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    Solved! My androids screen and buttons won't work what can I do

    My Polaroid s60 is total unresponsive. So I did a factory reset and still nothing. I don't know what else to do if someone would please help thank you
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    Solved! Sound bar connectivity

    Purchased a Polaroid Soundbar with subwoofer (60w). Has AUX and optical connections. Can’t get sound from TV (Toshiba 4K) despite using AUX directly plugged into TV and soundbar. Any helpful ideas gratefully received. T
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    Solved! No idea how to find the MAC address for my Polaroid 32” HD LED Smart tv

    Hi. Recently I bought a Polaroid tv but since I live in a dorm I have to register any devices MAC address in order to use the WiFi. I have looked through the nextwork settings but can’t seem to find the MAC address. Anything helps. Thx.
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    Connect Polaroid HDMI DVD player to Aquos LC-32DH57E

    I am trying to connect a new Polaroid DVD player to an old Sharpe TV which has a Sky box connected to HDMI1. The original player had a scart connection which worked fine however attempts to connect the player via HDMI and even with an HDMI/scart convertor have failed, indicating "NO signal". I...
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    Solved! Why does my polaroid smart tv not recognise my usb stick

    Smart tv polaroid
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    The Polaroid tablet problem

    what if it turns to a black and white and it won't let you do anything?
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    locating optical cable port on polaroid 04 13 12

    trying to install sky sound box and cannot plug optical cable into tv, where is the port, or is there not one. if so is there an alternative option please?
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    I factory reset my tablet erased everything now when i turn it on i only get the polaroid logo and it stays on the internetabl

    I factory reset my tablet erased everything now it stays on logo wont go to home page
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    Polaroid TV broken

    I have a Polaroid 64 insh TV . The screen went black , its flash bluey light now I know don't know why it happen my kids with there was watchin a movie when TV just went like that . please help I can't get a new TV right now .
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    Polaroid 2611tlxb has a red light in th back labeled d13 that blinks twice. No pic no audio

    Polaroid 2611tlxb has a light in th back labeled d13 that blinx twice. No pic n no audio
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    Polaroid TV DVD settings no signal

    The DVD player was working and the some buttons on the remote got smashed I think the channel got changed and I have no idea what channel makes the DVD player work this has happened before and someone else fixed it that’s not available how do I set it to default DVD player settings? and no it is...
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    Yellow color issue with Polaroid Chromecast TV

    Hello! I've been a huge fan of chromecast since it came out, and my last LED TV's backlight died (over 4 years old), so when I saw this tv on sale I bought it right away (https://www.target.com/p/polaroid-43-4k-uhd-led-tv-with-chromecast-built-in/-/A-52720842) The price of a 4k chromecast...
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    Why won't Polaroid tablet connect to tv

    Why won't Polaroid tablet connect to tv
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    I have a Polaroid tablet L10 and it won't turn can someone please help me it was my sister and she pass away and I like to get

    I have a Polaroid tablet L10 and it won't turn can someone please help me it was my sister and she pass away and I like to get it on . Thanks
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    I have smart Polaroid tv, old magnavox dvd/vcr dv225mg9, dish cable box. how do I connect all?

    a retired teacher
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    Polaroid tv wifi is deactivated how do I reset

    Reactivate WiFi on polaroid tv as it was deactivated and I don't know how to reset it
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    How do I fix this for free

    My p709 Polaroid tablet is frozen on the screen that's says Polaroid. I've already tried to hit reset and it still is stuck. Don't know what else I can do to fix.
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    repair polaroid tv coaxial and headset output

    Connected tv to sound bar, no sound. Coaxial and headset output are faulty, Can the be repaired?
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    How to set my SD card as internal storage on polaroid tablet l9500s

    Can I get help plz how to set my SD card as main internal storage?? Thanks
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    Solved! My Polaroid 7.0 won't come on and I only had it for a month what do I do

    My tablet won't come on and the bk of the tablet don't come off what do I do
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    I have a 7 inch Polaroid tablet I like to know if there bluetooth app that will fit that

    I need something for my tablet so I can hear without having wires
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    Solved! Just TV and dvd player. It's playing but I can't find channel on Polaroid tv

    I can't get to a channel it's playing. Dvd hooked to tv
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    Solved! How to connect WiFi to the Polaroid wifi speaker powered by Alexa

    Can't get wifi connected to my Polaroid wifi speaker powered by alexa
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    Polaroid 7.0" HD tablet will not stay connected to wi-fi

    Tablet won't stay on for more than 2-3 minutes at a time. I have contacted customer support and they suggested factory reset, which I did, and it is still not working properly. Any suggestions as to what I can do? Got it a few days ago. Thank you
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    New 55" UHD LED LCD Polaroid TV appears rather pixelated

    Recently installed new polaroid tv (PU-553016UHD) but it appears rather low res and pixelated, im unsure as to why this is as the power cord and antenna are both plugged in correctly, i've browsed the settings for a long time and the picture mode setting makes no change in quality, as a side...
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    When I move the screen on my A1000x Polaroid tablet

    I got the tablet for Christmas 2016. Recently When I use it while it is charging. the screen goes berserk. It constantly moves up and down, zooming in and out with no rhyme of reason, and when I'm typing I will randomly puts another letter, and when I try to get rid to the letter it adds 2 to 5...
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    My Polaroid tablet battery on screen is flashing but stays red

    Battery just flashes on and off stays red np matter how long plugged up
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    Hooked up my "new" ROKU to my POLAROID tv correctly. I have picture. Sometimes I'll get sound. AFTER screwing with it. I've changed HDMI cables, cleaned the port, even ran it into the PC Port. still no sound that will stay on. Got to be something I'm missing. Is it my tv or the Roku.
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    My Polaroid Phone Cannot Read The SD Card After Factory Reset

    Hi I Have A Polaroid Android Phone And Was Using A 2GB Kingston Micro HC SD Card As Internal Memory, I Did A Factory Reset Not Knowing That The Phone Would Not Be Able To Recognize The Card After. I Have Many Files That I NEED On The Card, How Can I Access Them? PLEASE Help!
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    Help with soundbar

    I have a Polaroid flatscreen. I bought a soundbar.y tv dies not have an audio output jack. I used the two red/ white to r l sound jacks in soundbar and tv. Still dies not work. I turned speakers off to my tv in settings. Still dies not work. It's only hooked up to blu Ray what am I doing wrong
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    My polaroid L9H, the battery sign flashes on and off and won't start

    My polaroid L9h tablet won't turn on, the battery sign flashes on and off
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    How to change mode to pcm on a Panasonic television

    Hi, my father has bought a Polaroid soundbar and while trying to set it up the television keeps telling him to put it on pcm mode. He can't seem to find how to do it. He also has purchased the optic lead too. Can anyone help please. It is a Panasonic television model TH-42PZ85BA Thankyou
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    Instructions to put pcm on a Panasonic tv to connect a Polaroid sound bar

    Instructions how to put PCM to my Panasonic TVmodel number TH-46PZ85BA To connect a Polaroid sound bar please
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    How do I move and save data to SD Card on Polaroid Android Link 6?

    I just got an sd card for my phone because I was running out of internal storage.I have tried to move my storage from internal storage to the sd card but it just keeps adding to the internal storage.
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    Polaroid tablet has horizontal lines

    I have horizontal lines rolling up and down my p902b.. sometimes a white screen., sometimes blue. .. can.eventually. get rid of them by tapping rapidly on screen.. how do I fix that?
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    I have a 2007 Polaroid tv that I am hooking up to Apple TV. I have Internet service but the screen on tv says no signal. Any s

    2007 Polaroid tv that powers on. I hooked it to Apple TV, set the I put to hdmi and screen says no signal. Any suggestions?
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    How do I transpose a still image of a Polaroid frame over a video for the full length of the video?

    Eg: For my blog/instagram I use photoshop to layer a polaroid frame over a photo and then save as a jpg and post. I am wanting to do this with my videos too so that it all looks uniform and cannot find anything on the internet to answer my question! May be a complete noob, but can this be done...
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    Im trying to connect my Polaroid le60gd13h to my new Panasonic sound bar but I'm not sure how to do this via hdmi and there is

    I've been trying to connect my TV to the sound bar but I'm new to all this and the hdmi isn't working any ideas please. Many thanks
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    Solved! Tablet won't turn on and can't remove battery

    So late night, I was going to bed, and I didn't want my tablet to die in the middle of the night, so I leg it plugged up, then, today, after I can home from school and finished my work, I went to check on it, I pressed the power button, but it wouldn't turn on, so I held the power button, but...
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    Solved! can't find where wire connects after removing back cover help

    Polaroid Flat Panel Television tlx-04240b Please help find where wire connects. I removed back cover and inadvertently disconnected wire. these run along top of chassis . on the left the wire connects to control box. on the right (the one I accidentally pulled loose ) the wire ends with a...
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    Polaroid Zip Review: Portable Photo Printer Produces Blah Prints

    The Polaroid Zip is a very portable photo printer that lets you print out photos when you're on the go, but the resulting prints won't wow you. Polaroid Zip Review: Portable Photo Printer Produces Blah Prints : Read more
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    I have a hdmi dvd and a polaroid tv. How do. I get the dvd to play?

    I dont understand
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    My Polaroid tablets keep cut off when I am a show

    The show will start play 5 min it stop play
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    Are these instructions for resetting an android device the same for resetting a Polaroid A8?

    I inherited the A8 Polaroid tablet. Unfortunately, the first owner put a password on it and now can't remember it. How can I bypass this screen so that I can use the tablet.
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    Polaroid iD975 camcorder "card error"

    I have recently bought a new Polaroid iD975 camcorder and a micro format SD disk for it. When I try to use that card, a 'card error" message comes on the screen. I can format the card and use it but, when I turn off the camera and re-start it, the same message appears and I lose all the files...
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    i can't turn on my polaroid tablet after charging it

    When i charge my polaroid tablet it won't turn on please help me on this probalem
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    OTA Polaroid HDTV

    I have an older Polaroid HDTV (FLM373B). No cable. I get Netflix and Hulu thru my DVD player, connected to the HDMI port on the TV. No problem watching these at all. I tried to hook up my antenna to the tv (works great on my other tv sets) and cannot get the menu to access the 'HDTV' option...
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    How do i hook up a mini usb keyboard to a Polaroid 10 in tablet

    Plug it in and nothing .... tried a few usb host apps nothing....only had this thing two days. Keyboard is attached to the case polaroid 10in tablet.
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    i just got a polaroid ipad. been on charger for 24 hrs and still blak screan can any one help

    I got a ipad name on it is polaroid. Been charging over 24hrs and still black screan can any one please. Help
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    Getting a soundbar to work on my polaroid tv

    I have a polaroid 3-42-14 smart tv. The sound quality is quite poor in my opinion and I was wondering if it was possible to use my bush sb800 sound bar for sound? If so what cables do I need to use? https://postimg.org/image/dir2e67gn/ https://postimg.org/image/lacu9js4x/...
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    Polaroid tablet ,brand new, won't turn on, tried everything, reset button, hard reset , cargeing won't work, nothin works( out

    Plz help its brand new Polaroid tablet and reset button, hard reset, charger, power button all don't work. Only had it for a week as well....
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    cant turn on polaroid tablet after draining the battery

    i drained the battery on my Polaroid tablet Model: L9 and i when i checked it wont turn on even though its fully charged... i plugged in the charger but it only stays on the charging screen and turns back off... how could i fix it?
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    whats an old polaroid worth

    I recently found an old polaroid when cleaning out my grandparents basement. I was given permision to try to sell it and all I could be told was that they didnt know if it worked. It was in what looks like a lether carrying case and has a flash attachment (in another box and ancient styrofoam)...
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    Polaroid tablet won't turn on.

    I bought my daughter a polaroid tablet 3 wks ago all was working good until yesterday it went flat and after plugging in charger it will not turn on... When I press on the power button it just shows a picture of a battery with a triangle with a ! Inside ... My daughter really likes her tablet...
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    Android Polaroid Tablet

    My tablet won't charge at all battery light Comes on but won't power on or charge no wall. Charger works I tried a starter jump no help any suggestions
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    connecting my laptop windows 8 to polaroid 19" TV

    HI I HAVE A POLAROID 19" TV it has HDMI and VGA port and i tried connecting to my acer laptop wind 8 via HDMI but just shows blue screen . it does not have PC on tv menu will i have to connect using VGA . thanks
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    looking for a reset button on my polaroid tablet

    My Polaroid tablet is stuck on the start up screen. Where is the reset button?
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    lost my power cord what can I use instead of it the original

    I lost my power cord to my polaroid 3200 what can I use other than the original cord
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    my polaroid tv has headphone socket but no output sockets how do I plug my soundbar in . thans

    Hi ive just bought a Polaroid soundbar to go with my 40" Polaroid hdmi tv but there isnt any output sockets just a headphone socket how do I connect the soundbar to my tv. Please help . The model of my TV is 40" full HD P40LCD12. .
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    Polaroid tda 03211c problem

    I have a polaroid TDA-03211c LCD TV with an IPOS 150 REV. 1.8 Power Supply board, the LCD is black, the power turns on but I have no backlight, I have checked the capcitors on the power board, all of them look good except for the big filter cap (150uf 450v) which I have just noticed is domed...