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    Best Ultrabook with SSD and Dedicated Graphics card

    Hi guys, Looking for an Ultrabook with these requirements: SSD (not hybrid) Dedicated graphics card Not Apple, Asus, Alienware or HP under $2000 AUD and best if in-store not online shops Has a nice design for general use and does not look like hardcore gaming laptop Thanks in advance! Tony.
  2. W

    What are some CPU,GPU and RAM intensive tasks?

    Hi, so I was thinking about buying a new laptop, and since I am a computer science major, I wanted to leave many possibility( in terms of spec) for the computer. I at first was thinking about new Razer Blade 14 inch one (obviously quite expensive but was close to my ideal spec except for 8gb...
  3. M

    New Hard Drive not found

    Hello guys, today i got my new WD 500gb wd5000bkpx(something like that) and i inserted in my laptop and wanted to install windows 8 from usb(i got an ultrabook, sleekbook) but nothing happend. It only appears that I have to install a Os and no Bootable device found, Hard disk (3fo). Can it be...
  4. C

    Solid Budget Ultrabook?

    Looking to get a cheap/used/refurb Ultrabook for my middle schooler for Xmas. She's had a budget laptop I picked up for $280 in 2011 and it's gotten slow and the battery's sucky. Figured an ultrabook would satisfy the needs (Surfing, light gaming, google docs). I'd like to keep it under $500...
  5. Phil923

    Best Ultrabook ($1000 budget - No Macbooks)

    Hello forums, I am looking for an new laptop and would like your suggestions on what I should get. My current laptop is an ASUS G53SW-A1 that I got a few years ago when I gamed all the time, but now I am moving on from a gaming book and need a more practical laptop that I can carry around and...
  6. C

    Best Budget Laptop

    Hi, Can anyone help me with chosing a laptop within the budget limit of 300-400$? I am still new at laptop stuff since i have been using desktop most of the time. Quality of the laptop should be: smooth performance, long battery life, hardcore gaming (maybe not too much hardcore but could...
  7. A

    [ASAP] Toshiba z30 - right for me?

    So I have until the end of the week to decide whether to get Z30 for under 800€ (it's on discount) which is my budget. My question is whether it can be used as an ONLY pc? I'd be using it at home, mostly for watching movies and seldom playing games no heavier than LoL. I'd probably need more...
  8. G

    Are these worthy ultrabooks?

    Hi! I'm going to get a new computer for xmas and my mother sent me a message with two LG ultrabooks in a price she can pay. She asked me to ask around if they are worth it, though, cos we don't have money to spend everytime a computer completely breaks (and it's happened before here...
  9. Boyling460

    What games can my laptop play?

    I'm getting an Asus T100 very soon for school and i'm wanting to play some of my games on it. What games can it play? I dont care what settings it is on all i want is to be able to play games with a decent fps. Im going to play indie games and stuff like dead space, dragon age origins, CS:GO...
  10. T

    Photo & Video Editing, Statistical Tools and Presentaton Preparations

    Hello! Would like to ask about any recommended laptops for the aforementioned purposes? I am an Industrial engineering student on my 3rd year and I'm quite looking for a laptop that could fit my need as an IE student as well. thanks! hope you could suggest a couple of laptops I could consider...
  11. A

    Help me pick between these two ultrabooks

    Dell XPS 13 ($899) http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/Dell-XPS-13-4289-Signature-Edition-Laptop/productID.306275600 Acer Aspire S7 ($999) http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/Acer-Aspire-S7-392-6425-Signature-Edition-Laptop/productID.306261100 I'm leaning...
  12. B

    I don't know what to do. $800 Budget

    1. What is your budget? My max is $900, but I'd really like to keep it under $800. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? I've been looking at 11.6'', but I'm worried that might be too small for the kind of work I want to do on it (typing long essays for school, having...
  13. X

    Choosing a laptop

    Okay, I am in the market of a new laptop and I am willing to spend $500-$600, i need to be able to watch youtube, surf the web, use microsoft office, and use a little adobe lightroom. I put some thought in buying a 2011 mac book pro because I like Apple but I do not need Apple products. Used is...
  14. R

    highly portable, good build / aesthetic, max £400

    Hi guys, here to hopefully find some recommendations for a laptop / netbook. MAIN THINGS; To watch films on, and other online media (so a nice resolution) To word process (guess I could do this on anything, but a nice feeling, durable keyboard is a must). Small, portable light. Both...
  15. R

    Laptop recommendations, max £400

    Hi guys, here to hopefully find some recommendations for a laptop / netbook. MAIN THINGS; To watch films on, and other online media (so a nice resolution) To word process (guess I could do this on anything, but a nice feeling, durable keyboard is a must). Small, portable light. Both...
  16. verlique

    Cheap Ultrabook/Light Laptop to gaming and study -$700

    Hi guys I need a Cheap Ultrabook/Light Laptop to gaming and to study. I prefer Lighter than "stronger", so... until 3kg/6.6lb is okay! The most stronger game I will play is Diablo 3, so if run with medium quality without FPS falls will be fine! I saw some notebooks, like: Samsung Series 3...
  17. X

    Ultrabook optical drive help

    Hello, A few weeks ago, i bought a Lenovo Flex 2 15 (20405) for school. Firstly, I love it. On the Lenovo site, where i got it, it specifically said no optical drive. I was fine with it, and i still am, no need for discs, more room for other goodies. But on the side of my ultrabook, there is...
  18. B

    Can someone tell me about a sleek gaming laptop under 923$

    I need a very very slim(sleek) gaming laptop!It has to be with intel i7 CPU, Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M 2GB or above, 8gb of RAM, HDD 600gb to 1tb of storage, and optional a touch screen for windows 8!! It has to be 923$ or below!!
  19. N

    Which of these two for University students?

    I'm looking at the Surface Pro 3 which is out in a week in the U.K and the Macbook air 13". Both 128gb ssd at i5. I like the OS from both brands so my issue is which is more suitable for a student. I was considering waiting for the Retina Macbook Air which is rumoured as well if that would make...
  20. K

    [Comp Eng student] Notebook purchase assistance!

    Hello tom'sH community! I need assistance, I have to decide which laptop to buy for my academic studies of Computer Engineering. My budget is pretty tight, so I have to manage to find solid machine [i3/i5, 4GB ram min upgradable, 128GB SSD] for under 800 dollars. I want it to be light and have...
  21. P

    Problem with home audio? Help! Newbie

    Okay so I recently got a new television and I try connecting it to my HP ultrabook and whenever I plug it in an error message saying Therefore no audio is being output from the television! But the thing is, when my son tries HIS laptop, it works perfectly, the audio is being output from the...
  22. K

    Need Help Picking Laptop!

    Hi there, I need help picking a new laptop, and I want to ask you guys again for your opinions. Things I need/require are below, also with more info. Thanks! Have a MAX budget of around $2,200 Needs to be PC Needs to have a 1920x1080 Full HD Screen (as good as possible, though no 4k please...
  23. courier

    Need help choosing a laptop for college

    So I'm going to university in a few months and need a portable computer. I have dedicated gaming PC at home so performance is not important (but I want to be able to use eg. MS Office/browser with no problems). I also don't care much if it's a macbook/laptop/ultrabook/tablet with a keyboard/etc...
  24. B

    College programmer's laptop with Active Digitizer

    I'm attending an engineering school as a CS student and I'm looking for a new 12-15" Haswell laptop. I have a $2000 dollar budget. It needs to have: ■ an excellent keyboard and trackpad ■ an active digitizer. ■ a battery life long enough to get through all my classes without my worrying too...
  25. P

    Good enough Processor?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a ultrabook for school and I came across a ultrabook that had the processor Intel i5-4210U in it. Is this processor comparable to other ultrabooks' CPUs like the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, which has the 4500U and other ultrabooks like Samsung ATIV 9+ or the Macbook? Thanks
  26. Echocookie

    Deciding between 2 laptops, any help?

    Hello Tom's Hardware community, I have come to a tough decision between 2 laptops that will primarily be used for gaming. The first is a Dell Ultrabook 6430U with 8g of ram, a 3rd gen quad core (8 thread) i7 processor @ 2.6ghz, a 128gb ssd, and a 14" HD LED display. It does not have a dedicated...
  27. D

    Good ultrabook capable of gaming (w/ laptop buyer faq)

    I'm a student and looking for a laptop with great portability but still capable of decent gaming 1. What is your budget? Possibly below USD1k but I'm ok as long as below USD1.5k 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13.3" to 15.6" 3. What screen resolution do you want...
  28. timer12

    Need Opinion on Gaming Laptop Choice

    Hey guys, I'm going off to college and need a portable gaming notebook. So I was looking at all the new gaming ultrabooks and trying to pick the best one. I found the Zeus book Edge from cyber power pc for 1,400 which seems to make it the best deal over the MSI ghost and other ultrabooks. I'm...
  29. P

    Deciding between this two

    - Yoga 2 13 (Not pro) 4th Generation Intel Core i5-4200U Processor (1.60GHz 1600MHz 3MB) 13.3" FHD LED Backlit Multitouch (1920x1080) Intel® HD Graphics 4400 4.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SDRAM 1600 MHz 500 GB SSHD + 16 GB SSD - Flex 2 14 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4510U Processor (2.00GHz 1600MHz...
  30. P

    Is playing games in ultrabook not good for the machine>?

    I've heard that Ultrabooks are not made for gaming. I recently bought an Acer M5 ultrabook and i play games in it like NFS MW2, The Run, COD MW3, AC Brotehrhood, and gives good FPS at medium to low settings(IntelHD 4000). Is there any way that playing games like these in ultrabook harm the...
  31. M

    Please Guide me Buying An Ultrabook Its a request .

    Hello all friends and senior respected members. I am purchasing a laptop. I found an ultrabook in cheap price nearly 700$ Us Dollars.The problem is i can not find reviews of this specific model on any website.Model is HP Envy Touch Smart 14 k025tx (refurbished). The link to full specs is given...
  32. G

    In the market for a Netbook. Are they right for me?

    This is probably going to be long, because I'm a spaz... So recently, I've been looking at netbooks, mostly on Ebay. I need something that I can really take around with me, as well as give me excellent battery life. See, I already have a laptop. And old one, at that. It's a Gateway M-1624 with...
  33. I

    looking for a ultrabook

    Hello I am in need of a new ultrabook. I have a new desktop gaming pc so I dont need my heavy laptop anymore. my budget is around 1000-1300 $ . I need it for Microsoft office, browsing internet and it would be great if it could run hearthstone :) if possible touch screen but I is not...
  34. M

    Portable laptop for freshman biomedical engineering student

    I will be a freshman this fall studying biomedical engineering / pre-med, and I'm trying to find a laptop/ultrabook. This is my first time buying a laptop, so I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions. I'll primarily be using it for note-taking, group projects, presentations, music, and other...
  35. M

    Best laptop within budget

    Hi there people! Let's fire away. I need a decent laptop, with of course some prerequisites. Since I'm starting a new IT study there are some recommendations given, but I simply need something better, so here are my prerequisites: 1. What is your budget? - I want to spend around $2000 or...
  36. zepfan_75

    Portable Laptop For Mechanical Engineering Student

    This next semester, I am going to be a junior in college seeking a mechanical engineering degree, but I am now in need of a new laptop. I have been searching for an ultrabook/portable solution (3 1/2 pounds or less) with an i5 or better, 256gb SSD, Full HD screen, with ~8 hours of battery life...
  37. eldapeeze

    Why do ultrabooks have lower Ghz CPU speed?

    I've noticed with desktops and older PC's you could get a CPU with 3.30 ghz or higher. Yet I've looked at ultrabooks and noticed even the good ones don't give you anything higher than 1.70 Ghz. What's the reason for this? Thanks.
  38. J

    Laptop for College / Non-Gaming

    Hello, after hours of research and searching the forums, I still cant make up my mind on a laptop for college. I will be studying Computer Science. I really like the idea of an Ultrabook, I just don't think it will have the power I need/want. Also, I like the idea of a touch screen too. 1. What...
  39. My Life Is Tech

    SOLVED - Help! Fast! I can't find Toshiba ACPI Common Modules (TVALD) for my Toshiba laptop!

    Hi, I have a much older Toshiba Satellite A105-S2021, and I have looked everywhere on the Toshiba website for the Toshiba ACPI Common Modules thing for my laptop. I can find the Toshiba ACPI Common Modules but my particular model (S2021) is not listed in any of them! Not one! Can you please help...
  40. I

    Which laptop should I buy?

    I'm moving out to uni in august and want a new laptop to take with me so it's easier to take to lectures and bring back over holidays. I'm currently looking at the; Asus N550LF-CK108H & Acer Aspire V7-581PG Are these the best options for my price range £600-£700? (Would like the laptop to...
  41. S

    Best Performance+Looks Gaming Laptop

    I recently (half a year ago) built a gaming pc and have been loving the content that I was not able to get on my previous mac book pro. I am interested in a gaming laptop since a mid ATX desktop with a monitor isn't exactly "portable." I want to get a gaming laptop under $1300 that can run games...
  42. J

    Best Bestbuy thin-ish gaming laptop?

    Hi, i am looking for an laptop replacment that is somewhat thin and has an good i7 CPU and good GPU. Please help! Budget ($1400 MAX) Battery 5hrs + Good build quality 1080p is an must.
  43. J

    good gaming ultrabook: Asus Q550LF vs Samsung ATVI book 8 (US)?

    Hi, I'm looking for an good portable with gaming, adobe, and video editing in mind. I have narrowed it down to two canadates: ATVI Book 8...
  44. H

    Gaming Ultrabook with high budget

    Hey guys, I am currently looking for a laptop to take with me to college that will stand the test of time. The specs I am looking for are: $2000 budget 14" or 15.6" Display (or anything in between) 8gb+ RAM GT 750m or higher graphics card with 2gb+ dedicated memory 5lbs or less in weight...
  45. C

    New ultrabook for development

    Hello! I am looking for an ultrabook under $1000(USD). I use Visual Studio, Unity, Sql Server Tools, and Netbeans all day. I am looking for good battery life(At least 5 hours). At least an I5 mobile, what ever the current generation is. Also, it dose not need to have dedicated graphics, but a...
  46. Icemice

    Which Laptop is better for my requirements?

    First of all thanks for your time. Is the Acer Aspire E1-731-20204G50Mnii laptop better than a Toshiba Satellite U840T-102 14inch Touchscreen ultrabook? I like the fact that the Toshiba has touchscreen but I still want the laptop with the fastest browsing (watching YouTube videos, website...
  47. verlique

    Gaming Laptop/Ultrabook - $1700

    Guys, I need a big help. I need to buy a Laptop/Ultrabook for Gaming for maximum $1700 Unfortunately, I need to cary every day, so I need something not so heavy. Like, 3kg (6.6lbs) Thanks!
  48. K

    Want an all-around good laptop: Non-Hardcore Gaming, Multimedia, Portable. FAQ Answered.

    1. What is your budget? ~1300$ 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15 inch 3. What screen resolution do you want? Full-HD 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Portable 5. How much battery life do you need? Around 6 hours I guess (while reading stuff...
  49. S

    Which ultrabook should I get?

    ASUS VivoBook S500CA-US71T: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834231324R Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 15: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834313594 Right now they are both the same price. The only difference that I care about in the two is that the Asus has an...
  50. C

    ultra thin and light gaming laptop

    Hi everyone wanna ask which laptop will best for me it will be use for: 1. Gaming (assassin creed, Crysis etc the high one) 2. Multimedia (picture or video editing w/ photoshop or autoCAD or etc) 3. travelling (it will be really much and using my feet not cars) And I wonder which one will be...
  51. T

    Why do my ear phones (headphones) make a constant static noise when plugged in?

    It makes a constant humming sound when the headphones are on, like if the sound is all the way down or muted, it does not make the sound. Only when they are running. It is not a problem with my headphones, I tried it with multiple headphones (both Panasonic, if the problem is that), and they...
  52. UmiHuss

    Need help deciding which laptop to choose

    Thanks for taking the time out to check my question out! Alright I'm looking for a light-weight laptop that is within a $400-$550 budget range that has some power to it. If you have any ideas what could be a good computer please let me know! As of now I have come across three variations of a...
  53. J

    Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 2 vs MBP 15" Retina

    I'm in the market for a new laptop and I'm ambivalent about which operating system. My main use will be statistical simulations (which can take a long time to run), research, writing, web use, and playing non-cutting-edge games like DotA 2. I intend to use this computer for at least 4 years...
  54. N

    Lap/ultrabook for students (Casual gaming, €500-€800)

    Hi everyone, Next year (September 2014), I'm hoping to be going to college. I just need a new lap- or ultrabook for this. Right now I have a ASUS X52J with an i3 processor and nvidia 310m, but actually I need a little bit more I guess. Main goals: - Casual gaming (Football Manager, some new...
  55. B

    need help in selecting perfect laptop

    Hi there, I am a student pursuing M.tech. I want to buy a laptop probably ultrabook. I have to travel daily to my research institute not only this I have to attend several conferences so I think I need a 13 or 14 inch laptop. I will prefer 13 although. I use some molecular docking tool for my...
  56. I

    Acer Aspire S7-392 V.S. Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus

    I'm looking for an ultrabook for college and have narrowed it down to these two. I've read many reviews across many websites and want to finalize which one I'm getting. Any experience/review/advice/insight on why I should one pick over the other would be greatly appreciated.
  57. D

    Request for Help from People with a Laptop with 3317u/3337u/4200u

    Alright, so I have a request for someone with a laptop that has either a 3317u, a 3337u, or a 4200u, and a resolution of 1366x768. I am soon going to be buying a laptop, as my current one is dead. I have a question about the capabilities of this processor and it's integrated graphics. I know...
  58. sirmilkybar

    Best Laptop For a Student

    Hi guys I'm looking for a laptop for school that has good battery life and is lightweight enough to be carried around campus, without having a super high price tag. I realize something like a hybrid tab or Chromebook fits this criteria great, however my only other ask is that it is able to run...
  59. N

    Light-gaming / Light-weight multitasking ultrabook

    Hi all, I'm on the market for an Ultrabook for work/school/home use. Battery life, CPU power and weight are important factors in my decision. 1. What is your budget? $800-$1,400 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13.3" or less 3. What screen resolution do you...
  60. L

    Which Ultrabook? Dell XPS 12 vs Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

    I'm having a hard time deciding which Ultrabook to get for university. The two I had my eyes on are Dell XPS 12 (1900x1020) i5 4200U, 4GB ram, 128 SSD - 699.99 i7 4500U, 8GB ram, 256 SSD - 1299.99 http://www.dell.com/ca/p/xps-12-9q33/pd Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro (3200x1800) i5 4200U, 8GB ram, 256 SSD -...