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  1. D

    should i water cool my cpu for vr?

    I am going to get a htc vive and i am afraid that my cpu is going to get too hot because i don't have a very strong cpu cooler and i have a cpu that tends to run a little hot, let me know if you think i should get a cpu cooler and if i should upgrade anything else. i have 5X140mm fans but i...
  2. A

    Solved! Water cooling a notebook

    Hello community I´m facing a dilemma here that keeps me from sleeping and i really want an opinion. I have a Clevo P775TM1-G, with a GTX 1080 and a I7 8700K, and as you might think, the fans are really really loud, and the temperature of the GPU is very high 90º I try everything to drop this...
  3. B

    x99 rampage v10 wont boot up after watercooled

    So I just built a water cooled pc with the new titan xp, 6950x, rgb trident z and we got all of our tubes bent tubes fit in the fittings and everything turns on except for the top portion of the ram. The bottom portion turns on perfect, also, when we plug it in, nothing happens. The boot menu...
  4. Mikel_4

    Theorytical Proper GPU and CPU Waterblock Liquid Cooling

    I've seen customloop buids photos and they're dazzling, I also notice that some are pure aesthetic not overclocking oriented. My reason for choosing watercooling is to get faster task completion by dissipating components heat faster so CPU or GPU perform above their TDPs. I know because one hour...
  5. J

    water cooling question

    does water cooling improve performance of other parts like gpus and etc.....
  6. My Life Is Tech


    Hehe, this should be interesting to read people's opinions.... ASUS ROG GX700VO (Watercooled, Overclockable) Intel® Core™ i7 6820HK DDR4 2800(O.C.)/2400 MHz SDRAM, up to 64 GB 17.3" 16:9 Full HD (1920x1080)/IPS UHD (3840 x 2160) anti-glare NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980 with 8GB GDDR5 VRAM MSI GT80S...
  7. W

    Watercooling a laptop?

    Hi, so I was thinking about the now ASUS GX700 laptop and I thought is it possible to have a laptop that is water-cooled but has all of the water cooling components inside. (It doe nott need a dock to have active water cooling running.) Is this possible, still keeping the laptop a reasonable size?
  8. T

    Completely Customizable 3D Printed Case.

    I've been drawing up designs for a completely customizable 3D printed PC case. I've been wanting to do this for a while now. If someone could lend me some more help with creating the CAD files, it would be greatly appreciated. The goal is to create multiple little case components, like a wall...
  9. brandonclone1

    Liquid Cooling Impact on Noise

    I am interested in buying a Corsair liquid cooler in hopes of a quiet PC. That will leave me with an intake fan, exhaust fan, and GPU fans. From your experience, did you liquid cooler help with noise greatly or minimally?
  10. Zvonkoo

    Raidmax Cobra 120 vs Cooler Master Seidon 120V

    Which water cooling all in one is better? Radimax Cobra 120V or Cooler Master Seidon 120V? Has anyone had hands on any of these? It would be used to overclock G3258 from 3.20 GHz to about 4.00 GHz, and later to cool i5?
  11. My Life Is Tech

    ASUS GX700 Water-cooled Laptop

    Okay seriously? This is ridiculous and can not be considered a laptop. And for the price it'll be, you're much better off building a desktop. First off, liquid in a laptop is a terrible idea, as it is generally moved much more frequently than a desktop, and the dock is always losing coolant...
  12. Pankaikz

    Full Water Cooled Entertainment System

    Alright, y'all, I have a few ideas. I figured I might as well go ahead and type them out. Kind of just thinking out loud and sharing what I'm about to do. In my bedroom I have a home theater setup. Only large speakers (Floorstanding JBL's and Klipsch, Paradigm, Bose, and some others). Well...

    Antec kuhler 920 chill control not working on second user profile.

    I've had my antec kuhler 920 for around 6 months and use the software (Chill control) and it runs fine on my profile and acts as it should but when I switch to another account on my PC and try to start chill control I get an error message stating that the software cannot connect to the device...
  14. C

    pc cooling options

    So, recently I build a pc, but the airflow is so bad it runs cooler with the side panel off...so I've ordered 2 120mm fans and wanted a cpu cooler too, but because my case is the Spec-01 from corsair the hyper 212 does not fit, are there other options or maybe cheap water cooling? (AM3+ socket)...
  15. S

    i7-4790k vs i7-5820k

    I'm planning on grabbing a new CPU and motherboard for Christmas (Probably water cooling kit too) So I was going to go for the i7-5820k right off the bat, I even had no problem shelling out more money for the x99 motherboard that I would need with it, however after also noticing I need ddr4 ram...
  16. A

    Need help with Corsair Link software

    Hi, Just installed my new Corsair Hydro H100i, and having some problems with the Corsair LINK software.. I have connected both radiator fans to the Y cable that was included, I have connected the pump to a SATA power cable and a chassi fan connector on the motherboard, and I have connected a...
  17. L

    Liquid Cooled Laptop

    Help with a detailed components that I need for installing liquid cooling system for a laptop.
  18. 66nova

    is this case worth it

    ive been looking for a case that is gonna last and that im not gonna have a problem with over heating and i know it may not be worth it but i would like to go with water cooling...
  19. M

    Laptop Water Cooling Mod Help

    Hi, Id like to water cool my Toshiba S855D-S5120 laptop to get the most out of its performance. I don't want to mod the stock parts(just in case) but i cant find a replacement heat sink. I don't really know where start so any help is appreciated. And don't try to convince me that i need a...
  20. D

    What fan should I buy

    Hi everyone, I am new here and was reading about pressure fan and I wanted some tips on what fans to buy for my Glacer 240L liquid cooling unit thanks:)
  21. J

    8970m crossfire additional cooling?

    http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np9390-clevo-p375sm-p-5847.html?wconfigure=yes Getting this laptop with 8970m crossfire, what additional cooling will I need? I upgraded to the IC diamond thermal compound, I will get a notebook cooler...anything else? Don't want this thing to overheat..
  22. T

    how complicated is building a gaming laptop

    My budget doesnt matter and I possibly want to do water cooling. Is the only way to buy barebone kits and go on from there or what? Ive built a gaming desktop before b. I want like a min guide or, for someone to direct me to a certain way to start on my build Thanks!!
  23. B

    Suggest some good speakers for around $40?

    I'm looking to buy some new speakers for my recent custom built pc. The theme of my pc is a general blue. I've been looking at these for a while but I'm not sure because they are red instead of blue...
  24. J

    Liquid cooling system for xbox 360

    Hello, My name is Jim and I have a problem getting sound via HDMI out of my self made gaming PC, I have the PC connected to a Yamaha HDMI receiver then to the TV via HDMI have tried everything except updating my driver
  25. PC_GI

    Liquid cooling my laptop

    So here is the deal, I have an Asus G71G X-1 and It (in my opinion) gets way too hot. The GPU sits at around 60c - 75c. when gaming it gets much worse. I never move this laptop so im not worried about it being stuck in one place (I bought it when i was deployed to Iraq, thats why i went for a...