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  1. W

    Looking for a laptop that can record and play Minecraft

    Hey, i'm new to this and this is my first question thing. Anyway, I am looking for a Laptop that can play and record minecraft at the same time at good fps (60+) on a budget of below $900 Aud (Australian Dollars). Yeah, Thanks! Peace Out....
  2. J

    $300 or under laptop

    Is there a laptop $300 or under that can handle minecraft possibly with some mods
  3. S

    Any Toshiba Satelite C55D-B5102 Users? Minecrafters

    We are looking at this for a new household homework/minecraft rig. Use would be light photo editing, occasional streaming and Minecraft; nothing too intensive like GTA or anything like that. Doing a lot of internet readings and it just seems to be a good buy for the $280 that Best Buy is...
  4. M

    i play mine craft and im looking for a good computer to play minecraft on with mods 300-450 price range

    i need a good laptop that wont crash with mods for minecraft 300-450 price
  5. G

    Looking for laptop ~$500 for Minecraft\Wizard 101

    Looking to get a lower end laptop to allow kids to play Minecraft\Wizard 101 without hogging my dekstop. Looking in the $500 range. Any recommendations?
  6. OP_Chief

    Capable of moderate games?

    Which one of these could handle low end games like Minecraft or maybe CS:GO? And which one would be best for watching streams and videos at 1080...
  7. C

    msi gp60 lepoard 1053

    Is the (msi gp60 lepoard 1053) good for minecraft? could someone test it for me?
  8. J

    2015 laptops that can run dota 2, cs go, minecraft, garrys mod, that is under $450.

    2015 laptops or 2014 laptops that can play dota 2, cs go, garrys mod and other games (Note I dont know anything at amd, gpu, or i5 things like that.) for under $450.
  9. M

    Will this laptop run minecraft ?

    http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/hp-15-af067sa-15-6-laptop-white-10132644-pdt.html Looking to play minecraft at 60fps 1080p
  10. H

    I need help, can this computer run my specified games?

    There's a computer that I'm wanting to buy because of it's awesome price, (Yes it's not a laptop) the specs are: 1TB Hard Drive, 4gb RAM (Going to upgrade in the future) 3.0Ghz Intel 2 Core Duo, 64 Bit, Wifi. Do you think this computer will be able to run games ok? Games like: Minecraft...
  11. A

    Random Frame Drop

    I have had my laptopfor a long time and it got turned all the way off by itself. When I turned it back on and loaded minecraft the frames were at 20 but I'm used to 60. I don't know how to fix it. I have updated my computer, and am using 1.8.8 plus optifine. HELP!
  12. D

    Best netbooks/laptops under 250$/euros

    Im on budget and i want a suggestion on a netbook only for school for projects or and also writing some emails,going to facebook and some light gaming (such as,minecraft or browser games) I have seen a netbook online which is Hp stream 13.3 on 240euros and im intrested buying it. But im not...
  13. N

    good laptop for gaming and school?

    Hello everyone i have a question i have 660€(726$) and whant to buy a laptop for minecraft and school i choaen this lenovo z50-70 version: http://www.kilobaitas.lt/Nesiojamieji/Lenovo/Lenovo_Z50-70_/_156_Full_HD_/59-443233/CatalogStoreDetail.aspx?CatID=PL_409&ID=613714 if you have other...
  14. G

    Help deleting gmail account.

    Hello, i want to delete my two gmail account but the first has a strong coc base and the 2nd has a minecraft account and coc too, i want to give it to my friends but i have other accounts there like fb, twitter,etc(theres to many) How do i delete all of it individually?
  15. A

    Why can't I download Mincraft Windows 10 Beta on my phone?

    I have an HTC One M8 running the latest Windows 10 mobile insider build. I have redeemed my free minecraft copy on my Microsoft account, and have downloaded it on my PC. The game is in my library when I check the store on my phone, but I cannot download it. The store tells me to check additional...
  16. M

    Laptop recommendations £600

    Need a laptop that can run minecraft and Lego worlds at 1080p 60 fps ?
  17. Z

    Huge fps drops from 500 to 20

    Hey, fellow tomsguide users I have this huge problem when I play my fps are smooth and drop down very low .. So for example when I play Minecraft Im getting about 500fps and every like 10 secons my fps drop down to 20 for about 3 seconds and then go back to 500fps and do the same again and...
  18. J

    Need Laptop Fix Advice

    We have a laptop we bought a year ago for my younger son. He installed Minecraft on it and the laptop now has what I am fairly sure is some sort of re-direct issues as well as pop-up issues. We have on the computer Malware Bytes and McAfee. We now want to use it for my older son for...
  19. M

    Out of the Box Laptop for Minecraft, ~$400

    I know this has been asked before, but computer models keep changing and it's so hard to keep up! I'm looking for a laptop for my 6 year old primarily to play Minecraft. Ideally, this would be available on Amazon or Costco, and needs to work out of the box - we are not equipped to be swapping...
  20. K

    What is the best laptop to play Sims 4, Sims 3, and Minecraft on?

    Hi there! I am looking for a gaming laptop that will be able to run Sims 4, Sims 3, and Minecraft smoothly, as well as other downloadable PC games. I would prefer if it was under $500, but if its a bit over thats ok. Thank you!
  21. I

    Can my laptop run MineCraft

    Hello, i would like to know if my laptop that im gonna to buy, if he is good enough for minecraft, this laptop : http://www.cowboom.com/product/1559708/ And also I would like to know if this laptop can run minecraft at 60 FPS with optifine and when im recording, Thank you for all your answer...
  22. C

    What FPS would I get playing CS:GO and Minecraft on this Laptop?

    What would be better for around the same price? Im looking for a laptop for 500 that runs CSGO and minecraft at playable fps. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834314813
  23. I

    Did this laptop is good for MineCraft

    Hello, i would like to know if my laptop that im gonna to buy, if he is good enough for minecraft, this laptop : http://www.cowboom.com/product/1559708/ And also I would like to know if this laptop can run minecraft at 60 FPS with optifine and when im recording, Thank you for all your answer...
  24. Lekingmoonya

    Good rendering program

    I now use Mine-imator to do my minecraft renders but I need an upgrade. Can anyone help me? Things I looked at: C4D: 1000$ program? WTF NO. Maya: 100$ Each month? ^^^ +1 Blender: Steeeeeeeeep lurning curve. All videos on minecraft rendering are outdated. Mine-imator (Currently using): Way too...
  25. M

    I am looking for a laptop to play Minecraft with... and I don't want lag! My budget is $400.

    I need a laptop to play minecraft with. My budget is $400, and Id prefer Windows 8.1+. I currently have a bad laptop for minecraft, very laggy. Anyone know a lag free minecraft laptop?
  26. M

    Help looking for a budget Minecraft laptop

    Hi, My daughter wants a gaming laptop but it is basically for playing Minecraft, watching Netflix and YouTube videos, web browsing, etc. If I was in the UK I would go into a shop and ask their advice but I’m in Sweden now so I generally buy from HP direct because of reliability and support...
  27. G

    Gaming laptop: Budget £1000

    Hi, I am looking for a gaming laptop that will play strategy, MMORPG and some FPS games well and smoothly with a budget of £1000. I understand a gaming pc would be a better choice but I am after a gaming laptop. Hope you could help, Many thanks. ~Gautemalan Fish
  28. S

    Is this normal fps for my laptop in minecraft

    I got Lenovo Y50 and my minecraft changes between 60-80 fps, this is weird, because my old laptop used to get more and it's specs was worse than this one: New Laptop specs: 8GB RAM Intel core i7 4710 HQ Quad core 2.5 ghz GTX 860M 4GB. Thanks indeed
  29. D

    No more that $500 maybe

    Just need a laptop to play cs:go and minecraft at medium fps
  30. S

    when will mnecraft 1.9 be released?

    will minecraft 1.9 be released this octomber , if not when? Because i heard that it will be awesome
  31. C

    My laptop lags whilst plugged in, but is perfectly fine unplugged.

    I play minecraft and world of warcraft, unplugged on both games i get 60-80fps, plugged in on both i get 15-20, help?
  32. J

    Asking for a new skin in minecraft

    7mad_aljaber Game Center jassim Mohammed Playing well
  33. T

    Is it okay to show this information when posting an image to imgur? (paranoid question)

    I am trying to get a ban appeal on a minecraft server and I sent an image of what mods I used in my minecraft folder...However I realise that I exposed my user name (lets use bob for now) in which it shows in the directory Bob/ Appdata/ Roaming/ .Minecraft...Is that ok and will that cause any...
  34. A

    I updated to newest version of Java on my 64bit windows 7 ASUS but now cannot get Minecraft to work

    I updated to the newest version of Java this morning and was advised to delete the 2 previous versions which I did. I tried to play Minecraft this evening and got the following error message: Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will...
  35. M

    Laptop minecraft lag

    will minecraft servers lag on a Lenovo laptop?
  36. N

    Need help -8gb ram, i5, school/Minor gaming laptop

    As the title says I am looking for a laptop (in Canada) for 600$- that has 8gb ram, i5, (i want an ssd but if no possible) 250gb+ hdd I would like the ability to play games like Rome 2, Minecraft, csgo on atleast minor settings Tdl- I5 8gb ram ssd OR 250gb+ hdd If anyone finds anything good...
  37. jtpetch

    Can't seem to remove "Ads by discountbomb" adware virus?

    Ok, so, I've been having an adware problem lately. About a week ago, I was browsing the Minecraft forums like i do normally, and I clicked on a thread that looked (and was) legit. Chrome crashed. I started chrome back up, and then there were these "ads by discountbomb" ads on every page, and...
  38. chacol

    Looking for Gaming Laptop for $1200

    The games that I play mostly are League of Legends, Minecraft, Civilization V/Beyond Earth, and 7 Days To Die
  39. W

    good graphic card?

    Is shared intel hd 4600 graphics card any good for minecraft??
  40. W

    looking for a good pc

    Looking for a pc from a big company, ie curry. mainly going to use it for minecraft. Looking in the 500-550 price range. Want something that can get me pretty good frames. Waiting for replies thx
  41. H

    How to make a custom skin in minecraft

    You can make a custom skin on minecraft but when I go to change it, it says it's not a minecraft skin although it is .
  42. G

    what laptop is best for downloading and playing minecraft 1.8

    I just joined S.L.G [super league gaming] and I don't have a laptop that can download and play minecraft 1.8. Can anyone help find something under 500.00 [usa] that can do this please?
  43. A

    How to I fix minecraft making my laptop hot?!?

    Why is my laptop getting hot when playing minecraft my laptop is a Dell N5110 its: 8gb GPU:Geforce GT 525m CPU:i7 2670qm quad-core.
  44. Z

    How do I change my skin in minecraft pe without downloading a app

    I need help real fast plz it's confusing and frustrating
  45. D

    Need Laptop For Minecraft

    As the title states im looking for a good Laptop to run minecraft. I want to run it at 60fps and not much lower and am wanting to spend no more than $600. Is that possible? I wouldnt be overloading it with mods or HD textures either, just playing on servers. P.S. I would like to have a...
  46. C

    MineCraft run on a Acer Aspire One 722

    Can MineCraft run good on the Acer Aspire One 722 CPU - AMD Dual-Core Processor C60 With Turbo CORE Technology up to 1.333 GHz Memory - 2 GB DDR3 Memory ( it was updated to 4 or 6 GB) Battery - 6-Cell Li-ion battery Storage - 320 GB HDD
  47. L

    i5-4210H with 965M

    Is a i5-4210H with a 965M graphics card ok to play games on for my son, he only plays minecraft and wants to record him doing it thanks
  48. B

    Minecraft on HP Stream 11

    I need to know if anyone knows how to make the trackpad work better on the HP stream 11 in minecraft
  49. D

    Can This Run Minecraft???

    Hello everyone. I was looking at a laptop and am wondering if it can run Minecraft, at the least, at 60fps with default textures and settings. The laptop is an HP Pavilion 15z that comes equipped with an AMD Quad-Core A10-5745M Processor, Radeon R7 M260 2GB Discrete Graphics, and 8GB of DDR3...
  50. H

    Is this laptop good enough for gaming?

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/hp-envy-touchsmart-15-6-touch-screen-laptop-amd-fx-series-6gb-memory-750gb-hard-drive-natural-silver/8825037.p?id=1219371332671&skuId=8825037 Is it good for Sims 3 (all expansion packs and tons of cc), Sims 4, Sims 2 (all expansion packs), and Minecraft?
  51. F

    M p a quick 1 9 6

    Minecraft pocket edition
  52. U

    Cheap laptop under $300

    I need a cheap laptop to play minecraft I'll play on it frequently and for under $300. That's not dell or acer
  53. C

    Hi, im looking for a gaming laptop that can support minecraft with lots of storage.

    Help, I only have about $300 and i am trying to figure out a good laptop so i can earn more money for the laptop and a virus protection.I would perferr earning the money over the summer so not a laptop that costs a rediculous amount of money, any suggestions?
  54. M

    Budget laptop for Minecraft $0-$700

    I am looking for a laptop that can run Minecraft smoothly. I wanna run on medium settings. Not to the point where it's ugly or not to the point where everything is perfect. Price range is $0-$700 I need it for the go and I want it to last long.
  55. I

    can the intel atom support/play minecraft. or run capture card downloaded software for editing?

    im looking into buying a good laptop that can support light to moderate gaming. All i would use it for is everyday browsing, Minecraft, and capture card software and editing. I need to know if the asus intel atom can support this. if not, any suggestions on an affordable laptop?
  56. C

    is this any good for recouding minecraft and play more games help

    Dell tower 64 bit pro 500 gig storage 7 gig ram Gt 730 Graf card Windows 8.1
  57. T

    Good XLR Microphone?

    Im currently leaning towards either the MXL 990 or the AT2020 (Both XLR) I'm looking for a microphone to record voice overs, while playing games like minecraft and rust, and for just talking on Skype. I have been watching videos on both these mics and I don't know which to get. If there are any...
  58. S

    Desktop issues, try to fix? or ditch and get a laptop? ( for Internet, Minecraft mainly)

    We have a computer which I believe is this one, bought probably in 2011. http://reviews.walmart.com/1336/15737712/hp-black-pavilion-slimline-s5713w-b-desktop-pc-bundle-with-amd-athlon-ii-240-dual-core-processor-and-windows-7-home-premium-reviews/reviews.htm Other than my general internet and...
  59. T

    Achievecraft.com blocked by Malwarebytes?

    I recently went to a Minecraft Mineplex forum topic and then malwarebytes later showed that it had blocked Achievecraft? Is that website or thing considered malicious or is it just a false positive?
  60. N

    Good Gaming Specs?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/FAST-AMD-KAVERI-A10-CUSTOM-BUILT-DESKTOP-GAMING-COMPUTER-PC-RADEON-7-GRAPHICS-/251934051388?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3aa8708c3c Say if there good or bad. Also if it is worth the money I will use this for recording minecraft so idk if it will run good on medium...