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  1. A

    Dot matrix sound like from gl503

    So i just bought a new asus gl503 but then i notice theres a dot matrix sound like coming from the top middle part of the laptop. Anyone knows what's causing this?
  2. T

    Solved! HDMI matrix audio outputs

    I'm trying to help a friend setup her "home theater" its basically 4 tvs, 1 large flanked by a few smaller ones. She wants to be able to watch multiple inputs at once so I know I need a hdmi matrix, but she also wants to be able to have audio from multiple inputs at once. That's where I get a...
  3. D

    Solved! Digital Cameras Comparison Matrix

    sorry, project is not ready yet
  4. A

    can I switch between cat5 and hdmi willy-nilly?

    I am setting up an hdmi matrix to be able to send sources to different TVs, some of my sources are live feed cameras (cat5) and others are cable boxes (hdmi). What I was wondering was if at the cable box I could convert to cat5 - run the cat5 to the HDMI matrix ( which is all hdmi inputs) and...
  5. gumbob3

    What is Fader, Center, and Matrix? (In speakers)

    Just got some new speakers and on the control, you can adjust 4 things (Volume, Sub, Fader, Center), and turn Matrix on or off. I know Volume is loudness, and sub is bass, but could someone please explain the others to me? Thanks!!
  6. M

    Managing 2 Audio Inputs and 2 Outputs(PC and Turntable, Speakers and Headphones)

    So, I have a turntable, a PC, headphones, and a pair of monitor speakers (well I plan on getting them that is) and I'd like to be able to manage all of these without doing a whole bunch of plugging stuff in. I also plan on getting a DAC. So I guess the question is, how do I do this? I guess...
  7. T

    CUDA Memory Transpose

    Im applying matrix Transpose program on My PC with GTX850M, i used the transpose in this blog : But i want to implement huge sizes of matrix up to 20000 and 30000,.. but i get error out of memory,.. is it related to my...
  8. S

    3 tv setup in man cave

    I’m setting up a TV wall in my bonus room and looking for some advice on the best approach. I’m going with 3 TVs, a 70” in the middle, and a 50” on each side. I’m not going to go 4k. What I need to connect 3 Direct TV boxes Apple TV PS3 I would like to be able to switch any of these between...
  9. A

    Which monitor of the three is better?

    Hello, I decided to buy a monitor and think which of these two monitors will be better? At any matrix picture quality will be better in games? (Translated in Google Russian to English) 1. Samsung S27D590P (PLS) 2. BenQ GW2760HS (VA) 3. ASUS VX279Q (AH-IPS)
  10. G

    I think I need a matrix? AVR-X3000.

    I have an Denon AVR-X3000 to power some nice Polk Speakers. Problem is, I have multiple monitors and TVs in my living space. Two TVs and two monitors to be exact (All HDMI). Where should I begin to look at adding a matrix? Are there any products that work in tandem with the Denon? Or will...
  11. A

    my android matrix one wont chrge

    Describe your thread:??: please help my tablet ( android matrix one ) wont charge and I really don't wana get in trouble
  12. S

    Scroll back in dot matrix using dos command

    i am currently working in a windows form application( on billing process(petrol bunk). i'm using dot matrix printer(TVS dot matrix msp series) in this. here the printing section is worked well. but the problem is after printing the bill the paper has to be scrolled back. i want to know...
  13. Lonewonderer

    Need Laptop for Matrix CAD Design. Help Plz!

    Hello! I need to run Matrix CAD Design but my laptop is kinda old and outdated. I need a laptop that can run this program but I'm on a budget. System Req. 4Gb RAM DDR Windows 7 iCore 7 250Gb free space and 1Gb Nvidia video card. Please help Thanks Chris!!
  14. G

    copy device to host

    hi.. my matrix mul code on cuda is executing. but its showing error in copying from device to host using copymemfromDeviceToHost.. is their any other way of doing it
  15. P

    Windows "MATRIX" question

    I am buying a 5.1 audio system. (X-540 or X-530). The X-540 has like a small table thing that controls bass and volume which isn't a big deal for me. It has a MATRIX button. I have a question. There is a MATRIX option in Windows audio. If I turn that on... It will convert Stereo input sound to...
  16. jryan388

    Multiple TVs over HDMI Matrix

    I am looking for a way to control several HDTVs in several different rooms via a HDMI matrix switcher. This is the setup that I have imagined: The switcher would have several devices (DVR, Blu-Ray, etc.) attached to it via HDMI, and then 3 or 4 HDMI output cables going to the several TVs. The...
  17. P

    Overheating issue

    oh n i dont know anything about stereos n what is ok to wire up to what... my nad c315bee is wired up to a pair of matrix 1200 dynamic series and it keeps over heating... if there is a cure what is it? thanks
  18. G

    5 Good WYSIWYG Editors for Coders

    There are codemonkeys, and there are codemonkeys who see the world like Neo from The Matrix. 5 Good WYSIWYG Editors for Coders : Read more
  19. J

    Appending to a "Print to File"

    My current setup is a dot matrix network printer that receives line by line print jobs all day. These print jobs can total more than a thousand a day. I am trying to find a way to have all print jobs print to a file and append to that file till it reaches a certain size or date. Does anyone...
  20. G

    Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

    Some people just like the feel of a pen and paper for note-taking. For them, there’s a $150 system that records everything, and writes on dot matrix paper. Livescribe Pulse Smartpen : Read more
  21. P

    Weird sound from my X540 speakers.

    Ok, I have the Logitech 5.1 X540 speakers for my PC. I just bought them, and it seems to be working fine except for 1 problem. When matrix is turned off, any thing I do including games, the center speaker will try to make sound, but it comes out all best way I can put it "electric squishy...
  22. Andhrimnir

    Ordered Pantech C820 - anyone want a review?

    Hey everyone, Just ordered a new Pantech Matrix Pro (aka C820) from AT&T. Is anyone interested in a full review? I'll post one if there are people who will read it, but I don't want to waste two hours if nobody's interested. It should be here Wednesday, so I could have a review up by next...
  23. L

    Help with choosing a new sound card

    i just purchased the G51 speakers from logitect. Plug it in and it works fine and all, but the sound is pretty muddy, even when its in matrix mode. So i'm planning on buying a new sound card, i'm new to this sound card stuff, so i would appreicate any help or tip.. thanks in advaned everyone. My...
  24. G

    Samsung To Show Off 31 inch Active Matrix OLED Display

    CES - Samsung is expected to bring new meaning to the term low-profile with a 4.3mm 31" active matrix OLED display this year at CES. The 4.3mm is slightly thinner and larger than the 5mm 27" version shown by Sony at last year’s event, while using less Samsung To Show Off 31 inch Active Matrix...
  25. G

    Matrix brand amplifiers

    Archived from groups: (More info?) A colleague of mine has a Matrix UKPower 1300 MOSFET amplifier which is behaving a little strangely. We can't find any information about Matrix on the web and the manual has been lost so can't find any contact information. So I was wondering...
  26. C

    questions about the Matrix LD

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello all, sorry if these questions have been asked before. I have a few questions about the Matrix LD. I read that it has better 5.1 sound than the first DVD? But I can't test mine since I don't have an AC3 LD player anymore. Couldn't find...
  27. E

    AD: Ebay bargains

    Archived from groups:,,, (More info?) Were having another clear out All the following items have just been put on Ebay NO RESERVE £1 STARTING BID We have 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK buy with...
  28. G

    Looking to buy: THE MATRIX ON LASERDISC (NTSC)

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Is anybody here that has it willing to sell it? I couldn't find it on ebay or 4 laserdisc sales sites I found. It has to be the american NTSC copy (or canada or japan or anything else NTSC of course) Thanks! -Mike
  29. B

    can someone help me with my homework.... please!!! (output..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) i would like to know what it means when a mixing desk has an"output matrix" ? i can take a guess but would like to know the specifics i.e. who it works and what its used for .... tia ben