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  1. P

    [Can] < $1000 engineering laptop

    I did not get much suggest on reddit.com/r/suggestalaptop so I'm testing my luck here. LAPTOP QUESTIONNAIRE Country of purchase: Canada Budget range: < $1,000 Purpose : Music producing, Engineering (CAD Solidworks, Matlab, Optical design (zemax, codeV), light gaming (not a priority) Screen...
  2. I

    Samsung Series 5 battery won't charge and adapter is required at all time

    Hi Guys, My Samsung Series 5 NP530U3C-A01 battery won't charge and the laptop shuts down when I disconnect the ac adapter. I've tried to charge it with a new adapter and i've changed the battery with a new one. Both didn't solve the problem. I've tried to reset the EC of the battery, did a...
  3. R

    Best Laptop or Ultrabook?

    Hi there, I am looking for a laptop or ultrabook for university but there are so many choices its overwhelming. I am looking for something portable and well priced. I want to be able to do everyday tasks like surfing the internet or word processing without any hassle. I was looking at the...
  4. M

    Looking for budget Laptop for college, non-gaming, portable and long battery life

    Hello everyone, This is my first time I ever posted here so I hope I did everything correctly. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows of a laptop that's like an ultrabook, but without the touchscreen. I will be entering college next semester as a CS major so I'll be using this to do a...
  5. C

    thin gaming ultrabook under 1100

    Hello, I have been looking for a good 2 weeks now and just can't find myself a ultra book with the specs I want. The things i would like to do on it is school work, game( has to be able to run lol, bf3 good). If possible i would also like it to be 13 inch touchscreen. Do not want a thick 3 hour...
  6. J

    Multi Monitor Ultrabooks

    Hello, Could anyone recommend a good ultrabook (13inch) that could power 2-3 desktop monitors, looking to completely replace my desktop. Other Bonuses: Touch Screen SSD Strong processor (i5 or better) Lots of RAM While I know it won't come cheap, price is some what of a factor Thank you,
  7. D

    Help me choose a convertible! (student)

    I'm starting medical school in a few months, and I would like to get a convertible for note taking. My problem is choosing from the large number available (or soon to be). I am leaning more towards a 2-in-1 over a tablet because 1) I am concerned about some of them not being compatible with...
  8. R

    Priority: Specs or Resolutions?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking into buying a light gaming ultrabook. I'm comparing three at the moment (two are below) and I just had a quick question. One laptop has an i7 processor with a GeForce GT 750M graphics module and is 15.6'' with a 1366x768 resolution (Acer Aspire V5-573PG-9610). The...
  9. L

    I'm Looking for a laptop that is under 750 dollars in Canada.

    What is your budget? 500-750 maybe 800 What country will you be buying this in? Canada What size notebook do you prefer? Mainstream (15 - 16-inch screen) What brands do you like or dislike? Like: no preference, little iffy on HP Dislike:dell Would you consider a refurbished laptop...
  10. L

    What are some good laptops or ultrabooks out there that have 802.11abgn? PLZ help its for school!! THX ;)

    :bounce:I need a good laptop but also has the 802.11abgn wireless networking. Its really hard to fing ne plz help!!!:D:??:
  11. L

    What are some good laptops or ultrabooks out there that have 802.11abgn? PLZ help its for school!! THX ;)

    :bounce:I need a good laptop but also has the 802.11abgn wireless networking. Its really hard to fing ne plz help!!!:D:??:
  12. S

    Can I use this laptop to play gw2 or am I screwed.

    Greetings I have a Toshiba satellite ProP755 S5375 Core i7. Can I use this laptop to play gw2 or am I screwed? specs below: ◾Processor Model: i7-2670QM ◾Processor Speed: 2.20 GHz ◾Processor Core: Quad-core (4 Core) ◾Cache: 6 MB ◾Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768 ◾Graphics Controller...
  13. lauraExplora

    Buying TODAY: Asus S56CA-DH51 vs. Lenovo IdeaPad U510

    I'm looking to buy a laptop ASAP. My budget is $500, both laptops listed are priced at $450 right now with promo code. Primary considerations are reliability of components and multitasking performance. Primary usage is Wi-Fi web browsing, streaming music/video, Eclipse IDE, R, Octave. I plan...
  14. D

    Can you help me choose between laptops please?

    So i have been using pc (mostly asus ) and have been satisfied but it died last year :( it was used but it worked for the time being so i have been using a computer a friend let me borrow it is a mac now before i start a war or something it was lender. After a year of using it i kinda of liked...
  15. M

    Laptop for Engineering/Gaming

    Hey all, I need help choosing a laptop. I have already tried the Lenovo Y510p and I currently have an MSI GS70. They are both beasts but I have come to realize I don't really need all the gaming power that these things have because I have a desktop to do all that. My budget is around $2500 so...
  16. G

    High performance laptop while maintaining a small form factor(read: good portability)?

    Is it impossible to find a laptop with a small form factor yet still a decent performer? I want something that performs well, but maintains a small form factor. I don't need something that out performs the ridiculous 'gaming laptops', I want portability and good speed. (why not just get a...
  17. S

    Suggestions for Ultrabooks or Similar?

    I am looking to buy a new laptop soon for portability and would like some suggestions on the make and model since I have been unable to find what I want. I currently have a netbook that is on the way out and am looking to replace it. The netbook I have is a 10.1 in. screen and am fairly...
  18. M

    Laptop or Ultrabook Advice

    Can anyone point me towards some 13" or 14" Haswell laptops or ultrabooks with the new Intel 802.11ac wifi?
  19. pandaking

    Which of these laptops / ultrabooks is best for me?

    Hi, Looking to purchase a small laptop / ultrabook. My main requirements are: ■ Lightweight & portable (13"-14" screen) ■ Decent battery life (+4 hours) ■ Matt / non-glare screen (I don't really want touchscreen either) This will be used for web browsing and typing word documents, with the...
  20. S

    HP Envy15 Custom Yay or Nay

    so while reviewing ultrabooks and laptops for like 4ever i tyhink that this is the best choice regarding portability, design and performance. I think it gathers like what i would need for my College works and my design needs (Adobe Suite etc...) also i would like to play games and stuff but i...