk of overheating?
  52. Hastibe

    Wireless speaker recommendation--UE Boom? JBL Charge 2? Something else?

    I'm looking for a wireless/Bluetooth speaker in the $100-$200 range to use for listening to music and movies indoors. Seems like everyone recommends the UE Boom, sometimes the Bose Soundlink Mini, and then there's the JBL Charge 2 as a newcomer, which possibly outperforms both (e.g., see this...
  53. D

    Looking for info on jbl d120f speakers serial nos. 11747&11748 likenew

    Looking for info on jbl d120f speakers 8-16 ohm serial nos. 11747&11748 in like new 1966 fender Bassman amp
  54. N

    Computer + JBL LSR 305's + 8/10 inch Subwoofer = Is it possible?

    Hello everyone. First, thank you very much for your comments, suggestions and opinions. I have a 2.0 speaker set up with my computer. I am looking to add a sub-woofer to make it a 2.1 set up. I presently have JBL LSR 305 powered monitor speakers and really like them (they only have a balanced...
  55. H

    Computer Speakers - JBL Spot speakers with JBL Creature III Sub?

    The new Creatures don't fit depressions on my stand and the old Spots do. The Spots are 6w per channel and the Creatures are 5w. The Creature allows 80 watts max power and the Spot is 30w max. I'm over my head here but it seems as if they will work without blowing up although pumping up the...
  56. M

    Mcintosh MC2105, Harman Kardon AVR 520, JBL Venue Sub12, and JBL L112 Left/Right speakers

    I've read the instruction manuals for all of these audio equipment and i really have no clue what gets hooked up to what for best sound. I dont want to cause an electric short or fry any of these things. Please help me out
  57. Andrew Mc Glone

    New Stereo Receiver - Help !

    Hi, I am thinking of getting a new stereo receiver to replace my existing one for new features and better sound. The main question I have is : (1)Will a new stereo receiver give me better sound ? My existing system : JBL Studio L880 (7 years old) JBL ES250PWBK/230 Hi-Fi Subwoofer ( 1 years...
  58. B

    JBL sb100 + tv

    Hello, i'm going to buy jbl sb100 for My TV , main reason of buying it is HARMAN Display Surround technology. My TV model is: UA40EH5000R and it does not have optical output for sound. so my question is: does HARMAN Display Surround technology needs sound to be transfered via optical cabel or i...
  59. A

    Help me choose the speakers .

    I am currently using Mitashi 2.1 speakers which are not good at all . The bass quality is very poor . I am planning to buy new 2.1 speakers . I have JBL speakers in my car . Though not that loud , its very pleasant to listen music on those speakers . The clarity is too good .The bass has that...
  60. F

    Hook up JBL E60 to PC?

    Hey Guys! I have 2 old E60 JBL Northridge speakers that I'm not currently using. So I thought it would be good to hook them up to my computer (I have old onboard audio from Asus p5kpl-am SE motherboard). This is the E60's info sheet from JBL...