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  1. Z

    Laptop for College, Light Gaming

    Hi, I am going to college next year and am looking for a computer to use hopefully for the next 3-4 years. I am majoring in computer science so I will be using it daily for work and because of this major I have thought of getting a Macbook Pro and getting boot camp to make sure I can use every...
  2. T

    Ultrabook for school use

    Hello community, I am currently looking for a decent ultrabook, and I have ended on three options which are locally available to me (in Australia), and one alternative option. My base criteria are: Priced around 1000 AUD 13 inch screen size Weight 1.5kg or less No Macs Here are my current...
  3. A

    Looking for a light workstation laptop ($800-1200 CAD)

    I'm looking for a light laptop, preferably under 3lbs. It will mostly be used for web development. Able to run a lot of processes at the same time. Examples of software I'd use are Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro. Premiere not so much, as it's mostly for hobbies. But being capable of decent...
  4. G

    Need Help Deciding Between Three Lenovo Ultrabooks

    Choice #1 Best Buy (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/lenovo-thinkpad-yoga-2-in-1-14-touch-screen-laptop-intel-core-i5-8gb-memory-256gb-solid-state-drive-black/4456400.p?id=1219749486129&skuId=4456400) -- Lenovo Yoga 14: I can get this system for $799.99 after discount. -- Hard Drive Capacity: 256...
  5. MrPickles

    Used laptop under $400

    Howdy, Looking to stretch my budget. Used laptop for under $400 suggestions? Lite, 13-15", browsing, office, little to no gaming (Scourge of War), music, no DVD drive and maybe Bluetooth. I have 250GB SSD to install myself. I'm in no rush so I can take the time vet quality used offers...
  6. S

    dell xps vs hp spectre x360 vs samsung notebook 9

    I need a laptop to run CAD software's I don't need a 4K screen or a touch screen and I don't need a 2-in-1 or a hybrid all I need is 1.solid build quality 2.bright display with good viewing angles (13 or 15") 3.solid battery life 4.HDD or SSD with fast write and read speeds 5.no...
  7. R

    dell xps 13 i3 variant reviews

    1. What is your budget? $1000-$1200(But i live in India) 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13 inch ultrabook 3. What screen resolution do you want? Not a concern 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Ultraportable 5. How much battery...
  8. A

    Xps 13 and razer blade stealth: can i see any?

    Hey guys, So i have been looking around for a nice utlrabook and this two have cought my eye. Xps 13 for the looks and the awesome display and the razer blade for the specs you get for the money compared to other ultrabooks. I would like to know if i can actually see any of this or they are...
  9. V

    What SSD does Asus UX305UA support?

    I know its supports M2.. But.. im not sure if it supports NVMe aswell.. And is M2 allways PCIe or only some variations?
  10. sharndowg

    What are the chances of a CPU fan malfunction?

    Good day to you all, I do consider myself a DIY solver when it comes to tech problems, but this time I'am truly stumped. I really need some suggestions. Problem: Laptop fan has suddenly started operating at full speed. And I can't seem to find a reason behind it. System: ASUS UX303LA, i7...
  11. H

    Razer Blade 2016 Stealth or XPS 13

    Hi, guys I am looking for a laptop still. I was previously aiming to get the surface book since it was a 2in1 laptop which i wanted, but it was to overpriced as i realized it now. Now the main decision is to get an XPS 13 or the Razer Blade 2016 Stealth Edition. I am in college and needing a...
  12. thormejh

    Deciding on an ultrabook

    Ok, so i have been looking and looking through ultrabooks and i cant really find one that suits my needs and i was hoping someone on here knew something i didn't. what i need in the ultrabook is as follows -usb-c -skylake i7 -good trackpad -good keyboard -1080 is fine -good battery life -2 usb...
  13. K

    Which ultrabook to choose - two ZenBooks

    Hi there! I am buying a new laptop that will be mostly used for the programming and work at school. At home I have my primary workstation and server. I intend to remote desktop to it quite often and work on it. I will be using some CAD software, Eclipse, VisualStuido, Remote Desktop Connection...
  14. B

    Dell Latitude any good?

    I am looking to get a laptop for university and found the Dell Latitude E7440 refurbished on offer £360 so it seems like a pretty good price. It has an Intel Core i5 4300U 1.9GHz, 8gb RAM, 128gb ssd, and 1920x1080 display. 14 inch display seems like it would be good in terms of carrying around...
  15. B

    Thoughts on this laptop

    I am looking to get a laptop for university and found the Dell Latitude E7440 refurbished on offer £360 so it seems like a pretty good price. It has an Intel Core i5 4300U 1.9GHz, 8gb RAM, 128gb ssd, and 1920x1080 display. 14 inch display seems like it would be good in terms of carrying...
  16. S

    Need help picking out a laptop (£1000 Max.)

    I am currently in my second year my A-Levels and plan on going to university next year, studying Computer Science. I already own a gaming desktop but I am currently in need of a laptop for my school work since my school does not have the required software for me to complete my coursework while I...
  17. S

    Best <$1500 laptop (with utrabook form factor) for GoPro video editing?

    What's the best purchase that's good enough for GoPro video editing? Should be < $1500 and readily available to buy. Thanks. if you can bear with more questions... which one among SP4 i5 8GB RAM vs. i5 16GB RAM vs. i7 8GB RAM. Are these good enough to do 4k video editing?
  18. D

    Laptop for university- portable

    Hi, im looking to buy a laptop for university. I already have a desktop, which I use for gaming and more intensive tasks. Therefore, Im looking for a laptop primarily for note taking, and portable enough to take home with me. Budget: Up to £900 but rather spend closer to £600 Screen size...
  19. C

    Lenovo Yoga 2 13 touch screen freaks out

    Hi, so i have a Lenovo Yoga 2 13 since last month and almost immediately it started to give me problems with the touch screen. In fact, even though after turning it on it seems to work just fine after a while the touch screen starts recieving several inputs and doesn't follow mine . At this...
  20. C

    Best budget laptop/ultrabook for engineering student?

    I'm looking to spend about £600-700 for a laptop that is light (has to be carried around everyday), can run all engineering linked programs eg CAD, Matlab, Codeblocks etc etc, has good battery life and can run games like Rocket League, League of Legends. Any suggestions? The lenovo thinkpad was...
  21. S

    Asus G53S Vs Current Ultrabooks 1200 budget

    I travel a ton. I do video editing, photoshop touch up work, and I play games. FF14 and it's likely I'll pick up legacy of the void. My current laptop is a 15in Asus G53s with a 560m 2gb 1TB (8lbs without the powerbrick!) http://www.notebookcheck.net/Asus-G53-Series.38877.0.html Due to video...
  22. S

    Laptop/Ultrabook under $500.... I'm Lost, Need Help!

    Hey team, thank you for your help in aiding me select parts for a desktop I built a few years ago, still going strong with no issues! Currently I may be on an impossible task but have been looking for a laptop/ultrabook, under $500. I will be using it for light gaming such as Diablo 3 and...
  23. C

    Looking for budget laptop

    1. What is your budget? around £400 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13.3 - 15.6" 3. What screen resolution do you want? Full HD 1920 x 1080 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Ultra portable laptop / slim / light 5. How much...
  24. M

    ASUS laptop repair advice

    I have an ASUS UX32VD ultrabook that has a few issues that I've lived with for a few years now. These consist of the following: 1. The 32GB onboard SSD chip has failed. Not a huge deal, because I installed my own SSD, but it does cause the boot to be a bit slow while it searches for the ssd...
  25. C

    Looking for £400 budget laptop with 1080p screen

    Looking for a budget £400 laptop that could be either 13.3" or 15.6" slim / ultrabook like laptop with no dvd drive, full hd screen and the budget goes from about £300 to £400, anything cheaper would be amazing! Full HD 1920 x 1080 is a must and a lightweight laptop would be ideal. Thanks!
  26. fixty100

    Best Ultrabook under £500 (UK)

    Hey guys, I'm struggling to find the best 13.3" Ultrabook for under £500 in the UK. Any suggestions for some would be awesome!
  27. K

    Asus UX305 not sleeping/hibernating when lid is closed

    For the past two months, my laptop has been running when my lid is closed. It does not sleep or hibernate. I've tried to change my settings to sleep and nothing happens. Here's a video I found of another laptop with the similar problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb75s0KTlcY Can...
  28. G

    Macbook Air 13 or Asus Zenbook UX305 ???

    I wanted to buy a laptop for my college needs..since i am into IT field...the laptop needs to run..all progrmng s/w...i also need it to be light..so i shortlisted the macbook air & the asus zenbook u305...i prefer the zenbook cause..i have been using windows always...n the zenbook has a 256...
  29. J

    new laptop randomly switched off, now only has black screen, buttons dont work and no sounds.

    my girlfriend bought a new laptop today, it is a asus zenbook type UX303LA-C4376H while trying to set it up for the first time, windows was updating to win 10 on the back ground and microsoft office was installing to, it randomly shut down. we at first figured it might have something to do with...
  30. S

    Which laptop is better?

    I'm looking for a low budget laptop for college thats light and no larger that 14" screen. I shortlisted it to 3 models: acer aspire r3-431t, acer aspire v3 371 and lenovo flex 2 14". Acer Aspire V3-371 in White Intel® Core™ i3-4005U Dual Core Processor 13.3" HD Screen Microsoft Windows 8.1...
  31. C

    Help finding laptop for web designer with budget $1000

    Hi guys, I know this probably typical question in here, but really i need input from everyone, after saving some money buying wrong laptop is the least thing i want Summary : I need laptop i can bring to go when i am not around my pc for a simple designing when needed, i am web designer so...
  32. W

    looking for 13"-14" ultrabook or ultra portable laptop

    As in the title, I'm in need of an ultrabook, preferable 14 inches but everything around is also ok. I need it mostly for IT studies, so I guess that some 2c/4t i5 + Intel HD and 8 GB of ram is just about what i need. - non-glare screen is absolute - 1Gb LAN is also necessary - NO touchscreen...
  33. S

    Help with lap top choice please!

    I'll try to keep this short and sweet. I'm looking for a light weight laptop with decent hardware. I'd prefer 5th Gen i7 processor quad core and 16gb ram with it least a 960m gpu. Screen size 15.6. Also minimum of a 500gb ssd. I've seen 2 in this range the asus zenbook pro 501 and the msi ghost...
  34. J

    Best laptop for ~800USD?

    1. What is your budget? ~50k INR (or ~800USD) 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? Atleast 15inch 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1920x1080 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Desktop Replacement 5. How much battery life do you need...
  35. W

    Light/thin and performance

    My current laptop (hp envy dv6 15.6") is kind of dying, so I'm looking for replacement. My hp is quite heavy to walk around with a whole day, so I would like a lighter device: max +-2kg max +-20mm thick size: 13-15.6" I'm going to use it for microsoft office, and some lighter autoCAD/archiCAD...
  36. C

    Gaming on the XPS 13

    So i am considering getting the Dell XPS 13 for college. I am deciding between the i3 4GB of RAM version and the i5 8GB of RAM version. I want it to be good for multiple chrome tabs, word processing, video streaming, and I would love it if I could play CS:GO and League of Legends at decent...
  37. C

    Can someone help me find a laptop?

    So I am going to college and need a laptop for some specific purposes. I need to be able to word process, browse the internet, and run programs like pdf readers, coding applications, etc. I would also like it to be able to stream netflix and twitch well. As well as being good for light gaming...
  38. M

    Is it dangerous to put a hot laptop in a backpack?

    I have a Dell XPS 13 (2015) and sometimes it can get hot from little use. Is it ok to put the laptop in a laptop backpack when I'm done using it if it is still warm? Or is that bad for the laptop?
  39. M

    USB Powershare wasting battery

    If I have USB powershare on on my Dell XPS 13 2015, does it waste my battery if I have nothing plugged in? In other words, if I put my computer to sleep, does the battery drain because the USB is always on, even if nothing is plugged in? Thanks for any response!
  40. M

    Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro vs Yoga 3 14

    I currently own a Lenovo Yoga 2 13.3 inch and it was having overheating issues. Lenovo agreed to replace the device for me and gave me two options: Yoga 2 Pro (13.3 inch) or Yoga 3 (14 inch). The Yoga 2 Pro (Model Number: 59442416) includes: Processor: 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4510U...
  41. M

    Looking for the best laptop to fit my needs. (5th gen. i5 or 4th gen. i7)

    I'm looking at two laptops right now: https://www.dustinhome.dk/product/5010856253/zenbook-ux303ln and https://www.dustinhome.dk/product/5010856420/zenbook-ux303 As what I can see, the big difference is the 4th gen i7 vs the 5th gen i5. Which one do you think I should choose or do you have...
  42. K

    Recommend a Ultrabook?

    I've been looking at many ultrabooks out there, but some are either expensive or does not meet my needs. And then there's the problems that can only be noticed if I had one hands on. So can anyone recommend a VERY lightweight ultrabook 13.3inches that meets most/all of these requirements...
  43. S

    I want to buy the best Lightest Gaming Laptop in the market? Please I need some honest advice.

    Hi there, I want to buy new laptop, I need it to be 15.6" format, Lightest Possible and able to perform some minor gaming (fast enough), I7 Core processor, over 8 Gb ram, at least 1Tb of storage, money is not an issue, I'm guessing under 2000 USD. After carrying for years with a very heavy...
  44. A

    Looking for a thin 15" capable of gaming

    I'm in the market for an ultra portable 15" gaming laptop (weight and slimness are very important) due to my need for replacing my Sony Vaio laptop from 2009. I thought the MSI GS60 Ghost Pro was my machine (It has 6gb of RAM in the GPU!), until I brought it home and realized that the touchpad...
  45. M

    Gaming laptop (w/ Laptop Buyers FAQ)

    1. What is your budget? A: Between USD1000 and USD1600. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? A: 15.6’’. It must be a light laptop. Preferable an Ultrabook. 3. What screen resolution do you want? A: 1920x1080. 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop...
  46. A

    Help me find a laptop please!

    Hi guys, My dad wants to purchase a new laptop to upgrade from his Sony Vaio Z (this model but maxed out: http://www.mobiletechreview.com/notebooks/Sony-Vaio-Z-2012.htm) What he's looking for is the following: -A 1 TB SSD or larger (if it's not an option, at least have upgradeable memory)...
  47. BlazeMike

    Looking for a laptop for 815$

    I'm looking for a laptop for my dad Its main purpose will be for office use: MS Office, Running Java apps, Needs to have a reasonably good network card to sync with the company wireless/ wired network. Dad uses two to three portable hardrives so it needs to have a fair amount of usb ports...
  48. bob0011

    Dell XPS 13 2014 vs Asus Zenbook UX301la

    I am looking to buy a laptop and have come stuck in-between the two of these. I plan to use it for school work so the battery life has to be at least 4 above 4 hours and the keyboard be nice as well. I also plan to use it for traveling so light gaming (mostly older titles) and entertainment...
  49. C

    High-end Macbook Pro 15 alternative

    Hello, i am a IT/software student looking for a new laptop. I currently have a Sony Vaio Z (the performance is good, but the screen is too small! and the build quality is very bad). I want a 15" ULTRABOOOK. I like the Macbook 15" Retina because of it's battery life, specs, ssd and LOW WEIGHT...
  50. P

    I need help choosing between laptops

    I'm looking at 2 gaming ultrabook laptops and need help deciding which one the choose. I will mostly be using my laptop for gaming as well as working. The MSI Ghost Gs60 and The Acer Aspire V15 Black Nitro Edition Things I'm looking at are looks, feel, and performance. Thank you in advance
  51. E

    Work laptop - 1000-1500$ - Slim, rugged, powerfull - HELP

    Hi 1. What is your budget? 1000-1500$ 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? ~14INCH 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1080P+ (i dont want a scaling problems like the yoga 3 pro and such) 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? portable 5. How...
  52. Zerosleep

    Need Help Selecting a New Laptop for Work

    Hey Guys, I am looking to buy a new laptop and have a budget of around $900 My current laptop is a Dell N5050 Celeron, 6 Gb Ram and 500 Gb HDD My current work on the laptop mainly consist of - Photoshop (not too advanced), Outlook (loads of work on outlook), Multi window browsing on Chrome...
  53. A

    Recommend an Ultrabook for Gaming and Photoshop?

    Im looking at purchasing a gaming ultrabook, mostly to play WoW but also newer games in the future. I also want a system that will work well with editing photos using Photoshop and possibly lightroom. I want to get a very up to date system that is near the beginning of its life cycle. Some other...
  54. C

    Looking for a budget laptop - up to 400$ - for general purpose

    Hi. I'm looking to buy a new laptop to my sister-in-law. She really doesn't need an expensive one, rather than one she can do ordinary 'office' tasks with, like surfing the net, writing docs and such. Her budget so-far is 400$, and the most important things are (Prioritized downward): ■ 14"-15"...
  55. S

    Looking for a Laptop Reccomendation

    I am looking to get a new laptop. I know more or less what I want but can't seem to find one that does it. I am looking for a 13 or 14 incher that has more of an ultra-book form factor. I want a 1080p screen. I don't really want to go to a higher resolution because it doesn't really work on...
  56. R

    Recommendations: ultrabook for a programmer ?

    Hey guys, So I am planning on getting myself a new laptop, not so in a rush but I wouldn't wait for more than 3 months. So my budget in euros shouldn't exceed 3 digits (max 999,99 euros). I am a programmer and not at all into gaming, but watching a high quality movie wouldn't be a bad thing...
  57. Phil923

    Looking to buy Ultrabook or Light gaming laptop.

    Hi, I am currently a college student and I am looking to buy a new laptop for use at school because carrying around my old 8lb gaming laptop is very unpractical for bringing it around. My needs are at least a 14" screen, 128gb SSD with room for upgrade (no hdd please), 8gb ram, at least an i5...
  58. Z

    Engineering Student Laptop Suggestions

    Hello, I am in the market for a new laptop as I am going to be going into a material engineering program next fall, but I need a new computer now. It needs to be able to run various 2D and 3D modeling programs, gaming here and there, and also be somewhat portable. Battery life isn't a HUGE...
  59. N

    Ultrabooks: Dell XPS 13 vs Asus Zenbook UX303

    Hi everyone, I am looking for an Ultrabook for school and capable of light gaming. The two choices I have are the Dell XPS 13-7144sLV and the Asus Zenbook UX303. Both have an i7 processor, but the Asus has 12GB of ram while the Dell only has 8GB. Also, the Asus has a dedicated GPU, while the...
  60. L

    Slim Gaming Laptops

    Just wondering if anybody knew any slim/slimish gaming laptops. Price range around $1300 or lower. Been looking at GIGABYTE and their models and they seem the best for value and look. Anybody know any others they recommend.