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  1. P

    ConvertX2DVD and other video converting software.

    I have recently got a new (as in new to me) system which is abut 5 - 7 years newer that my older machine. My 'New' Machine is an ASUS ET2012AUTB - E1800, running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, 6gb Ram, Processor AMD E2-1800 APU with RADEON HD Graphics (2 CPU's), - 1.7GHz. My Older machine was a...
  2. consptheory77

    How did a file meant to be made smaller wind up larger than the original?

    I'm trying to re-encode a movie that is about 6GB down to 4GB, I want to keep the video bitrate the same, but knock down the audio from 5.1 to 2.0, and I went to use Handbrake to do this, but I wound up with a file than was larger (13GB) than what I started with? How did this happen? I can't...
  3. K

    Convert WEBM to MP4 freeware?

    Can anything do this without a watermark and without the audio losing sync? Thanks!
  4. P

    Most Common File Format?

    Hope I have this in the right place. I've been working on a project and have run into a problem. I've encoded some files with Handbrake which output them as .m4v files. Is this a common file type that most devices will be able to play? I've loaded these onto a flash drive as a surprise gift, but...
  5. ghZZ

    Intel Core i3-4005U + 8GB DDR3 RAM | Video Editing capabilities?

    Hello all, I am traveling soon and I am planning to shoot and edit somevideo footage there. To do that, I will need to have a laptop capable of editing some 1080p 30fps video out of my DSLR. I won't be gaming much on it other than some VERY light Counter-Strike or other light games. The specs...
  6. N

    Video encoding question

    Hello, I'm new to video editing and am still learning the basics. One thing I am really surprised about is the final size of videos. I put together from several videos a 3 minute finished product, and the final encoded file size is almost 800 MB for a 3 minute video. Even considering the 24...
  7. K

    $800-$900 Laptop for Video encoding (Twitch)/Gaming

    1. What is your budget? $800-$900 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15-17 inch 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1920x1080 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Already having a desktop I would like a notebook for video encoding as well...
  8. D

    Help choosing between 2 laptops for less than £350 (or other suggestions?)

    Hey everyone, My girlfriend needs a new laptop and has a max budget of £350 (we're in the UK). She will never do any gaming on it and will mainly use it for normal work usage, maybe occasional video watching and skype but nothing intensive like video encoding etc. As a result i was looking at...
  9. C

    Live Streaming from Camera's HDMI out...

    Thanks for taking time to check my problem out. I have searched google and this site and not really found an answer. My Camera, CANON XA20, has an HDMI out. We want to live stream. So what is the best way to go from that hdmi out into a computer with an Internet connection? Not really worried...
  10. S

    Sony Vegas Pro 12 Rendered Video Lagging Every Few Seconds! (Dropping frames..HELP!)

    Hey guys! Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I've asked everywhere and got no answers... I thought this forum, being the place where I get most of my valuable information from... could help :) Like the title says.. every time I try to render this particular project, the frames on the...
  11. Nitas

    Any way to make choppy video files un-choppy?

    Hello there. So I have a few home-recorded videos of sentimental value I would like to keep, but they are choppy to the point that they're impossible to watch. It's pretty much like this: Start video>picture freezes for 2 secs>continues for 1 sec>picture freezes for 2 secs>continues for 2...
  12. R

    Tabulate Sony Vegas 12 speed without / with GPU

    Did you ever wish there was a database showing Vegas 12 speed with various CPU/GPU options in actual use? Data for this is currently sparse and typically not helpful to make a specific upgrade decision. I'm building this tabulation, and would appreciate that all Vegas 12 users volunteer to...
  13. Z

    Handbrake now supporting Quicksync?

    From Engadget: "Quick Sync accelerated video encoding will get a 50 to 80 percent bump, while support has also been added for Handbrake, the open source video transcoder." Does anyone know if this is the case? I would think Engadget would be correct but there is nothing that I can find on the...
  14. I

    What program to use for 32 cores

    Hello, have been using TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 for video encoding. This program seems outdated as it only uses ~7% of total power. I have 2x Opteron 6272 and none of the programs I been checking for free or reasonable price are able to use more then 5-10% of power. I have old i7 and this dual...
  15. kamui4697

    Video encoding

    what do you need in order for your pc to be blazingly fast at video encoding and editing such as dvd shrink,dvd fab,nero,etc
  16. J

    Laptop for live video broadcast

    Hi everyone. We're looking for a laptop for live video broadcasts using h264 video encoding (maybe streambox). Obviously, we're considering Core2Duo 8XXX and more and at least 3GB RAM. The video encoding is going to be made outdoors, so we need a durable case. The really tricky part is cooling...
  17. I

    Best video encoding software that uses quad core technology

    Anyone know of any free software that uses all 4 cores? I convert videos occasionally to watch on my ps3 and the video converters I use don't seem to utilize all the processor speed that's avaliable to it. Most of the time, it only uses 1 or 2 threads even when multi threading is enabled. Can...
  18. S

    Nero Adds CUDA to Accelerate Video Encoding

    Nero will soon support GPU-accelerated video encoding in its Nero Move It software. Nero Adds CUDA to Accelerate Video Encoding : Read more
  19. A

    Is this a good Buy?

    This would be my first Laptop...using it for Web sufing, video encoding and some gaming... the video card really isn't that strong, (8400m GS)I'm wondering if I could change it myself.
  20. gonwk

    New Laptop for Video Encoding & ...

    Hi folks, :) I am shopping for a new Laptop ... I will be using this laptop for archiving my persoanl dvd's and converting them to AVI (to save space) ... also playing around with various re-encoders and video softwares (as a hobby) ... basically a lot of cpu intensive work ... BTW...
  21. C

    GF8600 or HD2600: consensus?

    So, which out of GF8600/HD2600, do you think does a better job with video/encoding and for a HTPC? There is AVIVO and PureVideo. Which do you like better? I need something that is good at encoding and playing HD video although I'll use SD, too (probably most of the time). But, I'm...
  22. burn-e86

    Video encoding cluster?

    is it or are there any video encoding programs out there that allow for a small scale cluster over a local network to reduce video encoding times?